The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-


MISCELLANY VOLUME IV. Miscellanea [ii]. 1895


Testamenta Leodiensia. [a.d. 1496-1524.] By W. Brigg. 1, 139
Return of the hearth-tax . . . Skyrack, a.d. 1672. Pt. 2. By J. Stansfeld. 17
Possessions of Kirkstall abbey in Leeds. By W. T. Lancaster. 37
Charters relating to possessions of Kirkstall abbey in Allerton. By F. R. Kitson and others. 42, 81
Pampocalia. By N. Bodington. 60
Chartae Leodinenses; with notes on the Reame family and the Leeds chantries of the B.V.M. By Thomas Marshall. 65
Note on a Roman altar in the museum of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society. By N. Bodington. 79
Armour. By W. Kerr Smith. 117
A brawl in Kirkgate, 13 Edw. II. By E. K. Clark. 125
Some notes on the early history of Arthington. By W. T. Lancaster. 148
The Pawson inventory and pedigree. By C. B. Nordiffe. 163
The foundation of Kirkstall Abbey. By E. K. Clark. 169
Paulinus de Leeds. By Richard Holmes. 209
Extracts from the Leeds Intelligencer, 1754-8. By Charles S. Rooke. 226
Musters in Skyrack wapentake, 1539. By W. P. Baildon. 245
Adel. By W. T. Lancaster. 261


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