XLVI - Miscellanea 13 1963



Part 1 1960 Medieval Leeds: Kirkstall Abbey - The Parish Church - The medieval borough. By J. Le Patourel 1
  New Grange, Kirkstall. By J. Sprittles 22
  Checklist of the correspondence of Ralph Thoresby. By H.W. Jones 36
  Two hundred years of Leeds banking. By H. Pemberton 54
Part 2 1961 Leeds and the factory reform movement. By J.T. Ward 87
  Leeds leather industry in the nineteenth century. By W.G. Rimmer 119
  Working men's cottages in Leeds, 1770-1849. By W.G. Rimmer 165
  Leeds musical festivals. By J. Sprittles 200
  Obituaries: Harry Pemberton, G.E. Kirk.  
Part 3 1963 The building of Leeds Town Hall. By Asa Briggs 275
  Alfred Place Terminating Building Society. By W.G. Rimmer 303
  Joseph Barker and The People. By Michael Brook 331
  Note on 'William Hodgson's Book' - a manuscript in the Society's library 379


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