We now have a channel on YouTube where you can view videos that we have made about items in our archives.

The first is of Steven Burt talking about our oldest copy of Cossin's Plan of Leeds made in 1726

Our plans for more were put on hold by Covid 19 but we then utilised Zoom to record Steven talking about 10 of our lantern slides. These are currently being uploaded individually on a weekly basis and will all be up by the end of October so the following list will grow. Apologies for the sound quality but you will be able to hear it all.

St. Mary's church Lantern Slide Box 5 - 3

House of the Ingham family Lantern Slide Box 5 -23

The Old Vicarage - the house of the Fenton family Lantern Slide Box 5 - 4

The Old National School - Lantern Slide Box 5 - 9 and 10

Blayds Court Lantern Slide Box 5 - 15

Hunslet Hall Home Farm house Lantern Slide Box 5 - 21

Red House Lantern Slide Box5 - 29

A Strangers Guide to Leeds in 1830 Kevin Grady's talk on 15th July 2020 in collaboration with the Civic Trust.