The Thoresby Society Publications 1891-


MISCELLANY VOLUME II. Miscellanea [i]. 1891


A rent-roll of Kirkstall Abbey. By John Stansfeld. 1
Leeds borough subsidy, 39th Elizabeth, 1596-7. By James Rusby. 22
Hunter's "Church notes": St Peter's, Leeds; St John's, Leeds. By James Rusby. 26
Miscellaneous genealogical notes. By James Rusby. 36
Local worthies and genealogy. By J. W. Morkill. [Pedigrees etc. of Falshaw of Leeds, Smeaton of Austhorpe Lodge, and Graveley of Halton.] 51
The Ellis family, and description of their manor hall at Kiddal, parish of Barwick-in-Elmet. By G. W. Waddington. 55
Subsidy roll of the wapentake of Skyrack, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1621. By John Stansfeld. 62
Subsidy roll of the wapentake of Skyrack . . ., 1627. By John Stansfeld. 74
Two subsidy rolls of Skyrack, temp. Edw. III. By John Stansfeld. 85
Testamenta, Leodiensia. Extracted from the probate registry at York by William Brigg. 98, 205
Seals of the corporate bodies of Halifax. By John Stansfeld. in Notes on the wapentake of Skyrack. By J. W. Morkill. 115
Collections made in the parish church of Whitkirk, Yorkshire, 1661-1679. By Geo. Moreton Platt. 142
Probate of Ralph Thoresby's will. [Transcripts by J. Rawlinson Ford.] 140
A Thoresby manuscript. 152
Thoresby's addenda and corrigenda to the Vicaria Leodiensis. 178
Return of the hearth-tax for the wapentake of Skyrack, a.d. 1672. By John Stansfeld. 180
The manor and park of Roundhay. By John W. Morkill. 215


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