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Alexander, Ann
  The Notebooks of Robert Pounder, 2015 2nd ser. 25
Alexander, G. Glover, M.A., LL.M.
  The Manorial System and Copyhold Tenure, XXXIII, 283
  Counsel's Opinion, 1686, relating to Property of the Thoresby and Briggs Families, XXVIII, 405
  Ancient Custom of the Province of York re Wills and Intestacies. XXVIII, 417
Allott, Wilfrid.
  Leeds Quaker Meeting. L, I.
Anderson, Philip
  The Leeds workhouse under the Old Poor Law: 1726-1834. LVI, 75.
Anning. Stephen T.
  The Leeds Public Dispensary. LIV, 130.
Arnold, A. J.
  'Shall it be Bradford or Leeds?': the origins of professional football in the West Riding textile district. LXIII, 81.
Atkinson, Charles Milner, M.A.
  Trial at York for Counterfeiting of Mr Arthur Mangy, of Leeds. Aug. 1st, 1696. IX, 207
Baildon, W. Paley, F.S.A.
  Musters in Skyrack Wapentake, 1539. IV, 245;
IX, 99, 299
(and Margerison, S.) Calverley Charters, vol. i. VI
  The Family of Leathley or Lelay (with Pedigree), IX, 3
  Musters in Claro Wapentake. XV, 111
  (and Lancaster, W. T.) Coucher Book of Kirkstall Abbey, VIII
  Copley Family, Notes on Early Pedigree of . XXVI, 350; XXVIII, 195
  The Maudes of Ilkley etc. XXIV, 137
  The Maudes of Killinghall, Some Correspondence of. XXIV, 110
  Survey of the Manor of Leeds, 1612. XXIV, 341
Barnes, Guy D.
  Kirkstall Abbey, 1147-1539: an historical study. LVIII.
Beale, Hanway R., M.B.
  Report on the Bones found near Leeds, XV, 177
Beanlands, Rev. Canon Arthur.
  The Swillingtons of Swillington. XV, 185
  The Claim of John de Eston. XXV, 227
Beckwith, Frank.
  An account of The Leeds Intelligencer, 1754-1866. XL, i-lxi.
  The beginnings of the Leeds Library. XXXVII, 145.
  "Pendavid Bittcrzwigg": John Berkenhout. XLI, 283
  Poem on the clothiers, 1730, XLI, 275
  The population of Leeds during the industrial revolution,
XLI, 118 
XLI, 401.
  Thomas Taylor: Regency architect, Leeds. Monograph I.
and Turberville, A. S. Leeds and parliamentary reform, 1820-1832. XLI, I.
Bellamy, C. Vincent.
  Pontefract Priory excavations, 1957-1961. XLIX.
Benn, William
  More Annals of Leeds 1880 - 1920. 2nd ser. 15
Beresford, Maurice W.
  East End, West End: the face of Leeds during urbanisation, 1684-1842. LX-LXI.
Bergen, Amanda
  Leeds Jewry, 1930-1939: the challenge of anti-Semitism. 2nd ser. 10, 1.
Bilson, John, F.S.A., and Hope, W. H. St. John, M.A.
  Architectural Description of Kirkstall Abbey, XVI
  Pampocalia. IV, 60
Black, George W.
  City Square and Colonel Harding.. LIV, 106
  The Leeds Eye Dispensary. LIV, 99.
  The Leeds Savage Club and its origins.. LIV, 298
Bodington, Nathan, LL.D.
  Note on a Roman Altar preserved in the Museum of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, IV, 79
Bonser, K, J., also cited as Bonser, Kenneth John
and Nichols, H. Printed maps and plan of Leeds, 1711-1900.. XLVII
  Spas, wells and springs of Leeds. LIV, 29.
Boud, Roy C.
  The Great Exodus: the evacuation of Leeds schoolchildren, 1939-1945. 2nd ser. 10, 41.
Boyle, M. B.
  "Fair befall the Flax Field": aspects of the history of the Boyle family and their flax business. LVI, 1.
Bradford, E.J.
  The Enclosure of Common Land in Headingley-cum-Burley 1828-34: Conflicts of Interest 2nd ser. 18, 63
Bradley, George
  The Venerable Edmund Sykes of Leeds. The Revd G. Bradley and A. Lonsdale. LIII, 167.
Braithwaite, Walter
  Discovery of Ancient Foundations and Human Remains at Temple Newsam. XV, 174
Brears, P.
  Brewing at Kirkstall: Abbey and Brewery 1152-1983 2nd ser. 30, 107
  An Historical Reconstruction of Ralph Thoresby's Home Tercent. I, 93
  Ralph Thoresby: a Museum Visitor in Stuart England Tercent. I, 95
Brigg, William, B.A.
  Testamenta Leodiensia. II, 98, 205;
IV, 1. 139
  Lay Subsidy, Wapentake of Skyrack, 1598. XV, 38
  Lay Subsidy, Wapentake of Agbrigg and Morley, 1598. XV, 132
  Petition relating to the Mosses, Chapel Allerton. XV, 274  
Briggs, Asa
  The building of Leeds Town Hall. XLVI, 275.
Brook, Michael.
  Joseph Barker and The People. XLVI, 331.
Brooke, Susan.
  Some notes on the Hall family of Stumperlow and Leeds,. XLI, 309
Burt, Steven (also cited as Burt, S.)
  Leeds manor house: the development and changing function of a central site. 2nd ser. 5, 1.
  Ralph Thoresby and the Compilation of the Ducatus Leodiensis Tercent. I, 5
Chadwick, S. J., F.S.A.
  The Farnley Wood Plot, XV, 122
Chell, S.M.
  The Clothier Families of Horsforth … 1841-1881 2nd ser. 24, 25
Chorley, H. S.
  Plan of Foundations of Old Building at Templethorpe, near Temple Newsam, Leeds, XV, facing 174
Clark, E,, Kitson.M.A., F.S.A.
  The founders of the Thoresby Society. XXXVII, 189.
  The site and early plans of Leeds, XXXVII, 193.
  A Brawl in Kirkgate, 13 Edw. II. IV, 125
  The Foundation of Kirkstall Abbey, etc. IV, 169
  The Leeds Mace made by Arthur Mangey, 1694; and Clipping Tools supposed to have been used by Mangey. IX, 205
  Some Civil War Accounts, 1647-1650. XI, 137
  Churchwardens' Accounts--Methley. XI, 236
  Leeds in Prehistoric Times , XV, 212
Clark, J. G.
  Court Books of the Leeds Corporation: First Book, 1662-1706. XXIV
Clark, Professor E., LL.D., F.S.A.
  Hooton Pagnell and its Market Cross, XV, 26
Clay, Charles T., M.A., F.S.A.
  Notes on the Importation of English Wool into Ireland as Affected by the Union, XXVI, 155
  The Family of Wridlesford or Woodlesford. XXVI, 243
  The Familv of Lacy of Cronnvellbottom and Leventhorpe. XXVIII, 468
Collingwood, W. G., M.A., F.S.A.
  The Early Crosses of Leeds (illustrated), XXII, 267
Collinson, J.M.
  Elizabethan Potternewton and the Hardwick Family 2nd ser. 30, 160
and C. Colinnson Wills and Inventories: Leeds Kirkgate-cum-Holbeck, 1644-1669 2nd ser. 29, 1
  Headingley Hall: Lords and Tenants through Seven Centuries 2nd ser. 18, 18
  Love and Marriage in Elizabethan Headingley 2nd ser. 20, 41
  Robert the Dyer - the First Leeds Businessman? 2nd ser. 18, 88
Collyer, C.
  The Rockinghams and Yorkshire politics, 1742-1761, XLI, 352,
Colman, Rev. F. S., M.A,.
  The History of Barwick-in-Elmet. XVII
Connell, D.
  Important Pieces from Ralph Thoresby's Collection discovered at Burton Constable in East Yorkshire Tercent. I, 133
Connor, William J.
  The architect of Holy Trinity Church, Leeds. LIV, 293.
Cook, Robert Beilby
  Early Pontefract Wills (mistitled Leeds and District), XXVI, 172, 311
  Some Old Deeds relating to Barwick-in-Elmet. XXII, 174
  Wills of Leeds and District, XXII, 85, 235; XXIV, 30, 304
  Wills of the Parishes of Rothwell, Saxton, Sherburn in Elmet, Swillington, Thorner, Whitkirk and Woodkirk. XXXIII, 22
Cookson, Gillian
  Early textile engineers in Leeds, 1780-1850. 2nd ser. 4, 40.
Copley, J.
  The theatre in Hunslet Lane, I.. LIV, 65
  The theatre in Hunslet Lane, II. LIV, 196.
Cottam, Sue
  What was the relationship between élite culture and power in the town of Leeds from 1760 to 1820? 2nd ser. 14, 18.
Creaser, Mary
  William Vavasour: the squire of Weston, 1798-1833. LVI, 159.
John Cruikshank
  Headingley-cum-Burley c.1544 - c.1784. 2nd ser. 22
Crump, W. B.. M.A.
  Alfred Mattison, XXXVII, 366.
  Early iron workings at Creskelde, near Otley. XLI, 300.
  A jubilee review,1889-1939, XXXVII, 183.
  Methley Hall and its builders. XXXVII, 313.
  Sorocold's waterworks at Leeds, 1694. XXXVII, 166.
  The Genesis of Warburton's ' Map of Yorkshire,' 1720. XXVIII, 385
  The Leeds Woollen Industry, 1780-1820. XXXII
Dalton, Harry W., (also cited as H. W. Dalton)
  Anglican Resurgence under W. F. Hook in Early Victorian Leeds. Church Life in a Nonconformist Town, 1836-1851. 2nd ser. 12.
  Sunday schools in Leeds: Church associations for children and young people, Leeds 1836-1851. 2nd ser. 14, 67.
  Walter Farquhar Hook, Vicar of Leeds: his work for the Church and the town, 1837-1848. LXIII, 27.
Dawson, Frederick
  Paganini in Leeds (January 1832). XXXIII, 447
Demaine, Robert
  Entente musicale: Charles Villiers Stanford and the Leeds Choir in Paris, 1906. 2nd ser. 30, 49
Derbyshire, Rev. H. S., M.A.,
and Lumb, G. D., F.S.A. History of Methley. XXXV
Dillon, T.
  The Irish in Leeds, 1851-1861. LIV, 1.
Dixon, J.
  Surprising Survivors of the Black Death in Leeds 2nd ser. 20, 13
Dobson, R. B.
  Yorkshire towns in the late fourteenth century. LIX, 1.
Dodgson, Aquila
  A Local Find of over 7,000 Roman Coins (Stanley hoard) (ill.). XV, 103
  An Account of Roman Coins found in the District around Leeds, XXII, 49
Douglas, Janet
  Leeds and the public patronage of fine art, 1809-1888. 2nd ser. 11, 73.
Ellis, A. S.
  Notes on Ralph Thoresby's Pedigree, IX, 112
  Yorkshire c. A.D. 120, according to Ptolemy's Geography, XXII, 337
  Picture of Pontefract Castle at Hampton Court Palace, XXIV, 1
Elton, E. Arthur, (also cited as E. A. and Arthur Elton)
  Becoming a city: Leeds, 1893. 2nd ser. 3, 67.
  Leeds cyclists and cycle makers, 1880-1901. 2nd ser. 5, 110.
  Sir George Cockburn, 1848-1927. 2nd ser. 3, 81.
  A Victorian city mission: the Unitarian contribution to social progress in Holbeck and New Wortley, 1844-78. LIV, 316.
Figures, G.
  Typhus,Two Windows and a Gold Chain 2nd ser. 20, 75
Ford, John Rawlinson
  Probate of Ralph Thoresby's Will, II, 149
  Plan of Leeds (published by John Heaton), 1806 . XI, 130
Ford, Thomas F., A.R.I.B.A.
  Some Buildings of the Seventeenth Century in the Parish of Halifax (ill.). XXXVIII, 1
Fordham, Sir George
  Christopher Saxton, of Dunningley. XXVIII, 357
Forster, Gordon C. F. also cited as Forster, G.C.F.
  The early years of Leeds Corporation. LIV, 251.
  Holy Trinity Church in the history of Leeds, 1727-1977. LIV, 281.
  The First Medievalist in Leeds: Ralph Thoresby FRS, 1658-1725 Tercent. I, 45
Forster, Mrs G. C. F.
  Index to the Publications of the Thoresby Society, vols. XXXVII-LI. L, Supplement
Foster, Miss A. G.
  Conveyancing practice from local records. XLI, 197.
  Oakwell Hall, Birstall: inventory of goods, 1611. XLI, 114.
Fraser, Derek
  Improvement in early Victorian Leeds. LIII, 71.
  The Leeds churchwardens, 1828-1850. LIII, 1.
  The Leeds Corporation, c. 1820-c. 1850. LIV, 272.
  The politics of Leeds water. LIII, 50.
  Poor Law politics in Leeds, 1833-1855. LIII, 23.
Friedman, Terry
  Church Architecture in Leeds, 1700-1799. 2nd ser. 7.
Gamble, G. G,
  History of Hunslet in the later Middle Ages. XLI, 222.
Galloway, Colin G.
  The 'Wild Indian Savages' in Leeds. . LIV, 305
Goodyear, Irene E.
  Wilson Armistead and the Leeds Antislavery Movement. LIV, 113.
Gosden, Peter H. J. H.
  The early years of the Yorkshire College. LIV, 209.
Gott. Frank
  Map of Leeds (John Tuke's), 1781. XV, 46
Grady, Kevin
  The Georgian Public Buildings of Leeds and the West Riding. LXII.
  Profit, property interests, and public spirit: the provision of markets in Leeds, 1822-29.. LIV, 165
Hall, Rev. H. Armstrong, B.D.
  Churchwardens' Accounts of Methley Parish, 1681-1705. XI, 262
  Dr. Timothy Bright: Some Troubles of an Elizabethan Rector, XV, 30
  Some Notes on the Personal and Family History of Robert Waterloo, of Methley and Waterton. XV, 81
Hardcastle, C. D.
  Leeds in my Grandfather's Days (c. 1800). XXXIII, 149
Hargrave, Miss Emily
  The Formation of the Leeds Yeomanry. 1817. XXIV, 435
  The Leeds Volunteers, 1820. XXIV, 451
  A Leeds Malefactor of 1752. XXVI, 148
  Some Unpublished Letters of Ralph Thoresby. XXVI, 372
  A Change-Ringing Controversy, XXVIII, 226
  The Early Leeds Volunteers, XXVIII, 255
  Musical Leeds' in the Eighteenth Century, XXVIII, 320
  Leeds Parish Registers, Baptisms and Burials. 1757-76; Marriages, 1754-69 (Joint editor), XXV
  The Diary of Joseph Rogerson, Scribbler and Miller of Bramley, 1808-14 (jointly with W. B. Crump), XXXII, Ch. II
Harrison, Brett
  Thorp Arch Hall, 1749-1756: 'dabling a little in Mortar'. 2nd ser. 4, 1.
Harrison, J. F. C.
  Social reform in Victorian Leeds: the work of James Hole, 1820-1895 Monograph III.
Haverfield, F., M.A., F.S.A.
  The Roman Milestone found at Castleford, now in the Museum of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, IX, 97
Heaton, Herbert.M.A,
  Yorkshire cloth traders in the United States, 1770-1840. XXXVII, 225
  The Leeds White Cloth Hall (illustrated), XXII, 131
  ' The Tricks of the Trade ': Facts and Fiction concerning the Yorkshire Textile Industry, XXII, 347
Hebditch, William.
  Thoresby's diary and correspondence. XLI. 98.
Hendrick, H.
  The Leeds gas strike, 1890.. LIV, 78
Hindle, Chris
  Hudson, Sykes & Bousefield: the rise and fall of a Leeds merchant and manufacturing House 2nd ser. 30, 84
Holmes, Richard
  Paulinus de Leeds, IV, 209
  Asolf or Essolf, A Yorkshire Minor Lord of the Twelfth Century. IX, 23
  The Charter-History of a Long Life: Adam Fitz Peter of Birkin. IX, 56
  Ordination of the South Chapel in Birkin Church, IX, 62
Hope, W. H. St. John, M.A., and Bilson, John, F.S.A.
  Architectural Description of Kirkstall Abbey, XVI
Hornsey, Miss Margaret A.
  John Harrison, the Leeds Benefactor, and his Times, XXXIII, 103
Ismay, Rev, Joseph,
  A visit to Chapel Allerton and Harewood in 1767. XXXVII, 333.
Jackson, R.T.
  On the Origins of the Rhubarb Growing and Forcing industry of Leeds and Surrounding Areas. 2nd ser. 29, 85
Jajdelska, E.
  Ralph Thoresby the Diarist: The late 17th Century Pious Diary and its Demise Tercent. I, 67
Jenkins, Edgar W.
  David Forsyth and the City of Leeds School. 2nd ser. 1, 75.
  Leeds Grammar School, the Charity Commissioners and the education of girls, 1870-1901. 2nd ser. 4, 98.
Jenkins, Isobel
  The Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education: 1871-91. LVI, 27.
Johnston, Carole P.
  The Charity School, the Church and the Corporation: aspects of educational provision for the poor in eighteenth-century Leeds. 2nd ser. 3, 1.
Jones, H.M.F.
  "Hours of Distraction and Cheerful Companionship": Leeds Association of Girls' Clubs and the Girls' Clubs Era (1904-1944) 2nd ser. 24, 87
Jones, H. W.
  Checklist of the correspondence of Ralph Thoresby. XLVI, 36,
Kaye, Walter J., M.A., F.S.A.
  Anthony Hunton, M.D., An Elizabethan Physician and his connexion with Harrogate. XXVIII,
Kelsey, H. T., M.A.
  Survey of the Manor of Leeds, 1612. XI, 369
Kennally, H.
  Famine, Typhus and Poor Law: Irish Families in Leeds 2nd ser. 20, 57
Kent, Audrey L. A.
  'An Institution of Great Utility': Leeds Public Dispensary, the early years, 1824-1867. 2nd ser. 11, 44.
Kirby, Joan W.
  The Manor and Borough of Leeds, 1425-1662: an edition of documents, edited by J. W. Kirby. LVII.
  The rulers of Leeds: gentry, clothiers and merchants, c. 1425-1626. LIX, 22.
Kirk, G. E.
  Jubilee index to the Publications of the Thoresby Society, 1889-1939. Supplement to vol. XXXVII.
  The library of the Thoresby Society. XLI, 259.
  Two rentals of the manor of Otley. XXXVII, 202.
  Lotherton Chapel, XXVI, 113
  A Sixteenth-Century Rental of the Manor of Temple Newsam and its Appurtenances, XXXIII, 61
  A Rental of the Bailiwick of Whitkirk. XXXIII, 71
  Wills, Inventories and Bonds of the Manor Courts of Temple Newsam, 1612-1701. XXXIII, 241
Kitson, Ethel (and E. Kitson Clark)
  Some Civil War Accounts, 1647-1650. XI, 137
Kitson, F. R., and others
  Charters relating to Possessions of Kirkstall Abbey in Allerton. IV, 42, 81
Lancaster, William Thomas, F.S.A.
  The Possessions of Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds, IV, 37
  Some Notes on the Early History of Arthington. IV, 148
  Adel. IV, 261
(and W. P. Baildon) Coucher Book, of Kirkstall Abbey, VIII
  Bramhope. IX, 228
  Fourteenth-Century Court Rolls of the Manor of Thorner. XV, 153
  the Early History of Horsforth. XV, 22
  Letters addressed to Ralph Thoresby, F.R.S. XXI
  Four Early Charters of Arthington Nunnery, XXII, 118
  A Fifteenth-Century Rental of Leeds, XXIV, 6
  St. Helen's Chapel, Holbeok. XXIV, 134
  The Family of Beeston. XXIV, 245
  A Fifteenth-Century Rental of Rothwell. XXIV, 281
  The Family of Green of Horsforth, XXIV, 469
  Birstall, Gomersal & Heckmondwike--A Genealogical Paper, XXVI, 25
  The Manor Court of Leeds Kirkgate-cumHolbeck. XXVI, 129  
  Fifteenth-Century Rentals of Barwick and Scholes. XXVIII, 238
Le Patourel, H. E. Jean
  Stank Hall barn, Leeds, ed. by H. E. J. Le Patourel. LIV, 237.
Le Patourel, John
  Documents relating to the manor and borough of Leeds, 1066-1400, XLIV.
  Medieval Leeds: Kirkstall Abbey- The Parish Church - The medieval borough. XLVI, I.
Lister, John, M.A.
  Chapter House Records (1341)--Extent of Manors of Leeds, Roth-well, Allerton Bywater, Kippax, Ledston. XXXIII, 83
Litton, Pauline M.
  The journals of Sarah Mayo Parkes, 1815 and 1818, ed. by Pauline Litton. 2nd ser. 13, 1.
Lockwood, A.
  The origins of gas in Leeds: the Leeds Gas Light Company, 1817-35. LVI, 114.
Lonsdale, Allister.
  A note on Leeds wills, 1539-1561. L, 78.
  Stourton Lodge: 1776 to April 1965, L, 86
  Ebor House: a note. LIII, 91.
  The last monks of Kirkstall Abbey. LIII, 201.
  The Venerable Edmund Sykes of Leeds. The Revd G. Bradley and A. Lonsdale. LIII, 167.
Lovell, Veronica M. E.
  Benjamin Gott of Armley House, Leeds, 1762-1840: patron of the arts. LIX, 177.
Lumb, George Denison, F.S.A.
  Extracts from The Leeds Intelligencer and The Leeds Mercury,1769-1776. XXXVIII
  Extracts from The Leeds Intelligencer and The Leeds Mercury,1777-1783 (with J. B. Place). XL.
  Extracts from The Leeds Intelligencer, 1791-1796. XLIV.
  A Thoresby Manuscript, II, 152
  Abstract of the Leeds Manor Rolls, 1650-1666. IX, 63
  Testamenta Leodiensia. IX, 81, 161, 246;
XI, 37, 289;
XV, 10;
  "Observations out of the Mannour Booke of Leeds, IX, 278
  Justice's Note-Book of Captain John Pickering, 1656-1660. XI, 69, 275
  The Life and Funeral Sermon of the Rev. Richard Stretton, M.A., First Minister of Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds, 1672-1677. XI, 321
  The Registers of the Parish Church of Methley, 1560-1812. XII
  The Dukedom of Leeds, XV, I, 275
  The Family of John Harrison, the Leeds Benefactor, XV, 48
  Burials at St. Paul's Church, Leeds. XV, 56
  The Arms of Leeds, XV, 183
  The Family of Denison of Great Woodhouse, and their Residences in Leeds (ill.), XV, 251
  John Thoresby, XXII, 55
  Poems of ' Pendavid Bitterzwigg ' (A Satire on Leeds of the Eighteenth Century), XXII, 58
  Whitkirk Register, 1600-1601. XXII, 103
  Adel Register, 1600, XXII, 107; 1606-1812, V
  Extracts from the Leeds Mercury, 1721-1729 (illustrated), XXII, 185;
            1729-1737, XXIV, 67;
            1737-1742, XXVI, 64;
            1742-1760, XXVIII, 65;
            1769, XXXIII, 208;
            1709-1776, XXXVIII
  Extracts from the Leeds Intelligencer, 1756-1763, XXVIII, 100;
            1763-4, 1768, XXXIII, 156, 209;
            1769-1776, XXXVIII
  Leeds Parish Register, 1612-1639, III,
            1639-1667, VII,
            1667-1695, X,
            1695-1722 (Armley, 1665-1711; Hunslet, 1686-1714), XIII,
            1722-1757, XX
  Leeds Chapelries Register, 1724-1763, XXIII,
            1763-1812 or later, XXIX, XXXI
  The Committee of Charitable Uses, Leeds; Extracts from the Minute Book commencing 1664. XXII, 355
  Leeds and Rothwell District Potteries, XXIV, 277, 280
  John Miers, the Profilist. XXIV, 345; XXXIII, 154
  The Nalson Family of Altofts and Methley. XXIV, 368
  Leeds Manor House and Park, XXIV, 399
  The Old Hall, Wade Lane, Leeds, and the Jackson Family. XXVI, 1
  Postscript: obituary of W. T. Lancaster, XXVI, 39
  Ellis of Kiddal. XXVI, 61
  The Denison Family, XXVI, 102
  The Old Hall, Burmantofts. XXVI, 106
  Anderton Rents, 1708. XXVI, 163
  York or East Bar, Leeds, XXVI, 170
  A Fifteenth-Century Rental of Pontefract. XXVI, 253
  The Last Shop with Bow Windows in Briggate, Leeds, XXVI, 397
  Charles Donald Hardcastle: Leeds, 1758-1837. XXXIII, 148
  William Boyne, F.S.A., Numismatist, of Leeds and Florence. XXXIII, 228
  Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard of St. John the Evangelist, Leeds, XXXIII, 316
  (and Darbyshire, Rev. H. S., M.A.) The History of Methley. XXXV
  The Parish Register of Aberford, 1540-1812. XXXVI
Lupton, Charles Athelstane
  Arthington Nunnery. LIII, 224.
  John Smeaton. LIII, 217.
Margerison, Samuel
  Leeds Registers, 1572-1612. I
  (and Baildon, W. P.) Calverley Charters, vol. i. VI
Marshall, Thomas, M.A.
  Charte Leodienses, with Notes on the Reame Family and the Leeds Chantries of the B.V.M. IV, 65
May, Barbara C.
  Waggonways and staiths: the impact of the Middleton Colliery on the township of Hunslet, c. 1750-1850. 2nd ser. 3, 38.
McCutchcon, K. L.
  Yorkshire fairs and markets, to the end of the eighteenth century. XXXIX.
Meredith, Peter (also cited as Meredith, P.)
  The Thursby Manuscripts, 2011 2nd ser. 21
  Ralph Thoresby's Review of his Life, 1658-1714, 2015 Ducatus Tercentary Vol. 2
  Ralph Thoresby and 'Cosen' Susy Tercent. I, 183
  The Thoresby Collection 2nd ser. 18, 101
  & Thornton, D. APPENDIX Tercent. I,
  From Grand Design to Scribbled Note: Ralph Thoresby's presence in the Society's library Tercent. I, 151
Meyer, W. R.
  Charles Henry Wilson: the man who was Leeds. 2nd ser. 8, 78.
Moorman, F. W., Ph.D.
  The Place Names of the West Riding of Yorkshire. XVIII
Morgan, C. J.
  The Leeds elections of 1834 and 1835: a psephological analysis. 2nd ser. 13, 73.
  The Burial Ground Problem in Leeds, c.1700-1914, 2013 2nd ser. 23
Morkill, J. W., M.A.
  Local Worthies and Genealogy, II, 51
  Notes on the Wapentake of Skyrack. II, 115
  The Manor and Park of Roundhay (illustrated), II, 215
  The Red Hall, Shadwell (ill.). II, 217
  Sagar-Musgrave Pedigree. II, 249
Morris, Robert J. (also cited as Morris, R.J.)
  The rise of James Kitson: Trades Union and Mechanics Institution, Leeds, 1826-1851. LIII, 179.
  Whose Time and Whose Place: Searching for the History of 20th Century Leeds 2nd ser. 18, 1
Morrish, Peter S. (also cited as Morrish, P.)
  Leeds and dismemberment of the diocese of Ripon. 2nd ser. 4, 62.
  Percy Alfred Scholes (1877-1958): music critic, educator and encyclopaedist. 2nd ser. 13, 46.
  A Yorkshire music critic (Herbert Thompson) in Germany and Austria in 1889. LIV, 333.
  Ralph Thoresby (1658-1725) of Leeds, Books and Libraries Tercent. I, 117
Mortimer, Jean E.
  Joseph Tatham's School, Leeds. 2nd ser. 1, 1.
  Thoresby's 'poor deluded Quakers': the sufferings of Leeds Friends in the seventeenth century. 2nd ser. 1, 35.
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