The Thoresby Society - A chronological list of our excursions, 1891-2016

with an index of the places visited.

Sources: In most cases details of the excursion are taken from a programme leaflet held in the Society’s records. There are no programmes in the files for excursions 1-14 19, 21, 22 and 26. In these cases the information taken from the list of previous excursions printed in the programme for excursion 49. In other cases where there is no programme in the files the information is taken from the Annual Report.

The first visit of the Society was to Kirkstall Abbey on 11th July 1891. This visit is recorded in the Report of the Council presented to the Third Annual Meeting held on 23rd March 1892. However in subsequent lists of excursions this visit does not appear. When numbers were given to excursions in subsequent lists, the number 1 was assigned to the excursion of 7th September 1891to Kiddal Hall and Barwick-in-Elmet. So in this list the first excursion is given the number 0.

0 Saturday, 11th July 1891 Kirkstall Abbey
1 Monday, 7th September 1891 Kiddal Hall and Barwick-in-Elmet
2 Wednesday, 6th April 1892 Sherburn and Saxton Churches, and Towton Battlefield
3 Saturday, 17th September 1892 Temple Newsam and Swillington Church
4 Saturday, 1st July 1893 (Pampocalia) Bardsey, Harewood Castle Harewood Castle 1893
5 Saturday, 29th July 1893 Leathley Church, Swinsty, Otley Church
6 Saturday, 9th September 1893 Pontefract Castle, Birkin Church
7 Thursday, 28th September 1893 Kirkstall Abbey
8 Saturday, 26th May 1894 Selby Abbey, Brayton Church, Wistow Church, Cawood
9 Saturday, 30th June 1894 Hospital of St Mary Magdelene, Ripon, and Markenfield Hall
10 Wednesday and Thursday,
25th and 26th July 1894
York Cathedral, Manor House (School for the Blind),
St Mary’s Abbey, Museum
(At the invitation of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society)
11 Saturday, 25th May 1895 Guiseley, Esholt and Calverley
12 Saturday, 29th June 1895 Boroughbridge and Aldborough
13 Saturday, 13th July 1895 Skipton Church, Skipton Castle and Bolton Priory
14 Saturday, 30th May 1896 Norton Conyers, Wath Church and Tanfield
15 Saturday, 27th June 1896 Woodsome Hall, Fenay Hall, Almondbury Church and Castle Hill Fenay Hall 1896
16 Saturday, 25th July 1896 Bilbrough Hall, Steeton, Nun Appleton and Bolton Percy Church
17 Saturday, 29th May 1897 Fountains Abbey
18 Saturday, 26th June 1897 Thornhill Church and Hall, Dewsbury Church and Moot Hall
19 Monday, 28th June 1897 Houses in Leeds belonging to the Manor of Whitkirk (View of Knights Hospitallers’ Crosses)
20 Saturday, 24th July 1897 Spofforth Castle and Church, Ribston Hall, Goldsborough Hall and Knaresborough Castle3 (The programme calls this the “Nineteenth Excursion” )
21 Thursday, 19th May 1898 Leeds Old Grammar School and St John’s Church
22 Saturday, 21st May 1898 Wakefield Cathedral and Chantry on Bridge, Heath Old Hall, Sharlston Hall, Methley Church
23 Saturday, 25th June 1898 Bolton Priory and Barden Tower
24 Saturday, 23rd July 1898 Howden, Wressle and Hemingbrough
25 Saturday, 27th May 1899 Bingley Parish Church, Gawthorpe Hall, Riddlesden Hall, Kildwick Church, Skipton Church
26 Thursday, 22nd June 1899 Adel (There is a programme for the “Twenty-Sixth Excursion, Saturday, June 24th 1899 to Helmsley Castle and Rievaulx Abbey”, but the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 26th September 1899 record that “It was reported that the excursion to Rievaulx had been postponed”. It seems that the excursion to Rievaulx was replaced by this one for which there is no programme in the file The excursion to Rievaulx took place on 23rd June 1900)
27 Saturday, 29th July 1899 Steeton Hall, Monk Fryston, Ledsham, Ledston Hall
28 Saturday, 26th May 1900 Edlington, Conisbrough Castle and Church and Sprotborough Church
29 Saturday, 23rd June 1900 Helmsley Castle and Rievaulx Abbey
30 Saturday, 28th July 1900 Cowthorpe, Marston Moor, Bilton, Wighill, Walton
31 Saturday, 11th May 1901 Roman Road on Blackstone Edge Moor
32 Saturday, 15th June 1901 Nun Monkton and Kirk Hammerton
33 Saturday, 13th July 1901 Tickhill Church and Castle and Roche Abbey
34 Saturday, 10th May 1902 Giggleswick Church, Giggleswick Museum, and Victoria Cave
35 Wednesday, 28th May 1902 Knaresborough Church, Castle &c
36 Saturday, 21st June 1902 Gilling, Byland and Coxwold
37 Saturday, 19th July 1902 Beverley
38 Saturday, 23rd May 1903 Roman Rig (between Doncaster and Castleford), and Adwick-le-Street
39 Thursday, 11th June 1903 Leeds Parish Church
40 Saturday, 18th July 1903 Mount Grace Priory
41 Saturday, 7th May 1904 Friar’s Head, Calton, Kirkby Malham
42 Saturday, 28th May 1904 Hartshead and Kirklees
43 Saturday, 7th June 1904 Rothwell
44 Saturday, 9th July 1904 Kirkham Priory and Castle Howard
45 Tuesday, 25th April 1905 Pickering and Cawthorn Camps
46 Saturday, 27th May 1905 Horbury, Walton, Sandal Magna Church and Castle, and the Battlefield of Wakefield
47 Saturday, 1st July 1905 Farnley Hall, Weston Church, and Ilkley
48 Saturday, 29th July 1905 Frickley and Hooton Pagnell
49 Tuesday, 17th April 1906 Lastingham and Kirkdale
50 Saturday, 12th May 1906 Hatfield, Fishlake and Snaith
51 Saturday, 9th June 1906 Easby Abbey, Richmond Church and Castle
52 Saturday, 21st July 1906 Halifax and Shibden Hall
53 Tuesday, 2nd April 1907 Middleham, Jervaulx Abbey and Masham
54 Saturday, 11th May 1907 Kellington, Templehirst, Drax
55 Wednesday, 3rd July 1907 Seamer, East Ayton and Scarborough (At the invitation of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society )
56 Saturday, 27th July 1907 Grassington, Linton, Burnsall and Appletreewick

57 Tuesday, 21st April 1908 Bedale, Burneston, Kirklington and Wath
58 Saturday, 30th May 1908 Market Weighton, Sancton and North Newbald
59 Thursday, 18th June 1908 St. Peter’s Church, Sheffield; St. Nicholas Church and the Bailey Hill, Bradfield; StJohn Baptist’s Church and the Priory, Ecclesfield (At the invitation of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society )
60 Saturday, 25th July 1908 Hazlewood Castle and Bramham Park
61 Saturday, 12th June 1909 Whitby
62 Saturday, 26th June 1909 Stamford Bridge, Skirpenbeck, Buckthorpe, Kirkby Underdale, Garrowby Wold
63 Wednesday, 18th August 1909 Salley [Sawley] Abbey, Bashall Hall and Brownsholme (In conjunction with the Yorkshire Archaeological Society)
64 Saturday, 28th May 1910 Bardsey and Harewood
65 Saturday, 25th June 1910 Selby, Riccall and Skipwith
66 Saturday, 23rd July 1910 Huddleston Hall, Saxton Church, Towton Battlefield and Lead Chapel
67 Saturday, 10th June 1911 Fountains Abbey
68 Saturday, 1st July 1911 Guiseley and Hawksworth Hall
69 Saturday, 22nd July 1911 Elland, Raistrick and Newhouse, Sheepridge, near Huddersfield
70 Saturday, 1st June 1912 Sheriff Hutton, Marton-on-the Forest and Crayke
71 Saturday, 17th May 1913 Swinsty Hall, Fewston Church and Cragg Hall
72 Saturday, 21st June 1913 Kirby Hill, Boroughbridge and Aldborough
73 Saturday, 13th September 1913 Monk Fryston, Steeton Hall, Sherburn-in-Elmet
74 Saturday, 6th June 1914 Bilton, Sinningthwaite, Wighill and Walton
75 Saturday, 27th June 1914 Fulneck, Tong, Adwalton and Birstall
76 Saturday, 26th July 1919 Ilkley
77 Saturday, 6th September 1919 Hazlewood Castle and Lotherton Chapel
78 Saturday, 24th July 1920 Temple Newsam and Whitkirk
79 Saturday, 21st May 1921 Adel
80 Saturday, 25th June 1921 Guiseley Church and Rectory
81 Saturday, 20th May 1922 Kippax Church, Ledston Hall and Ledsham Church
82 Saturday, 1st July 1922 Goldsborough Hall, Copgrove, Farnham and Scotton
83 Saturday, 23rd September 1922 Farnley Hall and Leathley Church
84 Saturday, 12th May 1923 Methley Church, Methley Hall and Clarke Hall, Stanley
85 Saturday, 30th June 1923 Bolton Abbey and Barden Tower
86 Saturday, 28th July 1923 Lead Chapel, Saxton Church and Towton Battlefield
87 Saturday, 8th September 1923 Kiddal Hall and Barwick-in-Elmet
88 Saturday, 7th June 1924 Kirklees Priory and Hall, and Thornhill Church and Rectory
89 Saturday, 19th July 1924 The Castle and All Saints’ Church, Pontefract
90 Saturday, 6th September 1924 Ripon
91 Saturday, 23rd May 1925 Selby Abbey and Brayton Church
92 Saturday, 27th June 1925 Darton and Cawthorne Churches and Denby Grange
93 Saturday, 25th July 1925 Thornton, Haworth Church and Brontë Museum
94 Saturday, 5th September 1925 Kildwick-in-Craven Church and Hall
95 Saturday, 15th May 1926 Kellington, Birkin and Brotherton Churches
96 Saturday, 12th June 1926 Fountains Abbey and Hall
97 Monday, 21st June 1926 Leeds Parish Church
98 Saturday, 24th July 1926 Hope and Castleton Churches and Peverel Castle
99 Saturday, 18th September 1926 York - the excavations of the Roman Walls and the Treasurer’s House
100 Saturday, 21st May 1927 Kirkstall Abbey and House
101 Saturday, 18th June 1927 Helmsley Castle and Rievaulx Abbey
102 Saturday, 23rd July 1927 Halifax and Shibden Hall
103 Saturday, 17th September 1927 Kirby Hill, Boroughbridge and Aldborough
104 Saturday, 19th May 1928 Skipton Parish Church and Castle
105 Saturday, 23rd June 1928 Mount Grace Priory
106 Saturday, 21st June 1928 Woolley Hall and Monk Bretton Priory
107 Saturday, 8th September 1928 Cowthorpe, Kirk Hammerton and Nun Monkton Churches
108 Saturday, 8th June 1929 York - Mansion House and Merchant Adventurers’ Hall
109 Saturday, 29th June 1929 Hooton Pagnell Church and Hall
110 Saturday, 20th July 1929 Hemingbrough and Howden Churches
111 Saturday, 14th September 1929 Jervaulx Abbey, Middleham Castle and Middleham Church
112 Saturday, 24th May 1930 Gisburn Church, Salley [Sawley] Abbey, Waddington Church and Hall, Bashall Hall and Brownsholme Hall
113 Saturday, 28th June 1930 Bolton Percy and Nun Appleton Hall
114 Saturday, 26th July 1930 Sherburn-in-Elmet and Ryther Churches and Cawood Castle
115 Saturday, 6th September 1930 Easby Church and Abbey and Richmond Church and Castle
116 Saturday, 16th May 1931 Tickhill Church and Castle and Roche Abbey
117 Saturday, 27th June 1931 Haworth Church, Parsonage and Brontë Museum
118 Saturday, 25th July 1931 Wentworth Woodhouse and Wentworth Old Church
119 Saturday, 5th September 1931 Heslington Hall, St. Anthony’s Hall and Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, York
120 Saturday, 18th June 1932 Kirklington Church, Thornborough Rings, and West Tanfield Church and the Marmion Tower
121 Saturday, 16th July 1932 Newlaithes Old Manor House, Buckstone Rocks, Yeadon Low Hall, Guiseley Church and Rectory Hall
122 Saturday, 17th September 1932 Swinsty Hall, Fewston Church and Timble
123 Saturday, 17th June 1933 Newton Kyme, Tadcaster, Healaugh and Wighill
124 Saturday, 1st July 1933 Bilton, Marston Moor, Long Marston
125 Saturday, 2nd September 1933 The Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield, Almondbury, and Fenay Hall
126 Saturday, 26th May 1934 Ripley Church, Markenfield Hall, Ripon Minster
127 Saturday, 23rd June1934 Bradfield Church and Ancient Ironworks in the Sheffield District
128 Saturday, 21st July 1934 Rudston, Burton Agnes and Bridlington
129 Tuesday, 4th September 1934 Kirkstall Abbey and Kirkstall Museum
130 Saturday, 15th September 1934 Darrington, Campsall, Sutton Common by Askern, Ferry Bridge
131 Saturday, 15th June 1935 The Roman Road over Blackstone Edge
132 Tuesday, 2nd July 1935 Bardsey, Castle Hill and Church
133 Saturday, 20th July 1935 Spofforth Castle, Knaresborough Castle and Church
134 Saturday, 21st September 1935 Bolling Hall, East Riddlesden Hall and Bingley Church
135 Saturday, 23rd May 1936 Birkin Church, Brayton Church and Selby Abbey
136 Friday, 19th June 1936 Harewood Church and Castle
137 Saturday, 25th July 1936 Fishlake, Hatfield and Kirk Sandal Churches
138 Saturday, 26th September 1936 Hazlewood Castle, Lotherton Chapel, Lead Chapel, Saxton Church and Towton Battlefield
139 Saturday, 29th May 1937 Bossall Church, Kirkham Priory and Sheriff Hutton Church and Castle
140 Friday, 25th June 1937 Ledsham Church and Ledston Hall
141 Saturday, 17th July 1937 Bubwith, Skipwith, Stillingfleet and Riccall
142 Saturday, 18th September 1937 Hawksworth Hall, Otley Church and Denton Hall
143 Saturday, 18th June 1938 Bolton Priory, Burnsall Church and School, and Percival Hall
144 Friday, 1st July 1938 Dewsbury and Thornhill Churches
145 Saturday, 16th July 1938 Woolley Hall and Monk Bretton Priory
146 Saturday, 17th September 1938 York - Treasurer's House, Merchant Adventurers' Hall
147 Saturday, 17th June 1939 Newburgh Priory and Coxwold Church
148 Friday, 30th June 1939 Earthworks and Church, Barwick-in-Elmet
149 Saturday 15th July 1939 Well Church, Snape Castle and Kirby Wiske Church
150 Saturday, 7th September 1940 Kirkstall Abbey
151 Saturday, 21st September 1940 St. John's Church, Leeds
152 Saturday, 28th June 1941 The Castle Museum, York (Kirk Collection of Bygones)
153 Saturday, 26th July 1941 Wakefield: the Cathedral, The Chantry on the Bridge, and Original Chantry Front (1347) at Kettlethorpe Hall
154 Friday, 12th September 1941 Adel Church
155 Saturday, 30th May 1942 St. Mary's Abbey, York
156 Wednesday 17th June 1942 Batley Parish Church (This, and all the excursions up to and including excursion 172 do not have printed programmes, but are described on duplicated sheets )
157 Saturday, 11th July 1942 Meanwoodside, Leeds
158 Wednesday, 15th July 1942 Temple Newsam, Leeds
159 Tuesday, 18th August 1942 Abbey House Museum, Kirkstall (There is no programme in the records for this excursion, or for excursion 160 The details are taken for the Annual Report for 1942)
160 Thursday, September 10th 1942 Whitkirk Church
161 Wednesday, 30th June 1943 Old houses in Headingley Lane, Weetwood Hall
162 Saturday, 21st August 1943 Halifax, The Parish Church, the Piece Hall, Somerset House
163 Wednesday, 24th May 1944 Leeds Civic Hall
164 Saturday, 10th June 1944 Fulneck Moravian School and Church, Tong Village and Church
165 Saturday, 22nd July 1944 Kirkstall Abbey
166 Wednesday, 23rd August 1944 Knostrop Hall
167 Saturday, 16th September 1944 Guiseley Church and Rectory
168 Friday, 11th May 1945 Kippax Church
169 Saturday, 9th June 1945 York Minster
170 Saturday, 7th July 1945 Oakwell Hall [Birstall] and Batley Parish Church
171 Wednesday, 25th July 1945 Hawksworth Hall
172 Saturday, 1st September 1945 Selby Abbey and Ledsham Church
173 Saturday, 18th May 1946 Fountains Abbey and Ripon
174 Friday, 31st May 1946 Thornhill Church
175 Saturday, 29th June 1946 Farnley Hall and Swinsty Hall
176 Friday, 12th July 1946 Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
177 Saturday, 7th September 1946 Skipton Church, Skipton Castle and Burnsall Church
178 Saturday, 26th April 1947 Weston Hall, Weston Church and Otley Church
179 Wednesday, 21st May 1947 Ilkley Church and Cup and Ring Stones
180 Saturday, 7th June 1947 Haworth Church and Brontë Museum
181 Wednesday, 2nd July 1947 Rothwell Church and The Nookin, Oulton
182 Saturday, 20th September 1947 Newton Kyme, Tadcaster and Bolton Percy
183 Saturday, 1st May 1948 Sheffield Cathedral and Beauchief Abbey
184 Saturday, 5th June 1948 Georgian Houses and Mansion House, York
185 Wednesday, 23rd June 1948 Sherburn Church
186 Thursday, 15th July 1948 Beeston Church and Stank Hall
187 Saturday, 24th July 1948 Cowthorpe, Kirk Hammerton and Nun Monkton Churches, and the House and Gardens of Nun Monkton Priory
188 Saturday, 30th April 1949 Bolling Hall, East Riddlesden Hall, and Bingley Church
189 Saturday, 14th May 1949 Aldborough Church and excavations, Knaresborough Castle and Church
190 Saturday, 25th June 1949 Wakefield, Clarke Hall, the Chantry of St. Mary on the Bridge and Sandal Magna Church
191 Saturday 16th July 1949 Ledston Hall and Swillington Church
192 Friday, 23rd September 1949 St. Matthew's Church, Chapel Allerton, Leeds
193 Saturday, 29th April 1950 Birstall Parish Church, Pollard Hall and Almondbury Parish Church
194 Saturday, 27th May 1950 Ripley Church, Ripley Castle and Harewood Church
195 Friday, 16th June 1950 St. Mary's Church, Barwick-in-Elmet
196 Saturday, 24th June 1950 Howroyde, Holdsworth House, Barkisland, Shibden Hall and Barn
197 Saturday, 22nd July 1950 Stillingfleet, Riccall and Brayton Churches
198 Friday, 22nd September 1950 St. Peter's Church, Bramley
199 Saturday, 28th April 1951 Huddleston Hall, Steeton Hall, Lotherton Chapel, SaxtonChurch
200 Saturday 19th May 1951 Middleton Lodge, Ilkley, Kildwick Hall, Kildwick Church
201 Friday, 8th June 1951 Bardsey Church and Collingham Church
202 Saturday, 23rd June 1951 Bolton Priory, Beamsley Almshouses, Leathley Church
203 Saturday, 14th July 1951 Blyth Church, Tickhill Church and Conisbrough Castle
204 Thursday, 20th September 1951 St. John the Evangelist Church, Briggate, Leeds
205 Saturday, 26th April 1952 Ryther, Cawood and Monk Fryston Churches, Cawood Castle
206 Saturday, 24th May 1952 Ripon Cathedral and the Town Hall
207 Saturday, 21st June 1952 York, The Treasurer's House, The Assembly Rooms, Bishopthorpe Palace
208 Thursday, 26th June 1952 Kirkstall Abbey
209 Friday, 4th July 1952 Farnley Church
210 Saturday 19th July 1952 Snaith, Fishlake, Hatfield and Campsall Churches
211 Saturday, 2nd May 1953 Howden, Hemingbrough and Birkin Churches
212 Saturday, 30th May 1953 Coxwold Church and Byland Abbey
213 Wednesday 10th June 1953 Leeds University, Parkinson Building and Brotherton Library
214 Saturday, 27th June 1953 Jervaulx Abbey, Middleham Castle and Church
215 Saturday, 25th July 1953 Broughton Hall, Kirkby Malham Church and Elslack Hall
216 Tuesday, 29th September 1953 St. Michael's Church, Headingley, Leeds
217 Saturday 1st May 1954 Chetham's Hospital School and Library, Manchester and Manchester Cathedral
218 Saturday, 29th May 1954 Rievaulx Abbey, Helmsley Castle and Kirkdale Church
219 Wednesday, 16th June 1954 Adel Church
220 Saturday, 26th June 1954 Bolton Priory
221 Saturday, 17th July 1954 Healaugh, Wighill and Walton Churches
222 Tuesday, 21st September 1954 St. Matthew's Church, Holbeck
223 Saturday, 30th April 1955 Bradford Cathedral, Hartshead Church and Oakwell Hall [Birstall]
224 Saturday, 21st May 1955 Pickering Church and Castle, and Lastingham Church
225 Saturday, 18th June 1955 York, Minster Library, St. William's College, Merchant Taylors' Hall
226 Thursday, 7th July 1955 New Grange (Kirkstall Grange), Beckett Park, Leeds
227 Saturday 16th July 1955 Richmond Church and Castle
228 Thursday 15th September 1955 Trinity Church, Boar Lane, Leeds
229 Saturday, 28th April 1956 Slaidburn Church, Bolton-by-Bowland Church and Sawley Abbey
230 Saturday, 26th May 1956 Beverley Minster and St. Mary's Church
231 Thursday, 31st May 1956 Methley Parish Church
232 Saturday, 16th June 1956 Gilling Castle and Kirkham Abbey
233 Saturday, 14th July 1956 Newby Hall, Tanfield Church and Masham Church
234 Wednesday, 19th September 1956 Armley, Church of St. Bartholomew
235 Saturday, 4th May 1957 Guiseley Church and Rectory
236 Wednesday, 5th June 1957 Viewing old buildings in the City Centre
237 Saturday, 22nd June 1957 Hull Parish Church and Patrington Church
238 Saturday, 20th July 1957 Thoresby Hall and Southwell Cathedral
239 Tuesday, 24th September 1957 Hunslet Parish Church
240 Saturday, 28th September 1957 Browsholme Hall (near Clitheroe) and Mytton Church
241 Saturday, 26th April 1958 Norton Conyers and Bedale Church
242 Saturday, 17th May 1958 Whalley Abbey, Whalley Church and St. Mary Le Gill Church, Barnoldswick
243 Saturday, 21st June 1958 Stow Church and Lincoln Cathedral
244 Tuesday 1st July 1958 Visiting old buildings in Holbeck and Leeds City Centre
245 Saturday, 19th July 1958 Burton Agnes Hall and Church, and Rudston Church and Monolith
246 Wednesday, 24th September 1958 Leeds Parish Church
247 Saturday, 25th April 1959 Sheriff Hutton Hall and Old Malton Church
248 Saturday, 30th May 1959 Little Moreton Hall and Astbury Church, Congleton
249 Saturday, 20th June 1959 Bridlington Priory and Flamborough Church
250 Tuesday, 7th July 1959 Whirkirk Parish Church of St. Mary
251 Saturday 18th July 1959 Mount Grace Priory and Northallerton Church
252 Tuesday, 22nd September 1959 Kirkstall Abbey
253 Saturday, 30th April 1960 Roche Abbey and Rotherham Church
254 Saturday, 28th May 1960 Hubberholme Church and Burnsall Church
255 Monday, 13th June 1960 Cannon Hall and Cawthorne Church, near Barnsley
256 Saturday, 25th June 1960 Easby Abbey, Easby Church and Catterick Church
257 Saturday, 23rd July 1960 Lyme Hall and Prestbury Church
258 Thursday, 22nd September 1960 St. John the Evangelist Church, Leeds
259 Saturday, 29th April 1961 Towneley Hall and Holme-in-Cliviger Church
260 Saturday, 27th May 1961 Kirkby Fleetham Hall and Church, and Kirklington Church
261 Saturday, 24th June 1961 Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire
262 Thursday, 6th July 1961 Weston Hall and Weston Church
263 Saturday, 22nd July 1961 Adlington Hall and Gawsworth Church, Cheshire
264 Thursday, 14th September 1961 Pontefract Town Hall and St. Giles Parish Church
265 Saturday, 28th April 1962 Selby Abbey and North Newbald Church
266 Saturday, 26th May 1962 Serlby Hall and Worksop Priory
267 Saturday, 23rd June 1962 Hoghton Tower and Ribchester Church
268 Thursday, 5th July 1962 Ilkley Parish Church and Manor House
269 Saturday, 14th July 1962 Bramhall Hall, Cheshire and Dean Row Chapel [Wilmslow]
270 Thursday, 20th September 1962 Leeds Civic Hall
271 Saturday, 27th April 1963 Skelton Church, Beningbrough Hall and Alne Church
272 Saturday, 25th May 1963 Scarborough Castle and Scarborough Parish Church
273 Tuesday, 18th June 1963 Guiseley Parish Church
274 Saturday, 22nd June 1963 Castle Howard and Bossall Church
275 Saturday, 13th July 1963 Gainsborough Old Hall, Misterton and West Stockwith Churches
276 Thursday, 12th September 1963 Holy Trinity Church, Leeds
277 Saturday, 11th April 1964 Haddon Hall and Bakewell Church
278 Saturday, 30th May 1964 Howsham Hall and Kirkham Abbey
279 Saturday, 27th June 1964 Markenfield Church, Fountains Hall and Fountains Abbey
280 Thursday, 9th July 1964 Tong Parish Church
281 Saturday, 25th July 1964 Newburgh Priory and Coxwold Church
282 Friday, 18th September 1964 Wakefield Cathedral
283 Saturday, 24th April 1965 Skipton Castle and Church, and Kildwick Church
284 Saturday, 29th May 1965 Barton-le-Street, Appleton-le-Street and North Grimston Churches
285 Saturday, 19th June 1965 Rievaulx Abbey, Helmsley Castle and Lastingham Church
286 Saturday, 17th July 1965 Well Church, Snape Castle and Middleham Castle
287 Thursday, 16th September 1965 Bramham Hall
288 Saturday, 23rd April 1966 York University, Heslington and King's Manor
289 Saturday, 14th May 1966 Leighton Hall and Kirkby Lonsdale Church
290 Saturday, 18th June 1966 Stanwick Camp and Church, and Egglestone Abbey
291 Thursday, 23rd June 1966 Ripley Castle
292 Saturday, 16th July 1966 Sledmere House and Weaverthorpe Church
293 Thursday, 22nd September 1966 Heath Hall, Wakefield
294 Saturday, 29th April 1967 Aldborough and Kirby Hill
295 Saturday, 20th May 1967 Raby and Auckland Castles, Escomb and Staindrop Churches
296 Saturday, 17th June 1967 Bowland and Malham
297 Thursday, 29th June 1967 Wakefield Chantry Chapel and Sandal Castle
298 Saturday, 15th July 1967 Stonegrave and Kirkdale Churches and Pickering Castle
299 Tuesday, 19th September 1967 Bradford Cathedral
300 Saturday, 27th April 1968 Arden Hall and Thirsk Church
301 Saturday, 18th May 1968 Sizergh Castle and Levens Hall
302 Saturday, 15th June 1968 Conisbrough Castle and Church and Blyth Church
303 Thursday, 27th June 1968 "Tudor House" Leeds Road, Stump Cross, Halifax.
304 Saturday, 13th July 1968 Bolton Castle and Wensley and Askrigg Churches
305 Tuesday and Thursday,
17th and 19th September 1968
Leeds City Archives Department ("It has been necessary to split this excursion because of the limited accommodation in the Library.")
306 Saturday, 19th April 1969 York Minster
307 Saturday, 10th May 1969 Gawsworth Church and Old Hall, Cheshire
308 Saturday, 7th June 1969 Bolsover Castle and Chesterfield Parish Church
309 Thursday, 26th June1969 Middleton Railway
310 Saturday, 12th July 1969 Kiplin Hall and Bedale Church
311 Saturday, 20th September 1969 Lotherton Hall and Chapel and Whitkirk Church
312 Saturday, 18th April 1970 Campsall and Womersley Churches and Cusworth Hall Museum
313 Saturday, 16th May 1970 Durham, Cathedral and Castle
314 "date to be advertised" June 1970 Tong Church and Hall
315 Saturday, 20th June 1970 Kedlestone Hall and Church
316 Saturday, 18th July 1970 Bainbridge Roman Settlement and Braithwaite Hall
317 Saturday 19th September 1970 Farnley Hall (Otley) and Leathley Church
318 Saturday, 24th April 1971 Worth Valley Railway and East Riddlesden Hall
319 Saturday, 15th May 1971 Easby Abbey, Church and Richmond Castle
320 Saturday, 12th June 1971 Chester
321 Thursday, 1st July 1971 Kirkstall Forge
322 Saturday, 17th July 1971 Epworth Old Rectory and Hatfield and Fishlake Churches
323 Saturday, 18th September 1971 Abbeydale Museum (Sheffield) and Sheffield Cathedral.
324 Saturday, 22nd April 1972 Kirk Hammerton, Nun Monkton and Little Ouseburn Churches
325 Saturday, 20th May 1972 Rokeby Hall etc.
326 Saturday, 17th June 1972 Blackburn Cathedral and Ribchester
327 Thursday, 6th July 1972 Sandal Castle
328 Saturday, 15th July 1972 Beverley
329 Friday, 15th September 1972 Fountains Abbey
330 Saturday, 14th April 1973 Riccall, Skipwith and Bubwith Churches.
331 Saturday, 5th May 1973 Ryedale Folk Museum and Byland Abbey
332 Thursday, 7th June 1973 Nostell Priory
333 Saturday 16th June 1973 Baldersby St. James, Studley Royal Churches and Allerton Park.
334 Saturday 14th July 1973 Hauxwell Hall, Hauxwell and Finghall Churches
335 Thursday, 20th September 1973 Bolling Hall, Bradford
336 Saturday, 20th April 1974 Ripon
337 Saturday, 11th May 1974 Ampleforth and Coxwold
338 Saturday, 8th June 1974 Boston and Tattershall
339 Thursday, 27th June 1974 Ilkley Church and Manor House
340 Saturday, 20th July 1974 Carleton-in-Lindrick, Thorpe Salvin and Worksop Churches
341 Saturday, 21st September 1974 Mount Grace Priory and Whorlton Castle
342 Saturday, 19th April 1975 Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge
343 Saturday, 10th May 1975 Clifton Castle and Middleham Castle
344 Saturday, 14th June 1975 The Roman Wall and Hexham Abbey
345 Thursday, 26th June 1975 Bilton-in-Ainsty and Wighill Healaugh Churches
346 Saturday, 19th July 1975 Gawthorpe Hall and Whalley Abbey and Church
347 Saturday, 20th September 1975 Manchester Cathedral and Chetham's Hospital
348 Saturday, 24th April 1976 Roche Abbey and Laughton-en-le-Morthen
349 Saturday, 15th May 1976 Coalbrookdale Industrial Museum
350 Thursday, 3rd June 1976 Red House Gomersal and Oakwell Hall [Birstall]
351 Saturday, 19th June 1976 Adlington Hall and Alderley Old Mill
352 Saturday, 17th July 1976 Gainsborough Old Hall and Stow Church
353 Saturday, 25th September 1976 Aske Hall and Wycliffe Church
354 Saturday, 23rd April 1977 The Calder Valley (Kirklees Hall, Lees Hall, Canal Museum Dewsbury, Thornhill Church)
355 Saturday, 14th May 1977 Stonyhurst College and Hoghton Tower
356 Thursday, 9th June 1977 Redundant Churches in the Leeds District (Harewood, St Luke's Harrogate)
357 Saturday, 25th June 1977 Appleby and Carlisle
358 Saturday, 16th July 1977 Hedon and Patrington
359 Saturday, 24th September 1977 Liverpool Cathedrals
360 Saturday, 15th April 1978 Ledsham, Sherburn-in-Elmet and Wistow Churches
361 Saturday, 13th May 1978 Stockeld Park, and Dalton Parlour Excavation
362 Thursday, 8th June 1978 Shibden Hall
363 Saturday, 17th June 1978 Monkwearmouth, Jarrow and Finchale Priory
364 Saturday, 8th July 1978 Kelham Hall and Southwell Cathedral
365 Saturday, 2nd September 1978 Smithills Hall, Bolton and Pilkington's Glass Museum, St. Helens
366 Saturday, 28th April 1979 Howden and Hemingbrough Churches
367 Saturday, 19th May 1979 Beadlam Roman Villa and Duncombe Park
368 Tuesday, 5th June 1979 Calverley and Guiseley Churches
369 Saturday, 23rd June 1979 Sudbury Hall and Ashbourne Church
370 Saturday, 21st July 1979 Salton Church and Hovingham Hall
371 Thursday, 9th August 1979 Speke Hall and Rufford Old Hall
372 Saturday, 22nd September 1979 Lothersdale Area
373 Saturday, 26th April 1980 Owston and Darrington
374 Saturday, 17th May 1980 Grantham and Woolthorpe Manor
375 Thursday, 5th June 1980 Carlton Towers, Goole
376 Saturday, 21st June 1980 Dacre Castle and Dalemain
377 Saturday, 12th July 1980 Rillington and Wintringham Churches and Scampston Hall
378 Thursday, 7th August 1980 Elsdon and Cragside (Rothbury)
379 Saturday, 20th September 1980 Norton Conyers and Jervaulx Abbey
380 Saturday, 9th May 1981 Saltaire, Five Rise Locks, Bingley and Parts of Old Bradford (There is a programme for an Excursion 380 on 25th April 1981 to Burnsall, Linton and Skipton Churches. According to the Annual Report for 1981 this was cancelled because of heavy snowfall. As a result excursions nos. 380-453 in this list are given the number one higher on their programmes. The intended excursion took place on 8th May 1982.)
381 Thursday, 4th June 1981 The Colour Museum, The Society of Dyers and Colourists, Bradford
382 Saturday, 20th June 1981 Thrumpton Hall (Notts.), Melbourne Hall and Church (Derbys.)
383 Saturday, 11th July 1981 Burton Constable Hall and Skirlaugh Church
384 Thursday, 6th August 1981 Dunham Massey Hall, Altrincham and Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Village, Altrincham
385 Saturday, 26th September 1981 Repton School and Church
386 Saturday, 24th April 1982 Sutton Park and Brandsby Church
387 Saturday, 8th May 1982 Burnsall, Linton and Skipton Churches
388 Thursday, 3rd June 1982 Ripley Castle
389 Saturday, 26th June 1982 Ormseby Hall and Kirkleatham
390 Saturday, 10th July 1982 Lyme Park and Tatton Park
391 Thursday, 5th August 1982 Beamish Open Air Museum
392 Saturday, 18th September 1982 Sledmere House and Weaverthorpe Church
393 Saturday, 16th April 1983 Melsonby, Forcett and Kirby Hill Churches
394 Saturday, 14th May 1983 Arley Hall and Gardens and Norton Priory, Runcorn
395 Tuesday, 7th June 1983 Tong Church
396 Thursday, 23rd June 1983 Bolsover Castle, Thoresby Hall, Clumber Church
397 Saturday, 9th July 1983 Winteringham and Barton-on-Humber Churches
398 Saturday, 10th September 1983 Colne Valley Museum, Golcar and All Hallows Church, Almondbury
399 Saturday, 14th April 1984 St. Mary's Priory, Old Malton, St. Michael's Church, Malton and the Roman Museum, Malton
400 Saturday, 19th May 1984 Hardwick Hall and Hardwick Old Hall
401 Wednesday, 6th June 1984 Temple Newsam House, Leeds
402 Saturday, 2nd June 1984 Whitby Abbey, St. Mary's Church and Fylingdales Church, Robin Hood Bay
403 Thursday, 12th July 1984 Broughton Hall, St. Andrew's Church, Kildwick
404 Saturday, 8th September 1984 Newburgh Priory and Coxwold Church
405 Saturday, 27th April 1985 Constable Burton Hall and Well Church
406 Saturday, 11th May 1985 Hornby Church, Thorp Perrow Hall and Bedale Church
407 Saturday, 22nd June 1985 Marton Church, Siddington Church and Capesthorne Hall
408 Wednesday, 3rd July 1985 The Gildersome Quaker Meeting House and Burial Ground
409 Saturday, 20th July 1985 The Wharram Percy Excavations
410 Saturday, 7th September 1985 Sion Hill Hall and Museum (Kirby Wiske), Osgoodby Hall and Shandy Hall, Coxwold
411 Saturday, 17th May 1986 Giggleswick School and Village, St. Mary the Virgin's Church, Long Preston
412 Saturday, 14th June 1986 Brownsholme Hall, Waddington Church, Clitheroe Castle
413 Thursday, 10th July 1986 Leeds Parish Church
414 Saturday, 19th July 1986 Lincoln Cathedral and City
415 Saturday, 13th September 1986 Jorvik Viking Exhibition, York and Beningbrough Hall
416 Saturday, 9th May 1987 Easingwold and Crayke
417 Saturday, 6th June 1987 Haddon Hall and Bakewell Church
418 Thursday, 9th July 1987 St. Mary's Church, Whitkirk
419 Saturday, 18th July 1987 Eccleshall Castle, Stafford
420 Saturday, 12th September 1987 Lawkland Hall, Austwick and Settle
421 Saturday, 7th May 1988 Castle Bolton and Masham Church
422 Tuesday, 24th May 1988 Swinsty Hall, Fewston
423 Thursday, 2nd June 1988 Markenfield Hall, Markington
424 Saturday, 16th July 1988 Hawes and Hubberholme
425 Saturday, 10th September 1988 Bridlington
426 Tuesday, 9th May 1989 Kirkgate and Briggate, Leeds
427 Tuesday, 23rd May 1989 St. John's Church, New Briggate
428 Wednesday, 21st June 1989 A Cruise Down the River Aire
429 Saturday, 1st July 1989 Some of the Mansions of Leeds
430 Saturday, 15th July 1989 Kirkstall Abbey
431 Thursday, 21st September 1989 Holy Trinity Church, Leeds
432 Tuesday, 8th May 1990 "Richman, Poorman, Beggarman, Thief" ("There will be a walk around the Northern part of the township to see where some of these people lived. This will be conducted by Mr Steven Burt.")
433 Saturday, 2nd June 1990 Allerton Park
434 Thursday, 21st June 1990 A Cruise up the River Aire
435 Saturday, 7th July 1990 Stainburn, Ilkley and Otley Churches
436 Saturday, 8th September 1990 Flamborough and Burton Agnes Hall
437 Saturday, 11th May 1991 Wyke Moravian Church, Tyersall Hall, Ryecroft and Fulneck Moravian Settlement.
438 Saturday, 29th June 1991 Cawood, Ryther and Stillingfleet Churches
439 Saturday, 20th July 1991 Pickering - Beck Isle Museum, Church and Castle
440 Thursday, 12th September 1991 Harewood House
441 Saturday, 16th May 1992 Pontefract
442 Wednesday, 24th June 1992 A Walk Round the Headingley Lane Area
443 Thursday, 12th May, 1994 Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds
444 Saturday, 11th June 1994 Thorp Arch Church and Hall
445 Saturday, 3rd September 1994 Calverley Old Hall and Parish Church
446 Saturday, 17th June 1995 Wetherby
447 Saturday, 8th July 1995 Morley
448 Saturday, 9th September 1995 The Leeds Library
449 Saturday, 8th June 1996 Barwick-in-Elmet
450 Saturday, 13th July 1996 Leeds Civic Hall
451 Saturday, 14th September 1996 Leeds City Varieties
452 Saturday, 3rd May 1997 Leeds Grammar School
453 Thursday, 3rd July 1997 Beckett Street Cemetery
454 Saturday, 23rd May 1998 St. Aidan's Church, Harehills ( There is a programme for an excursion numbered 455 on 6th September 1997 to the Thackray Medical Museum. This was subsequently cancelled, because it was the day of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales (Annual Report for 1997). As a result excursions nos. 454-456 in this list are given the number two higher on their programmes. The excursion took place on 5th September 1998. )
455 Saturday, 4th July 1998 Temple Newsam House
456 Saturday, 5th September 1998 Thackray Medical Museum
457 Saturday, 19th May 2001 Leeds Town Hall (The Annual Report for 2001 says that “the year saw the reinstatement of the excursion programme.”)
458 Saturday, 23rd June 2001 The Moravian Settlement, Fulneck
459 Tuesday, 10th July 2001 A Waterfront Ramble, Old Wharfs, Leeds
460 Saturday, 11th May 2002 Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House
461 Saturday, 15th June 2002 Roundhay Park: A Field Walk, followed by lunch at the White House
462 Saturday, 6th July 2002 Kirkstall Abbey
463 Thursday, 15th May 2003 Leeds Grammar School (new site)
464 Sunday, 22nd June 2003 York Archbishops’ private estate in Otley
465 Saturday, 27th September 2003 Temple Newsam House
466 Saturday, 22nd May 2004 Lotherton Hall
467 Thursday, 27th May 2004 The University of Leeds Textile Archive
468 Saturday, 19th June, 2004 A Gentle stroll in Meanwood Valley followed by Lunch at the farm cafe
469 Saturday, 21st May 2005 Bretton Hall
470 Saturday, 11th June 2005 Scenic route to Ribblehead - Settle and Carlisle Railway
471 Thursday, 16th June 2005 Cruise on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal
472 Tuesday, 13th June 2006 Suffrage Walk round Leeds
473 Saturday, 1st July 2006 Saltaire
474 Sunday, 23rd July 2006 Georgian Wakefield
475 Saturday, 2nd June 2007 Grand Theatre, Leeds
476 Saturday, 16th June 2007 The Wharram Percy Exhibition at Malton
477 Saturday, 7th July 2007 The Ripon Museums
478 Saturday, 19th April 2008 Holbeck Urban Village
479 Sunday, 1st June 2008 The Hermitage, Pontefract
480 Saturday, 28th June 2008 All Saints Church, Ledsham
481 Saturday, 31st May 2009 Middleton Railway and Middleton Park
482 Saturday, 13th June 2009 St. Saviour's and St. Hilda's, Richmond Hill
483 Saturday, 27th June 2009 Morley Town Hall
484 Saturday, 12th June 2010 Royal Armouries
485 Saturday, 19th June 2010 The Moravian Settlement at Fulneck
486 Saturday, 17th July 2010 Leeds Local and Family History Library
487 Friday, 10th June 2011 The Second World War Experience Centre, Wetherby, The British Library, Boston Spa
488 Saturday, 25th June 2011 The Leeds Museum Discovery Centre
489 Saturday, 9th July 2011 The Standedge Heritage Centre, Marsden
490 Sunday, 29th April, 2012 Horsforth Village Museum
491 Saturday, 23rd June 2012 Washburn Heritage Centre
492 Tuesday, 26th June 2012 Red Brick, Leeds University
493 Thursday, 23rd May 2013 Special Collections at the University of Leeds
494 Saturday, 8th June 2013 Lotherton Hall
495 Sunday, 23rd June 2013 Lawnswood Cemetery
496 Monday 19th May 2014 Wortley Local History Group
497 Sunday, 6th July 2014 Bradford Industrial Museum - World War 1 exhibition
498 Saturday, 26th July 2014 Markenfield Hall
499 Saturday, 25th April 2015 Harewood Castle and Church
500 Saturday, 16th May 2015 Leeds Tiles: a talk and walk
501 Wednesday, September 16th 2015 Farnley Hall near Otley
502 Saturday, 21st May 2016 Burton Constable House
503 Sunday, 5th June 2016 Stank Hall Barn, Beeston
504 Saturday, August 6th 2016 Thoresby Society's Treasures at The Leeds Library
505 Wednesday May 10th 2017 Veolia. Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre
506 Sunday June 4th 2017 Visit to Sledmere House in the Yorkshire Wolds
507 Saturday July 8th 2017 The Barnbow Canaries
508 Wednesday June 6th 2018 Visit to the Leeds Discovery Centre
509 Sunday July 8th 2018 Visit to Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham, Lancashire
510 Sunday July 29th 2018 Walk in the Footsteps of Maurice Beresford Cancelled due to bad weather
511 Saturday June 29th 2019 Appleby Castle in Westmoreland
512 Sunday July 28th 2019 A Wander around Meanwood Park
  2020 cancelled due to Corvid 19