The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-


IX. Miscellanea [iii]. 1899.


A Leeds law-suit in the 16th century. By Edmund Wilson. 1
Duchy of Lancaster depositions, 2 Elizabeth, no. 12. [Transcripts, relating to the above.] 5
Asolf or Essolf, a Yorkshire minor lord of the twelfth century. By Richard Holmes. 23
Adam Fitz Peter, of Birkin: the charter-history of a long life. By Richard Holmes. 56
Ordination of the south chapel in Birkin church. By Richard Holmes. 62
Abstract of the Leeds manor rolls, 1650-1662, probably made at the time for the steward's use, and annotated by him. By G. D. Lumb. 63
Testamenta Leodiensia. [a.d. 1514-31.] By G. D. Lumb. 81, 161, 246
The Roman milestone found at Castleford. By F. Haver-field. 97
Musters in Skyrack wapentake, 1539. Pts. 2 and 3. By W. P. Baildon. 99, 299
Notes on Ralph Thoresby's pedigree. By A. S. Ellis. 112
Lay subsidy, wapentake of Skyrack, 30 June and 20 October 1545. 126
Lay subsidy, wapentake of Skyrack, 12 February 1545/6. 153
Survey of the river Aire from Leeds to Weeland. [Naming owners of land along the river, 1699.] 193
wo old plans of Leeds. By Edmund Wilson. 196
The Leeds mace, made by Arthur Mangey, 1694; and clipping tools supposed to have been used by Mangey. By E. Kitson Clark. 205
Trial at York for counterfeiting, of Mr, Arthur Mangy, of Leeds, 1 August 1696. Annotated by C. M. Atkinson. 207
Bramhope. By W. T. Lancaster. 228
Observations out of the mannour booke of Leeds. By G. D. Lumb. 278
Lay subsidies, wapentakes of Aggbrigg and Morley, anno 1545 311

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