These brief biographical sketches are part of a series published monthly in the magazine ‘North Leeds Life’, from 2009 onwards, under the general title ‘They lived in Leeds’, by Eveleigh Bradford, a former librarian of the Society. The subjects are an eclectic mix of fairly well-known and lesser known figures from Leeds’s past. New names will be added as the series continues.

Airey Sir Edwin 1878-1955 Building Contractor, Entrepreneur and Inventor
Allbutt Sir Thomas Clifford 1836-1925 Physician and Scholar
Appleyard John Wormald 1831-1894 Stonemason and Sculptor
Armistead Wilson 1819–1868 Anti-Slavery Campaigner and Writer
Arthington Robert 1823-1900 The Millionaire Miser
Aspdin Joseph 1778-1855 Inventor of Portland Cement
Austin Alfred 1835-1913 Poet Laureate, Political Journalist, Critic
Baines Edward (Junior) 1800-1890 Press Baron, Politician, Educationist
Baker Robert 1803-1880 Surgeon, Campaigner for the Poor
Barran John 1821-1905 Pioneer Industrialist and Leeds Benefactor
Barrett Wilson 1846-1904 Actor, Theatre Manager, Playwright
Bedford James Edward 1856-1925 Chemist and Lord Mayor
Bell Florence 1913-2000 Pioneering Scientist and unsung heroine of DNA
Benson Ivy 1913-1993 And her All Girls Band
Bodington Nathan 1848-1911 Scholar and University Administrator
Bogg Edmund 1851-1931 Writer, Countryman, Rambler, Bohemian 
Bowen Owen(Samuel) 1873-1967 Artist
Boyle Humphrey Bellamy 1794-1864 Freethinker and Activist for Reform
Boyne William 1814-1893 Collector, Writer, Antiquarian
Bragg William Henry 1862-1942 Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Bray George 1841-1905 Inventor and Business Tycoon
Brett Arthur and Charlie Fish and Chips - Headingley
Brooke Benjamin 1793-1851 Village Schoolmaster and Overseer of the Poor
Brooks Owen 1863-1947 Pioneer Photographer, Founder Cottage Road Cinema
Brown Jane Elizabeth 1847-1921 Founder of the Victoria Home, Headingley
Buckton Catherine Mary 1826-1904 Campaigner and Writer
Butterworth William 1769-1834 Engraver, Writer, Artist and Slave Ship Sailor
Carr Henry Marvell 1894-1970 War Artist and Portrait Painter
Clapham Tommy 1817-1895 Showman and Entrepreneur (Revised version)
Clark Hannah 1779-1861 Landlady of the 'Original Oak' Inn
Cohen Leonora 1873-1978 JP, OBE, Militant Suffragette
Cooke Alf 1842-1902 The Queen's printer
Corson George 1829-1910 Architect
Craven Green Eliza 1803-1866 Poet, Writer, Actress
Dalwood Hubert 1924-1976 Sculptor
Dyson John 1845-1916 Watchmaker and Jeweller
Eddison Annie 1841-1905 Pioneering Campaigner for Women's Education
England Thomas 1797-1877 Corn Factor - and his Castle
Fairbairn (Sir) Peter 1799-1861 Engineer
Fox Samson 1838-1903 Inventor, Industrialist, Benefactor
Fulford Frank Harris 1868-1943 Businessman, Musician, Patron of the Arts
Gott Benjamin 1762-1840 Merchant, Indusrialist, Patron of the Arts
Grimshaw Atkinson 1836-1893 Artist
Groocock Edward (Junior) 1797-1877 Grocer (Headingley)
Harvey Thomas 1812-1884 Anti-Slavery Campaigner and Philanthropist
Hawkshaw Sir John 1811-1891 Civil Engineer
Hayward George 1797-1854 Road Surveyor - Lord Cardigan's Yorkshire Steward
Hayward George (Jonas) Whitaker 1839-1870 Explorer and Geographer
Heaton Ellen 1816-1894 Art Collector, Patron, and Benefactor
Hepworth Joseph 1834-1911 From Mill Boy to Lord Mayor
Hey William FRS 1736-1819 ‘The Father of Leeds Surgery’
Hole James 1820-1895 Writer and Activist for Social Reform
Husler Ann 1803-1874 Quarry owner and stone merchant, Weetwood
Ibbetson Julius Caesar 1759-1817 Artist
Inchbold John William 1830-1888 Painter and Poet
Jackson George Holbrook 1874-1948 Journalist, Writer and Publisher
Jenkinson Charles 1887-1949 Priest, Socialist, Housing Reformer
Kennedy  Geoffrey Anketell Studdert 1883-1929 Woodbine Willie' - Priest, Poet, Preacher
Kennedy  Thomas Stuart 1841-1894 Engineer, Mountaineer, Music Lover
Kidson Frank 1855-1926 Folksong Collector and Antiquarian, Artist and Writer
Kitson Robert Hawthorn 1873-1947 Artist, Patron, Exile
Kitson James 1807-1885 Pioneering Engineer and Industrialist - A Model of Self-Help
Kitson Clark Ina (nee Georgina Bidder) 1864-1954 Campaigner, Activist, Artist
Kramer Jacob 1892-1962 Artist
Le Prince Louis Aime Augustin 1841-1890 Artist, Inventor, Film Pioneer
Leather John Wignall 1810-1887 Civil Engineer
Lorand Professor Laszlo 1923-2018 Biochemist
Lubelski David 1849-1903 Clothing Manufacturer and Campaigner
Lupton Francis Martineau 1848-1921 Businessman and Housing Reformer
Marsden Henry Rowland 1823-1876 Industrialist, Inventor, Philanthropist – ‘The Poor Man’s Friend’
Marshall James Garth 1802-1873 Industrialist, politician, reformer, landowner
Marshall John  1765-1845 A Pioneer Millocrat
Marshall Jane (Nee Pollard)  1770-1847 Lifelong friend of Dorothy Wordsworth
May Philip William (Phil) 1864-1903 Artist in black-and-white, Caricaturist, Humorist
Moynihan Berkeley George Andrew 1865-1936 Surgeon
Neilson Lilian Adelaide 1848-1880 One of the Greatest Actresses of her Time
North John Thomas (Colonel) 1842-1896 Millionaire Adventurer - Donor of Kirkstall Abbey
Oastler Richard 1789-1861 Radical activist and campaigner - 'The Factory King'
Oates Frank 1840-1875 Traveller and Naturalist
Oates Lawrence Grace 1880-1912 Soldier and Antarctic Explorer
Osburn William 1793-1875 Merchant, Egyptologist, Writer
Pechey-Phipson Mary Edith 1845-1908 Pioneering Doctor and Campaigner
Powolny (Ernst) Adolf 1839-1915 Chef and Restaurateur
Ramsden Edward Archibald 1835-1916 Musical Entrepreneur
Ransome Arthur Mitchell 1884-1967 Author, War Correspondent, Journalist - and Secret Agent
Ratcliffe Dorothy Una 1887-1967 Writer, Poet, Traveller, Collector
Reid Thomas Wemyss 1842-1905 Journalist, Biographer, Novelist
Robins Percy Donald (Don) 1899-1948 Priest with a mission
Roebuck William Denison 1851-1919 Naturalist, Collector, Writer
Ryder Sue (Margaret Susan) 1924-2000 Baroness Ryder of Warsaw, Lady Cheshire - Humanitarian and Aid worker
Sadler Michael Ernest 1861-1943 University Vice-Chancellor, Educationist, Art Collector
Scarr Archibold Witham 1827-1904 From Barrow-boy to Mayor of Leeds
Schofield Snowden 1870-1949 Founder of an Iconic Leeds Business
Schwanfelder Charles Henry 1774-1837 Artist
Scott Will (William Matthew) 1893-1964 Caricaturist, author and playwright
Smeaton John, FRS 1724-1792 ‘The Father of Civil Engineering’
Smiles Samuel 1812-1904 Surgeon, Journalist, Reformer, Writer
Smith Samuel 1862-1927 Tanner and  Brewer
Spark Frederick Robert 1831-1919 Journalist and first Secretary of the Leeds Musical Festivals
Stewart Agnes Logan 1820-1886 Sister of Mercy
Stiles Allen Lilian 1890-1982 Concert Soprano and Teacher
Teasdale Washington 1830-1903 Civil Engineer, Pioneering Photographer and Astronomer
Thackrah Charles Turner 1795-1833 Doctor, Researcher, Reformer
Tolkien John Ronald Reuel 1892-1973 Writer, Poet, Scholar, Philologist
Tomasso Vincenzo Luigi 1862-1944 Musician and barrel-organ maker
Vesta Victoria Victoria Lawrence 1873-1951 'Queen of the Music Hall'
Watson Joseph 1836-1922 'Soapy Joe'
Watson Victor Hugo 1878-1943 Master printer – the man behind John Waddingtons
Wilson Lucy 1834-1891 Campaigner for Women's Rights and Civil Liberties
Wilson Benjamin 1721-1788 Artist and Scientist
Winn Rowland 1871-1959 An Early Motor-car Enthusiast
Wooler Geoffrey 1911-2010 Pioneering Heart Surgeon


Headingley People

Articles by Janet Douglas, published in North Leeds Life in the period 2007-2009. Eve took over the series in 2009 so more Headingley people can be found in the upper list.

Alamayu   1861-1879 Prince of Abyssinia
Baines Sir Edward 1800-1890  
Beckett Lucy 1864-1891  
Harding Thomas
Col. T. Walter
Hope Shaw John 1792-1864  
Leigh Blanche Legat 1870-1945 Cookery Books
Lupton Elinor 1886-1979  
Pickersgill Joseph 1849-1920 Bookmaker to the Prince of Wales
Stiles-Allen Lilian 1890-1982  
Sutcliffe Frank Meadow 1853-1941 the Whitby Photographer


More Leeds People

This section contains short biographies contributed by various members of the Thoresby Society for our website. The name of the author is given at the end of each biography.

Airey John Robinson 1868-1937 Mathematician and Educationalist
Ramsden Jean Mary neé Batley 1926-2012 A Pioneer in Cemetery Management