Copies of the Society's Second Series publications (from 1991 and after) are available for purchase, together with a few titles from the earlier series. A complete list of the available titles is given below. More detailed descriptions of many of these can be found by clicking on the Synopsis link to the left.

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Publications for Sale

Year Volume Title Author Price
1949 M.I Monograph:  Thomas Taylor: Regency architect, Leeds F.Beckwith £5.00
1954 M.III Monograph: Social reform in Victorian Leeds: the work of James Hole. J.F.C.Harrison £5.00
1983 LVII The manor and borough of Leeds 1425 – 1662: an edition of documents. J.W.Kirby £5.00
1984 LVIII Kirkstall Abbey, 1147 – 1535: an historical study. G.D.Barnes £5.00
1988 LX & LXI East End, West End: the Face of Leeds during Urbanisation, 1684 – 1842. M.Beresford £5.00
1991 1 Miscellany   £5.00
Joseph Tatham’s School, Leeds. J.E.Mortimer
Thoresby’s ‘poor deluded Quakers’: the sufferings of Leeds Friends in the seventeenth century. J.E.Mortimer  
Joseph Barker and the Radical cause, 1848 – 1851. S.Roberts  
David Forsyth and the City of Leeds School. E.W.Jenkins  
1992 2 R. D. Chantrell, Architect: his life and work in Leeds, 1818 – 1847. C.Webster £5.00
1993 3 Miscellany   £5.00
The Charity School, the Church and the Corporation: aspects of educational provision for the poor in eighteenth-century Leeds. C.P.Johnston
Waggonways and staiths: the impact of the Middleton Colliery on the township of Hunslet, c. 1750 – 1850. B.C.May  
Becoming a city: Leeds, 1893. A.Elton  
Sir George Cockburn, 1848 – 1927. A.Elton  
1994 4 Miscellany   £5.00
Thorp Arch Hall, 1749 – 1756: ‘dabling a little in mortar’. (illustrated) B.Harrison
Early textile engineers in Leeds, 1780 – 1850. G.Cookson  
Leeds and dismemberment of the diocese of Ripon. P.S.Morrish  
Leeds Grammer School, the charity commissioners and the education of girls 1870 – 1901. E.W.Jenkins  
1995 5 Miscellany   £5.00
Leeds Manor House: the development and changing function of a central site. S.Burt  
Textile communities in the making: Pudsey and its neighbourhood. R.Strong  
Edward Oates and the making of the lost American Garden at Meanwoodside, 1834 – 1864. C.Treen  
Leeds cyclists and cycle makers, 1880 – 1901. E.A.Elton  
1997 6 The Fawkes Family and their estates in Wharfedale, 1819 – 1936. M.Sharples £5.00
1997 7 Leeds Church architecture, 1700 – 1799. T.Friedman. £5.00
8 Miscellany   £5.00
Domestic servants in Leeds and its neighbourhood in the eighteenth century K.R.Wark  
William Aldam, Backbench MP for Leeds, 1841 – 1847: national issues verses local interests. D.G.Paz  
The Adoption of the Public Libraries Act in Leeds, 1861 – 1866. M.Shipway  
Charles Henry Wilson: the man who was Leeds. W.R.Meyer  
1999 9 The Moravian Settlement at Fulneck. 1742 – 1790. G.Stead. £5.00
2000 10 Miscellany   £5.00
Leeds Jewry, 1930 – 1939: the challenge of anti-semitism. A.Bergen  
The Great Exodus: the evacuation of Leeds schoolchildren, 1939 – 1945 R.C.Boud  
2001 11 Miscellany   £5.00
The Leeds North Eastern Railway Extension, 1863 – 1869. K.R.Wark  
(11) Episodes in the History of Golden Acre. A.Shelton  
‘An Institution of Great Utility’: Leeds Public Dispensary, the early years, 1824 – 1867. A.L.Kent  
Leeds and Public Patronage of Fine Art, 1809 – 1888. J.Douglas  
2002 12 Anglican Resurgence under W. F. Hook in Early Victorian Leeds. Church Life in a Nonconformist Town, 1836 – 1851. H.W.Dalton £5.00
2003 13 Miscellany   £5.00
The Journals of Sarah Mayo Parkes, 1815 and 1818. P.Litton  
William Potts of Leeds, Clockmaker. M.S.Potts  
Percy Alfred Scholes (1877 – 1958): music critic, educator and encyclopaedist. P.S.Morrish  
The Leeds Elections of 1834 and 1835: a psephological analysis. J.Morgan  
2004 14 Miscellany   £5.00
Leeds and the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745. J.Oates  
What was the Relationship between Elite Culture and Power in the Town of Leeds from 1760 to 1820? S.Cottam  
Edward Baines, Editor: Great Man, Great Liar? The Press Assessment. D.Thornton  
Sunday Schools in Leeds: Church Associations for Children and Young People, Leeds 1836 – 1851. H.W.Dalton  
The Thoresby Society Library and Archives. J.Newiss  
2005 15 More Annals of Leeds 1880 – 1920 W.Benn £5.00
2006 16 The Memoranda Book of John Lucas, 1712 – 1750 J.Oates £5.00
2007 17 The Monuments of the Parish Church of St Peter-at-Leeds M.Pullan £5.00
2008 (for 1989) LXIV Leeds in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries M.W.Beresford; G.C.F.Forster; J.W.Kirby £5.00
2008 18 Miscellany   £5.00
Whose Time and Whose Place: Searching for the History of 20th Century Leeds R.J.Morris  
Headingley Hall: Lords and Tenants through Seven Centuries J.M.Collinson  
Papers Written for his Children by Albert Henry Pawson 1850-1935 D.Thornton (ed.)  
The Enclosure of Common Land in Headingley-cum-Burley 1828-34: Conflicts of Interest E.J.Bradford  
Robert the Dyer – the First Leeds Businessman? J.M.Collinson  
The Thoresby Collection P.Meredith  
2009 19 Miscellany   £5.00
St Saviour's Church, Leeds, and the Oxford Movement R.Yates  
The Italian Immigrants in Leeds, 1881-1901 C.Nichol  
The Leeds Waits: official town musicians and peripatetic entertainers for over three centuries A.Radford  
The Leather Industries and the Growth of Bramley A.Silson  
2010 20 Miscellany   £5.00
William de Calverley (c1275-1319): a notable Franciscan Friar M.Robson  
Surprising Survivors of the Black Death in Leeds J.Dixon  
York Dean & Chapter Library, Ms.Add. 770, a Franciscan Volume once owned by Ralph Thoresby M.Robson  
Love and Marriage in Elizabethan Headingley J.M.Collinson  
Famine, Typhus and Poor Law: Irish Families in Leeds H.Kennally  
Typhus,Two Windows and a Gold Chain G.Figures  
Revd Robert Aitken (180-1873): Catholic Evangelical R.Yates  
2011 21 The Thursby Manuscripts P.Meredith (ed) £5.00
2012 22 Headingley-cum-Burley c1540-c1784 J.L.Cruikshank £5.00
2013 23 The Burial Ground Problem in Leeds c1700-1914 J.Morgan £5.00
2014 24 Miscellany   £5.00
Early Coal Mining in Leeds 1500-1700 G.D.Newton  
The Clothier Families of Horsforth … 1841-1881 S.M.Chell  
Joseph Fearn: a Villainous Lord of the Manor of Leeds M.Pullan  
150 Years of the Leeds Church Extension Society R.Yates  
“Hours of Distraction and Cheerful Companionship”: Leeds Association of Girls' Clubs and the Girls' Clubs Era (1904-1944) H.M.F.Jones  
Leeds and the First World War D.Thornton  
2015 25 The Notebooks of Robert Pounder A.Alexander (ed) £5.00
2015 T Vol 1 A Celebration of Ralph Thoresby   £5.00
Ralph Thoresby and the Compilation of the Ducatus Leodiensis S.Burt  
The First Medievalist in Leeds: Ralph Thoresby FRS, 1658-1725 G.C.F.Forster  
Ralph Thoresby the Diarist: The late 17th Century Pious Diary and its Demise E.Jajdelska  
An Historical Reconstruction of Ralph Thoresby's Home P.Brears  
Ralph Thoresby: a Museum Visitor in Stuart England P.Brears  
Ralph Thoresby (1658-1725) of Leeds, Books and Libraries P.Morrish  
Important Pieces from Ralph Thoresby's Collection discovered at Burton Constable in East Yorkshire D.Connell  
From Grand Design to Scribbled Note: Ralph Thoresby's presence in the Society's library P.Meredith  
2015 T Vol 2 Ralph Thoresby's Review of His Life 1658-1714 P.Meredith (ed) £5.00
2016 26 Voices from Wartime Leeds : Three Mass Observation Diaries P.&R.Malcomson (ed) £5.00
2017/18 27&28 'Libraries in Leeds: a Historical Survey 1152 - c.1939' Peter Morrish £5.00
2019 29 Miscellany   £15.00
Wills and Inventories: Leeds Kirkgate-cum-Holbeck, 1644-1669
On the Origins of the Rhubarb Growing and Forcing industry of Leeds and Surrounding Areas. R.T.Jackson  
Forced Rhubarb in West Yorkshire. c.1852-2017 A.Silson  
2020 30 Miscellany   £15.00
Louis Le Prince and Leeds Irfan Shah  
Entente Musicale: Charles Villiers Stanford and the Leeds Choir in Paris 1906 Robert Demaine  
Hudson, Sykes and Bousefield: the rise and fall of a Leeds merchant and manufacturing House Chris Hindle  
Brewing at Kirkstall Abbey and Brewery 1152-1983 Peter Brears  
The Tudor Reformation in Leeds Roy Yates  
Elizabethan Potternewton and the Hardwick family Michael Collinson  
2021 31 Knowing One's Place Robin Pearson £20.00
2022 32 Temple Newsam & Temple Hirst: Tudor Palaces of Lord Darcy of the North Peter Brears £15.00
2019 29 Miscellany   £15.00
Wills and Inventories: Leeds Kirkgate-cum-Holbeck, 1644-1669
On the Origins of the Rhubarb Growing and Forcing industry of Leeds and Surrounding Areas. R.T.Jackson  
Forced Rhubarb in West Yorkshire. c.1852-2017 A.Silson  
2023 33 Miscellany   £15.00
The Leeds Industrial Dwellings Company, 1866-1937 John Townsend  01
Remembering the battle of Holbeck Moor, 1936 Janet Douglas 109
Private venture schools in Leeds, 1750-1800 D. J. Bryden 127
Kirkstall Inventories: the Hinchcliffe family and estate Michael Collinson 166
The Early Architectural Development of Kirkstall Abbey’s Inner Gatehouse Peter Brears 195
Bar Grange, Kirkstall, a Minor Gentry House in 1610 Peter Brears 202
A Late Fifteenth Century Processional Cross from Gisborough Priory and its subsequent history Christine Clarke and Bruce Watson 208