LIX - Miscellany 18 1985-86


Part 1 1985 Yorkshire towns in the late fourteenth century,by R. B. Dobson. 1
The rulers of Leeds: gentry, clothiers and merchants, c. 1425-1626, by J. W. Kirby. 22
Speculative housing development in the suburb of Headingley, Leeds, 1838-1914, by F. Trowell. 50
The '1523' Whitkirk Rental: a note, by G. Woledge. 119
Obituaries: Jantje Elisabeth Uytenhoudt Exwood (1936-1983). 120
Douglas Keighley (1928-1981). 122
Frank Lucas Warburton (1907-1980). 124
Part 2 1986 The evolution of St James's, 1845-94: Leeds Moral and Industrial Training School, Leeds Union Workhouse and Leeds Union Infirmary, by Pamela M. Pennock. 129
Benjamin Gott of Armley House, Leeds, 1762-1840: patron of the arts, by Veronica M. E. Lovell. 177


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