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Leeds mapsIn 1989 the Thoresby Society, in a joint venture with Leeds City Libraries, produced a collection of ten maps of Leeds which proved to be extremely popular with the Leeds public. To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the first Leeds charter, granted in 1207, the Yorkshire Evening Post along with the Thoresby Society and Leeds Library and Information Service have decided to re-publish the collection. We have added further maps to show the development of the city up to the middle of the twentieth century and included a Time Line.


We are grateful to have been able to draw on the text of the original publication by Arthur Elton and Brett Harrison. We would also like to thank the Leeds Museums and Galleries (City Art Gallery) for permission to use the Pettingell & Brownlow Thompson aerial view.


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The Maps

Cossins 1726
Jefferys 1770
Giles 1815
Baines and Newsome 1834
Rapkin 1850
Ordnance Survey 1850
Brierley 1866
McCorquodale 1890
Bacon 1901
Ordnance Survey 1932
Kelly 1947
Gillham 1959
Pettingell & Brownlow Thompson 1886

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