The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-


XXIV. Miscellanea [vii]. 1919.

Picture of Pontefract castle at Hampton Court Palace. By A. S. Ellis. 1
A fifteenth-century rental of Leeds. By W. T. Lancaster. 6
Colonel Edmund Wilson, V.D., F.S.A. [ob. 1914]. By Jas. Singleton 25
Extracts from an old Leeds merchant's book, 1770-1786, and copies of certain loose papers therein. By Jas. Singleton. 31
Wills of Leeds and district. By E. B. Cook. 39, 304
Extracts from the Leeds Mercury, 1729-1737. By G. D. Lumb. 67
Some correspondence of the Maudes of Hollinghall, 1594-1599. By W. Paley Baildon. 110
St Helen's chapel, Holbeck. By W. T. Lancaster. 134
The Maudes of Ilkley, Hollinghall, Brandon, Helthwaite Hill, etc. By W. Paley Baildon. 137
The church of St John the Evangelist, New Briggate, Leeds, chiefly concerning the woodwork and carving By John Ellis Stocks. 190
The claim of John de Eston. By Arthur Beanlands. 227
The family of Beeston. By W. T. Lancaster. 245
Leeds parish church. Inscriptions on the tombstones in the churchyard, transcribed about the year 1890. 256
Leeds and district potteries. By G. D. Lumb. 277
A fifteenth-century rental of Rothwell. By W. T. Lancaster. 281
Survey of the manor of Leeds in 1612 : some additions and corrections. 336
John Miers, the profilist [ob. 1821]. By G. D. Lumb. 345
The tax on bachelors and widowers imposed in 1695. By H. W. Thompson. 362
The Nalson family of Altofts and Methley. By G. T. Lumb. 368
St John's church, Leeds. The trustees' (feoffees') account book, 1660-1766. Extracts by G. D. Lumb. 379
Leeds manor house and park. By G. D. Lumb. 399
Lease dated 1687, of the tithe of hay in Leeds, by the Earl of Burlington to Thomas Dixon. By G. D. Lumb. 401
The consecration service of St John's church, Leeds. By J. E. Stocks. 420
The formation of the Leeds Yeomanry, 1817. By Emily Hargrave. 435
The Leeds Volunteers, 1820. By Emily Hargrave. 451
The family of Green of Horsforth. By W. T. Lancaster. 469


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