The Moravian Settlement at Fulneck 1742-1790

Geoffrey Stead

The Moravian Settlement at Fulneck 1742-1790This study of the Moravian settlement at Fulneck concentrates on its origins and development up to 1790 when it began to lose its unique character. It describes the foundation of the settlement as part of the European-wide Pietist Movement, which advocated individual conversion and spiritual rebirth. The hierarchical administration and organization of Fulneck in its heyday are examined and its recruitment analysed; its spiritual life and observances are described and its internal economic organization evaluated against a background of constant pressure from the world outside. Finally, the author shows how the settlement, with its uniquely German form of social organization, had to recognize local realities and evolve in order to survive.

The book is based in the main on the Fulneck Archive and its interest and significance are enhanced by the light which it also throws on the development of the Moravian church as a whole.

Dr Stead is the appointed official historian of the British Province of the Moravian church.