The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-2020

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I Leeds Parish Church Registers, First and Second Books, 1572-1612; ed. by Samuel Margerison; 1891
II Miscellanea I; 1891
III Leeds Parish Church Registers, Third and Fourth Books, 1612-1639; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1895
IV Miscellanea II; ed. by E. Kitson Clark; 1895
V Adel Parish Church Registers, 1606-1812, and Monumental Inscriptions; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1895
VI Calverley Charters presented to the British Museum by Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, Baronet, Volume I. Transcribed by S. Margerison and ed. by W. Paley Baildon and S. Margerison; 1904
VII Leeds Parish Church Registers, 1639-1667, Fifth and Sixth Books; ed. by, G. D. Lumb; 1897
VIII Coucher Book of the Cistercian Abbey of Kirkstall, in W.R.Yorks, Printed from the Original Preserved in the Public Record Office; ed. by W. T. Lancaster and W. Paley Baildon; 1904
IX Miscellanea III; ed. by E. Kitson Clark; 1899
X Leeds Parish Church Registers, 1667-1695, Seventh and Eighth Books; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1901
XI Miscellanea IV; ed. by E. Kitson Clark; 1904
XII Methley Parish Church Registers, 1560-1812; transcribed and ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1903
XIII Leeds Parish Church Registers, 1695-1722, Ninth and Tenth Books, with Armley Chapel, 1695-1711, and Hunslet Chapel, 1686-1724; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1909
XIV Leeds Grammar School Admission Books, 1820-1900; ed. and annotated by Edmund Wilson; 1906
XV Miscellanea V; ed. by B. P. Scattergood; 1909
XVI Architectural Description of Kirkstall Abbey; by W. H. St. John Hope and John Bilson; 1907
XVII History of the Parish of Barwick-in-Elmet;by F. S. Colman; 1908
XVIII Place-Names of the West Riding of Yorkshire; investigated by F. W. Moorman; 1910
XIX Testamenta Leodiensia; Wills of Leeds, Pontefract, Wakefield,Otley and District, 1539-1553; extracted and ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1913
XX Leeds Parish Church Registers, 1722-1757, Eleventh and Twelfth Books: ed. by G.D. Lumb; 1914
XXI Letters Addressed to Ralph Thoresby, printed from the originals in the possession of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society; ed. by W. T. Lancaster; 1912
XXII Miscellanea VI; ed. by G. D. I.umb; 1915
XXIII Registers of the Chapels of the Parish Church of Leeds. 1724-1703, with a few earlier years (St. John's, Holy Trinity, Armley, Beeston, Bramley, Chapel Allerton, Farnley, Headingley, Holbeck and Hunslet), First and Second Books; transcribed and ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1916
XXIV Miscellanea VII; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1919
XXV Leeds Parish Church Registers: Baptisms and Burials, 1757-1776 (Thirteenth and Fourteenth Books); Marriages, 1754-1769; transcribed by J. Singleton; ed. by J. Singleton and Miss Emily Hargrave; 1923
XXVI Miscellanea VIII ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1924
XXVII Testamenta Leodiensia; Wills of Leeds. Pontefract, Wakefield, Otley and District, 1553-1561; extracted and ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1930. Part1 1919, Part 2 1921
XXVIII Miscellanea IX; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1928
XXIX Registers of the Chapels of St. John, Holy Trinity, Headingley, Bramley, Beeston, Chapel Allerton and Farnley, all in the Parish of Leeds, 1763-1812, and in some cases later years; ed, by G. D. Lumb; 1928
XXX History and Description of the Priory of St. Mary, Bolton-in-Wharfedale, with some Account of the Canons Regular of the Order of St. Augustine and their Houses in Yorkshire; by A. Hamilton Thompson; 1928
XXXI Registers of the Chapels of the Parish Church of Leeds, 1764-1812: Holbeck, Armley and Hunslet; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1934
XXXII Leeds Woollen Industry, 1780-1820; ed. by W. B. Crump; 1929
XXXIII Miscellanea X; ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1935
XXXIV Court Books of the Leeds Corporation: First Book, 1662-1705; transcribed by J. G.Clark; 1936
XXXV History of Methley: ed. by H S. Darbyshire and G. D. Lumb; 1937
XXXVI Parish Register of Aberford, 1510-1812; transcribed and ed. by G. D. Lumb; 1937
XXXVII. Miscellany XI; ed. by G. D. Lumb and W. B. Crump. 1945.
XXXVIII. Extracts from The Leeds Intelligencer and The Leeds Mercury, 1769-1776: ed. by G. D, Lumb. 1938.
XXXIX. Yorkshire fairs and markets, to the end of the eighteenth century; by K, L. McCutcheon. 1940.
Mon. I. Thomas Taylor: Regency architect, Leeds; by F. Beckwith. 1949.
Mon. II. A survey of the plate of Leeds Parish Church and its ancient chapelries; by J. Sprittles. 1951.
Mon. III. Social reform in Victorian Leeds: the work of James Hole, 1820-1895; by J. F. C. Harrison. 1954.
XL. Extracts from The Leeds Intelligencer and The Leeds Mercury, 1777-1782; ed. by G. D. Lumb and J. B. Place; with an introductory account of The Leeds Intelligencer, 1754-1866, by F. Beckwith, 1955.
XLI. Miscellany XII. 1954.
XLII. The Kirkstall Abbey chronicles; ed. by John Taylor. 1952.
XLIII. Kirkstall Abbey excavations, 1950-1954. 1955.
XLIV. Extracts from The Leeds Intelligencer, 1791-1796; ed. by G. D. Lumb. 1956.
XLV. Documents relating to the manor and borough of Leeds, 1066-1400; ed. by John Le Patourel. 1957.
XLVI. Miscellany XIII. 1963.
XLVII. Printed maps and plans of Leeds, 1711-1900; compiled by K. J. Bonser and H. Nichols, 1960.
XLVIII. Kirkstall Abbey excavations, 1955-1959. 1961.
XLIX. Pontefract Priory excavations, 1957-1961; by C. V. Bellamy. 1965.
L. Miscellany XIV. 1968.
LI. Kirkstall Abbey excavations, 1960-1964, with appraisal of results since 1950. 1967.
LII. Links with Bygone Leeds, by J. Sprittles. 1969.
LIII. Miscellany 15. 1971-73.
LIV. Miscellany 16. 1974-79.
LV. Leeds and the Oxford Movement, by Nigel Yates. 1975.
LVI. Miscellany 17. 1979-81.
LVII. The Manor and Borough of Leeds, 1425-1662: an edition of documents, edited by J. W. Kirby. 1983.
LVIII. Kirkstall Abbey, 1147-1539: an historical study, by Guy D. Barnes.1984.
LIX. Miscellany 18. 1985-86.
LX-LXI. East End, West End: the face of Leeds during urbanisation,1684-1842, by Maurice W. Beresford. 1988.
LXII. The Georgian Public Buildings of Leeds and the West Riding, by Kevin Grady. 1989.
LXIII. Miscellany 19. 1990.
LXIV. CENTENARY EDITION 1989 MISCELLANY Leeds in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries
Second Series
1. Miscellany. 1991.
2. R. D. Chantrell, Architect: his life and work in Leeds, 1818-1847,by Christopher Webster. 1992.
3. Miscellany. 1993.
4. Miscellany. 1994.
5. Miscellany. 1995.
6. The Fawkes Family and their Estates in Wharfedale, 1819-1936, by Marion Sharples. 1997.
7. Church Architecture in Leeds, 1700-1799, by Terry Friedman.1997.
8. Miscellany. 1998.
9. The Moravian Settlement at Fulneck, 1742-1790, by Geoffrey Stead. 1999.
10. Miscellany. 2000. index to vols lii-lxiv; second series vols 1-14 3
11. Miscellany. 2001.
12. Anglican Resurgence under W. F. Hook in Early Victorian Leeds: Church Life in a Nonconformist Town, 1836-1851, by Harry W. Dalton. 2002.
13. Miscellany. 2003.
14. Miscellany. 2004.
15. More Annals of Leeds 1880 - 1920. William Benn. 2005
16. The Memoranda Book of John Lucas 1712 - 1750 2006
17. TheMonuments of the Parish Church of St Peter-at-Leeds Margaret Pullan 2007
  Leeds in Maps Leeds Library and Information Service, The Thoresby Society, Yorkshire Evening Post.2007
18. Miscellany. 2008
19. Miscellany. 2009
20. Miscellany. 2010
21. The Thursby Manuscripts. ed. Peter Meredith. 2011
22. Headingley-cum-Burley c.1544 – c.1784. John Cruikshank. 2012
23. The Burial Ground Problem in Leeds, c.1700-1914. Jim Morgan. 2013
24. Miscellany. 2014
25. The Notebooks of Robert Pounder. ed. Ann Alexander 2015
Volume One - A Celebration of Ralph Thoresby 2015.
Volume Two - Ralph Thoresby’s Review of his Life, 1658-1714 ed. Peter Meredith. 2015
26 Voices from Wartime Leeds : Three Mass Observation Diaries ed. Patricia & Robert Malcolmson 2016
27 & 28 'Libraries in Leeds: a Historical Survey 1152 - c.1939' by Peter Morrish 2017/18
29 Miscellany. 2019
30 Miscellany 2020
31 Knowing One's Place by Robin Pearson 2021
32 Temple Newsam & Temple Hirst: Tudor Palaces of Lord Darcy of the North by Peter Brears 2022
33 Miscellany 2023