These brief biographical sketches are part of a series published monthly in the magazine ‘North Leeds Life’, from 2009 onwards, under the general title ‘They lived in Leeds’, by Eveleigh Bradford, a former librarian of the Society. The subjects are an eclectic mix of fairly well-known and lesser known figures from Leeds’s past. New names will be added as the series continues.

Airey Sir Edwin 1878-1955 Building Contractor, Entrepreneur and Inventor
Allbutt Sir Thomas Clifford 1836-1925 Physician and Scholar
Appleyard John Wormald 1831-1894 Stonemason and Sculptor
Armistead Wilson 1819–1868 Anti-Slavery Campaigner and Writer
Arthington Robert 1823-1900 The Millionaire Miser
Aspdin Joseph 1778-1855 Inventor of Portland Cement
Austin Alfred 1835-1913 Poet Laureate, Political Journalist, Critic
Baines Edward (Junior) 1800-1890 Press Baron, Politician, Educationist
Baker Robert 1803-1880 Surgeon, Campaigner for the Poor
Barran John 1821-1905 Pioneer Industrialist and Leeds Benefactor
Barrett Wilson 1846-1904 Actor, Theatre Manager, Playwright
Bedford James Edward 1856-1925 Chemist and Lord Mayor
Bell Florence 1913-2000 Pioneering Scientist and unsung heroine of DNA
Benson Ivy 1913-1993 And her All Girls Band
Bodington Nathan 1848-1911 Scholar and University Administrator
Bogg Edmund 1851-1931 Writer, Countryman, Rambler, Bohemian 
Boyle Humphrey Bellamy 1794-1864 Freethinker and Activist for Reform
Boyne William 1814-1893 Collector, Writer, Antiquarian
Bragg William Henry 1862-1942 Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Bray George 1841-1905 Inventor and Business Tycoon
Brett Arthur and Charlie Fish and Chips - Headingley
Brooke Benjamin 1793-1851 Village Schoolmaster and Overseer of the Poor
Brooks Owen 1863-1947 Pioneer Photographer, Founder Cottage Road Cinema
Brown Jane Elizabeth 1847-1921 Founder of the Victoria Home, Headingley
Buckton Catherine Mary 1826-1904 Campaigner and Writer
Butterworth William 1769-1834 Engraver, Writer, Artist and Slave Ship Sailor
Carr Henry Marvell 1894-1970 War Artist and Portrait Painter
Clapham Tommy 1817-1895 Showman and Entrepreneur (Revised version)
Clark Hannah 1779-1861 Landlady of the 'Original Oak' Inn
Cohen Leonora 1873-1978 JP, OBE, Militant Suffragette
Cooke Alf 1842-1902 The Queen's printer
Craven Green Eliza 1803-1866 Poet, Writer, Actress
Dalwood Hubert 1924-1976 Sculptor
Dyson John 1845-1916 Watchmaker and Jeweller
Eddison Annie 1841-1905 Pioneering Campaigner for Women's Education
England Thomas 1797-1877 Corn Factor - and his Castle
Fairbairn (Sir) Peter 1799-1861 Engineer
Fox Samson 1838-1903 Inventor, Industrialist, Benefactor
Fulford Frank Harris 1868-1943 Businessman, Musician, Patron of the Arts
Gott Benjamin 1762-1840 Merchant, Indusrialist, Patron of the Arts
Grimshaw Atkinson 1836-1893 Artist
Groocock Edward (Junior) 1797-1877 Grocer (Headingley)
Harvey Thomas 1812-1884 Anti-Slavery Campaigner and Philanthropist
Hawkshaw Sir John 1811-1891 Civil Engineer
Hayward George 1797-1854 Road Surveyor - Lord Cardigan's Yorkshire Steward
Hayward George (Jonas) Whitaker 1839-1870 Explorer and Geographer
Heaton Ellen 1816-1894 Art Collector, Patron, and Benefactor
Hepworth Joseph 1834-1911 From Mill Boy to Lord Mayor
Hey William FRS 1736-1819 ‘The Father of Leeds Surgery’
Hole James 1820-1895 Writer and Activist for Social Reform
Husler Ann 1803-1874 Quarry owner and stone merchant, Weetwood
Ibbetson Julius Caesar 1759-1817 Artist
Inchbold John William 1830-1888 Painter and Poet
Jackson George Holbrook 1874-1948 Journalist, Writer and Publisher
Jenkinson Charles 1887-1949 Priest, Socialist, Housing Reformer
Kennedy  Geoffrey Anketell Studdert 1883-1929 Woodbine Willie' - Priest, Poet, Preacher
Kennedy  Thomas Stuart 1841-1894 Engineer, Mountaineer, Music Lover
Kidson Frank 1855-1926 Folksong Collector and Antiquarian, Artist and Writer
Kitson Robert Hawthorn 1873-1947 Artist, Patron, Exile
Kitson James 1807-1885 Pioneering Engineer and Industrialist - A Model of Self-Help
Kitson Clark Ina (nee Georgina Bidder) 1864-1954 Campaigner, Activist, Artist
Kramer Jacob 1892-1962 Artist
Le Prince Louis Aime Augustin 1841-1890 Artist, Inventor, Film Pioneer
Leather John Wignall 1810-1887 Civil Engineer
Lorand Professor Laszlo 1923-2018 Biochemist
Lubelski David 1849-1903 Clothing Manufacturer and Campaigner
Lupton Francis Martineau 1848-1921 Businessman and Housing Reformer
Marsden Henry Rowland 1823-1876 Industrialist, Inventor, Philanthropist – ‘The Poor Man’s Friend’
Marshall James Garth 1802-1873 Industrialist, politician, reformer, landowner
Marshall John  1765-1845 A Pioneer Millocrat
Marshall Jane (Nee Pollard)  1770-1847 Lifelong friend of Dorothy Wordsworth
May Philip William (Phil) 1864-1903 Artist in black-and-white, Caricaturist, Humorist
Moynihan Berkeley George Andrew 1865-1936 Surgeon
Neilson Lilian Adelaide 1848-1880 One of the Greatest Actresses of her Time
North John Thomas (Colonel) 1842-1896 Millionaire Adventurer - Donor of Kirkstall Abbey
Oastler Richard 1789-1861 Radical activist and campaigner - 'The Factory King'
Oates Frank 1840-1875 Traveller and Naturalist
Oates Lawrence Grace 1880-1912 Soldier and Antarctic Explorer
Osburn William 1793-1875 Merchant, Egyptologist, Writer
Pechey-Phipson Mary Edith 1845-1908 Pioneering Doctor and Campaigner
Powolny (Ernst) Adolf 1839-1915 Chef and Restaurateur
Ramsden Edward Archibald 1835-1916 Musical Entrepreneur
Ransome Arthur Mitchell 1884-1967 Author, War Correspondent, Journalist - and Secret Agent
Ratcliffe Dorothy Una 1887-1967 Writer, Poet, Traveller, Collector
Reid Thomas Wemyss 1842-1905 Journalist, Biographer, Novelist
Robins Percy Donald (Don) 1899-1948 Priest with a mission
Roebuck William Denison 1851-1919 Naturalist, Collector, Writer
Ryder Sue (Margaret Susan) 1924-2000 Baroness Ryder of Warsaw, Lady Cheshire - Humanitarian and Aid worker
Sadler Michael Ernest 1861-1943 University Vice-Chancellor, Educationist, Art Collector
Scarr Archibold Witham 1827-1904 From Barrow-boy to Mayor of Leeds
Schofield Snowden 1870-1949 Founder of an Iconic Leeds Business
Schwanfelder Charles Henry 1774-1837 Artist
Scott Will (William Matthew) 1893-1964 Caricaturist, author and playwright
Smeaton John, FRS 1724-1792 ‘The Father of Civil Engineering’
Smiles Samuel 1812-1904 Surgeon, Journalist, Reformer, Writer
Smith Samuel 1862-1927 Tanner and  Brewer
Spark Frederick Robert 1831-1919 Journalist and first Secretary of the Leeds Musical Festivals
Stewart Agnes Logan 1820-1886 Sister of Mercy
Stiles Allen Lilian 1890-1982 Concert Soprano and Teacher
Teasdale Washington 1830-1903 Civil Engineer, Pioneering Photographer and Astronomer
Thackrah Charles Turner 1795-1833 Doctor, Researcher, Reformer
Tolkien John Ronald Reuel 1892-1973 Writer, Poet, Scholar, Philologist
Tomasso Vincenzo Luigi 1862-1944 Musician and barrel-organ maker
Vesta Victoria Victoria Lawrence 1873-1951 'Queen of the Music Hall'
Watson Joseph 1836-1922 'Soapy Joe'
Watson Victor Hugo 1878-1943 Master printer – the man behind John Waddingtons
Wilson Lucy 1834-1891 Campaigner for Women's Rights and Civil Liberties
Wilson Benjamin 1721-1788 Artist and Scientist
Winn Rowland 1871-1959 An Early Motor-car Enthusiast
Wooler Geoffrey 1911-2010 Pioneering Heart Surgeon


Headingley People

Articles by Janet Douglas, published in North Leeds Life in the period 2007-2009. Eve took over the series in 2009 so more Headingley people can be found in the upper list.

Alamayu   1861-1879 Prince of Abyssinia
Baines Sir Edward 1800-1890  
Beckett Lucy 1864-1891  
Harding Thomas
Col. T. Walter
Hope Shaw John 1792-1864  
Leigh Blanche Legat 1870-1945 Cookery Books
Lupton Elinor 1886-1979  
Pickersgill Joseph 1849-1920 Bookmaker to the Prince of Wales
Stiles-Allen Lilian 1890-1982  
Sutcliffe Frank Meadow 1853-1941 the Whitby Photographer