Yorkshire Fairs & Markets to the End of the Eighteenth Century
K. L. McCutcheon

In its original form this work was entered in 1935 as a thesis for the degree of Master of Letters in the University of Durham. No attempt has been made to deal with the developments of any particular or individual fair; the subject has been viewed from the standpoint of those problems, economic, politiacl, social and religous, wich arose as a result, or were themselves the cause of a developed system fo trade in fair and market, and of which the fairs and markets of Yorkshire may be taken as representative of the normal conditions of the whole country.

K.L. McCutcheon        Middlesbrough, 1940


Chapter   Page
  Preface v  
I.   Introductory 1  
II.   The Ecclesiastical Nature of the Fair 14  
III.   Legal Requirements in Fairs and Markets 53  
IV.   Political Aspects of the Fair 90  
V.   Finance and Justice in Fair and Market 97  
VI   Trade in Fiars and Markets 127  
I.   Grants of Yorkshire Fairs and Markets in the Calendars of Charter Rolls 161  
II.   List of Yorkshire Fairs in Owens Book of Fairs, 1770 173  
  Index of Places and Fairs 179  
  Index of Persons 184  


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