LIV - Miscellany 16 1974


Part 1 1974 The Irish in Leeds, 1851-1861, by T. Dillon. 1
Spas, wells and springs of Leeds, by K. J. Bonser. 29
Christopher Wilkinson of Leeds and Maryland, by R. J. Wood. 51
The autobiography of Robert Spurr, by R. J. Owen. 61
Part 2 1975 The theatre in Hunslet Lane, I, by J. Copley. 65
The Leeds Gas Strike, 1890, by H. Hendrick. 78
The Leeds Eye Dispensary, by G. Black. 99
City Square and Colonel Harding, by G. Black. 106
Wilson Armistead and the Leeds Antislavery Movement, by I. E. Goodyear. 113
The Leeds Public Dispensary, by S. T. Anning. 130
Addenda to Vol. XXV (Leeds Parish Registers 1757-76). 164
Part 3 1976 Profit, property interests, and public spirit: the provision of markets in Leeds, 1822-29, by K. Grady. 165
The theatre in Hunslet Lane, II, by J. Copley. 196
The early years of the Yorkshire College, by P. H. J. H. Gosden. 209
The Baptist breach at Bramley, by R. J. Owen. 230
Stank Hall barn, Leeds, ed. by H. E. J. Le Patourel. 237
Obituary: Canon R. J. Wood (1885-1975). 247
Bibliography: Canon R. J. Wood, compiled by J. Wood. 249
Part 4 1979 The early years of Leeds Corporation,by G. C. F. Forster. 251
The Corporation of Leeds in the eighteenth century, by R. G. Wilson. 262
The Leeds Corporation, c.1820 - c.1850, by D. Fraser. 272
Holy Trinity Church in the history of Leeds, 1727-1977,by G. C. F. Forster. 281
The architect of Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, by W. J. Connor. 293
The Leeds Savage Club and its origins, by G. Black. 298
The 'Wild Indian Savages' in Leeds, by C. G. Galloway. 305
A Victorian city mission: the Unitarian contribution to social progress in Holbeck and New Wortley, 1844-78, by E. A. Elton. 316
A Yorkshire music critic (Herbert Thompson) in Germany and Austria in 1889, by P. S. Morrish. 333
Obituary: His Honour Judge Allister Lonsdale (1926-1977). 348
Index. 349


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