XLI - Miscellanea 12 1954


Part 1 Leeds and parliamentary reform, 1830-1832. By Arthur Turberville, completed by Frank Beckwith. 1
  The medieval age and the present. Presidential address by Richard Offor. 89
  Thoresby's diary and correspondence: a suggestion by William Hebditch. W.B. Crump, M.A. 98
  William Crump, M.A. 101
Part 2 Leeds church patronage in the eighteenth century. By R.J.Wood 103
  Oakwell Hall, Birstall: inventory of goods, 1611. Transcribed and edited by Amy G. Foster 114
  The population of Leeds during the Industrial Revolution. By Frank Beckwith. 118
  Conveyancing practice from local records. By Amy G. Foster. 197
Part 3 Thoresby as historian. By J.J. Saunders 213
  A history of Hunslet in the later middle ages. By G.G. Gamble 222
  The library of the Thoresby Society. By G.E. Kirk 259
  'A poem descriptive of the manners of the clothiers, written about the year 1730'. Ed. Frank Beckwith. 275
  'Pendavid Bitterzwigg': John Berkenhout (ob. 1791). By Frank Beckwith 283
  Early iron workings in Creskelde, near Otley. By W.B. Crump 300
Part 4 Some notes on the Hall family of Stumperlow and Leeds. By Susan Brooke 309
  The Rockinghams and Yorkshire politics 1742-1761. By C. Collyer 352
  Two notes on the history of the Aire and Calder Navigation. By G. Ramsden 383
  William Wilson, Mayor of Leeds, 1762-3 396


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