The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-


XXII. Miscellanea [vi]. 1915.

Northumbria after the departure of the Roman forces. By H. E. Savage. 1
Find of Roman coins in Leeds. By T. Pickersgill. 41
Account of Roman coins found near Leeds. By Aquila Dodgson. 49
John Thoresby [ob. 1679]. By G. D. Lumb. 55
Poems of "Pendavid Bitterzwigg" (a satire on Leeds of the eighteenth century). By G. D. Lumb. 58
Wills of Leeds and district. Transcribed by Robert Beilby Cook. 85, 235
Whitkirk register, transcripts at York [1600-1]. 103
Adel register, transcript at York [1600]. 107
Subsidy rolls of the wapentake of Skyrack, 1610, 1629. 108
Four early charters of Arthington Nunnery. By W. T. Lancaster. 118
The Leeds white cloth hall. By Herbert Heaton. 131
Some old deeds relating to Barwick-in-Elmet. By Robert B. Cook. 172
Extracts from the Leeds Mercury, 1721-1729. By G. D. Lumb. 185
Bell-ringing at Leeds in 1632. A note in the handwriting of Ralph Thoresby. 234
The early crosses of Leeds. By W. G. Collingwood. 267
Yorkshire c. A.D. 120, according to Ptolemy's Geography. By A. S. Ellis. 339
"The tricks of the trade": facts and fiction concerning the Yorkshire textile industry. By Herbert Heaton. 347
The committee of charitable uses, Leeds. Extracts from the minute-book [1664-83]. 355
General index of the first six volumes of the Miscellanea. 409


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