Leeds Parish Registers 1571-1588
transcribed by Samuel Margerison & William Wheater

This is the first volume ever produced by the Society was published in 1889 the year the Thoresby Society was founded. This first register book has been transcribed by Samuel Margerison, with the exception of the Marriage entries and the Burials down to 1585 – 1586, which William Wheater has copied. Samuel Margerison is also responsible for the wills and other original notes, except those otherwise initialled; and has also compared the whole of the MS and proofs with the original resister, and seen this part through the press. The book commences with Baptisms on 15 May 1572 until 2 April 1589; Marriages run from 3 June 1572 to 11 February 1589; Burials commences on 14 May 1572 and end on 30 May 1589.

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