9. A Stylish Residence

Robert spent a great deal of money upgrading Farnley Hall including a new kitchen, bathroom and the modification of the former stables into an extensive garage for his many cars.

Front Hall


    The Front Hall


The long picture over the sideboard is a copy of the wall paintings in University Hall, London (now Dr Williams’ Library). The frame contains the engravings of the wall paintings that were reproduced in The Architect journal.




Dining Room








Dining Room

The picture over the sideboard is Robert Armitage.

Sitting Room  



Sitting Room

The painting over the fireplace is The Raising of Lazarus by Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich (1712-1774), which is now in Temple Newsam House, Leeds, The picture on the right is of Robert’s mother, Emily, by Solomon J. Solomon.



  Drawing Room









The Drawing Room





  Billiard Room

The Billiard Room

This light and airy room had doors opening into the conservatory. It housed the billiard table, just visible to the left of the photograph, several easy chairs, Robert’s writing desk and a large collection of his books.

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