Headingley-cum-Burley c.1544 – c.1784

Original Oak HeadingleyJohn Cruickshank’s comprehensive work Headingley-cum-Burley c.1544 – c.1784 is the most detailed study yet published of any Leeds township during the early-modern period. Based on his PhD thesis at the University of Leeds it graphically covers such areas as the changing pattern of landownership and landholding in response to continuing political and economic change, the transformation of transport and communications through the township to a wide commercial region, and the development of agriculture and industry in conjunction with the commercial and administrative development of Leeds. The Appendix examines the corresponding population changes using not only the Leeds parish and chapelry registers but also independent sources.

This work, aimed at both the academic and the interested lay reader, is not simply a history of one township, but makes a significant and invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the development of the town of Leeds and to our wider understanding of the role of extra-urban areas in the growth of towns.

John Cruickshank is a former Orthopaedic Surgeon from Leeds, who in preparation for his retirement completed a PhD in History at the University of Leeds. His current research interests are centred on the cartographic history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular reference to the topographic mapping both of Britain and of central and eastern Europe.


ISBN 978 0 900741 72 2

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