LVI - Miscellany 17 1979


Part 1
"Fair befall the Flax Field": aspects of the history of the Boyle family and their flax business, by M. B. Boyle. 1
The Yorkshire Ladies' Council of Education: 1871-91, by I. Jenkins. 27
Obituaries: Charles Athelstane Lupton (1897-1977). 72
Kenneth John Bonser (1892-1976). 72
Part 2 The Leeds workhouse under the Old Poor Law: 1726-1834, by P. Anderson. 75
The origins of gas in Leeds: the Leeds Gas Light Company, 1817-35, by A. Lockwood. 114
Part 3
The Leeds Rational Recreation Society, 1852-9: 'Music for the People' in a mid-Victorian city, by D. Russell. 137
William Vavasour: the squire of Weston, 1798-1833, by M. Creaser. 159
The Dewsbury riots and the Revd Benjamin Ingham, by B. Scott. 187
Obituary: Frank Beckwith (1904-1977). 196
Annotated list of the writings of Frank Beckwith, compiled by G. Woledge. 198
Index. 205


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