Leeds Parish Registers 1684 to 1695
edited by George Denison Lumb

Leeds Parish Registers 1684-95

The present Volume contains the entries for the seventh and eighth Books of the Leeds Parish Church Registers, extending from the year 1667 to the year 1695. The leaves of the seventh Book measure 142 x 9 inches, and of the eighth Book 145/6 x 95/6 inches ; the leaves of both books are of parchment.

Edward Smith was the Parish Clerk, and wrote the entries down to his death, in December, 1669. He was succeeded by his son, John Smith, who continued in office until his death, in January, 1685. William Kent succeeded, and was Clerk until his death, in July, 1694, when Francis Lupton was appointed. Many of the entries are much faded, and many have been carelessly written, and crowded between other entries.

The registers are edited by George Denison Lumb, one of the Hon. Secretaries of the Thoresby Society and of the Yorkshire Parish Church Register Society.


Part I

1667-1680 Baptisms & Marriages
1667-1676 Burials

Part II

1681-1695 Baptisms & Marriages
1676-1684 Burials

Part II

1684-1695 Burials

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