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Sales Particulars


S1809 Woodhouse Lane, Great Woodhouse, Hunslet, Boar Lane, White Horse Yard, Fenton Street, Briggate (2 copies) Richard Lee, Thomas Lee, John Kemplay (tenant) (Photocopy) 38 x 25
S1820a St Peter’s Hill Richard Oastler Henry Teal 42 x 31
S1820b Larchfield, Hunslet Lane: house, warehouses, scribbling mill etc Joseph Hemingway No Plan
S1821 Little Woodhouse Hunslet Messrs Coupland JM Atkinson and George Thackray (tenants) and John Good (tenant) Jonathan Taylor 41 x 26 41 x 26
S1828 New Town of Leeds (90 lots of building land) John Holmes No Plan
S1829 New Grange Estate Headingley (Wade) Thomas Benyon (occupant) 48.5 x 39
S1830 Sheepscar Estate inc. Sheepscar Mill and one ninth part of Manor of Leeds Hursts Robinson & Co. Robert Capper v Spottiswood etc (Chancery case) S D Martin 36.5 x 25.5
S1836 Armley Hall Estate, including land at Little Woodhouse John Nutting and Mary & Edward Hebdin 41 x 26
S1839 Hunslet Lane Estate John Brooke, Thomas Davison T Newsam 49 x 38
S1840a Black Bank and Burmantofts John and William Garland (Conditions only) No Plan
S1840b Poplar Grove, Woodhouse Lane (2 copies) (Prospectus)
S1843 Hunslet John Pearson (Conditions only) No Plan
S1844 Steander Estate (amended and annotated) John Everard Upton (Conditions and Memo. of Purchase only) No Plan
S1845 Leeds and Potternewton (35 lots of building land) Henry Teal 60 x 50
S1849 Stourton Lodge Estate Rothwell Charles Charnock (Subscription) No Plan
S1850 Fallowfield Terrace (between Carr Pl. and Elmwood House) (Subscription) No Plan
S1860a Bramley Hill Estate Miss Holmes Newson & Son 98 x 68
S1860b Potternewton Hall Estate (Reginald Terrace, Sholebrook Gdns) Henry Belward Ray Henry and Edward Barker Newson & Son 89 x 63.5
S1867a Stanningley and Farsley Stanningley Estate John William Hainsworth (2 plans) 52 x 42 34 x 20
S1867b Manston Collieries (Beeston Park Bed) including Austhorpe Hall and land at Seacroft and Killingbeck Edward Waud and B. Atkinson Richard Gouthwaite 82 x 43.5
S1868 Boar Lane Improvements (3rd Sale) Boar Lane and West Bar Martin & Fenwick 75 x 56
S1869a Roundhay: Mansion (Grove House) and land Joshua Burton 87 x 68.5
S1869b Briggate, North St., Vicar Lane, Skinner Lane, High St, Zion St, Chapel Allerton & Rothwell Robinson v Hardwick (Chancery case) No Plan
S1870a 1. Chapel Allerton Hall 2. Estates in Shadwell, including Shadwell Grange 3. Land in Shadwell, Barwick in Elmet and Seacroft 4. Land in Roundhay including North Hill and Asket Hill William Nicholson Eddison (1) 68.5 x 52.5
(2) 89 x 58
(3) 51.5 x 42

(4) 76 x 56
(5) (Ref. Plan) 66 x 56
S1870b Holly Bank Estate (1) Chapel Allerton and Shadwell, inc. Grange House and Holly Bank
(2) Shadwell, inc. Bay Horse Inn
Richard Gouthwaite (1) 76 x 56
(2) 42 x 25
S1870c Roundhay (villa sites) Joshua Burton Thomas Ambler 69 x 50
S1871a Roundhay Park Estate, including Mansion Nicholson J. Eddison 76 x 56 + 2 views and 2 internal plans
S1871b Quarry Hill – 19 Carver St. 19 Waterloo Pl. Burmantofts Broadbent v Williams (Chancery case) No Plan
S1873a Richmond Hill and Pottery Fields including the Sussex Tavern (2 copies) Wm. Croysdale Bell & Thornton 101 x 68
S1873b New Leeds North St and Louis St (building sites) Wm. Sheepshanks J. Smallpage 76 x 55
S1873c Bridge End, Briggate, Swinegate Borough of Leeds Improvements: 13th Sale Martin & Fenwick 96 x 60
S1874 (1) Woodhouse Lane
(2) N and S ends of Leeds Bridge (inc. Pitfall Mill)
(3) Market St and Call Lane
Borough of Leeds Improvements (14th Sale) Alfred W. Morant (1) 50 x 41.5
(2) 80 x 41.5
(3) 50 x 41.5
S1874b 8 plots on Meadow Lane (formerly Trafalgar Mills) south of Trafalgar Row Trafalgar Mills Hepper & Sons 50x38
S1875a Grantham Arms Inn and property in Dyer St (Lots 1-4) John Dufton 50 x 37
S1875b Sites in Kirkgate, Harper St and York St (Extension of Market) Leeds Improvements (17th Sale) A W Morant 88 x 55
S1876 Headingley: Shaw Lane/Monkbridge Road George Vevers Wilson & Bailey 107 x 73
S1877 Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Joseph Eamonson TS Cundy & Son (1)Index Map: 41.5 x 27
(2) Barwick in Elmet: 77 x 66
(3) Scholes: 66 x 50
S1878a Estate in Briggate and Trinity St, Sherwood’s Yard, Claremont Place and Saville St (inc.Index Plan and 2nd copy of part (Sherwood’s Yard) Thomas Hardwick James Fox & Sons 64 x 51
S1878b Kirkgate, York St., Harper St, Moxon’s Yard Leeds Corporation Improvements (21st Sale) A W Morant 101 x 68.5
S1878c Gledhow Hall Estate Wm Jagger Cooper James B Fraser 88 x 70
S1879 (1) Hunslet Road, Hunslet Lane, Dock St, Salem Place (inc. Index Plan)
(2) Call Lane/Leeds Bridge
(3) Marsh Lane, East St, Maude St, The Calls
(4) Pinfold Lane Armley
Leeds Corporation Improvements (22nd Sale) A W Morant (1) 96 x 62
(2) 63 x 48.5
(3) 67 x 51
(4) 51 x 24
S1880 Clayton Wood Estate Cookridge, inc. Headingley Bleach Works and Quarries Joseph Bower Fox & Sons 100 x 69
S1881 (1) Leeds Bridge End and Call Lane
(2) Swinegate, Mill Hill, Button’s Yard
Leeds Corporation Improvements (25th Sale) A W Morant (1) 72 x 56
(2) 101 x 66
S1882a South Side of Duncan St, inc. Star and Garter Hotel (inc. Index Map) Leeds Corporation Improvements (29th Sale) Thomas Hewson 74 x 46
S1882b Estate at Burmantofts: Azalea Place, Agnes St, Marsh Lane, Long Close Lane, Accommodation Rd, Pontefract Lane, and at Garforth John Jackson No Plan
S1884 Building sites, Hunslet Moor Leeds Corporation Surplus Lands (33rd Sale): (Conditions of Sale only) No Plan
S1885 Headingley Horticultural Gardens Estate adjoining Woodhouse Moor (Royal Park) Thomas Clapham Robert Cadman J M Porter 75 x 50
S1886a Property in Hunslet – Hunslet Hall Rd, Galway Grove/Terrace/Place/St William Newsome T H Brewerton 77 x 57
S1886b Estates (1) in Briggate and Lands Lane, inc. Rose & Crown Hotel, and Morley’s Temperance Hotel (two plans)
(2) Wade Lane and Merrion St
Edward Howarth Newsam & Gott (1) 93 x 59 and 93 x 59

(2)97 x 66
S1887a Estates in Armley and Wortley, Hunslet, Pudsey and Barwick-in-Elmet: (!) Hill Top, Armley (land)
(2) Armley and Wortley
(3) Hill Top, Armley (cottages)
(4) Armley Town St.
(5) Whingate, Armley
(6) West Street, Leeds
(7) Hunslet, Moor Crescent Rd
(8) Pudsey, St Lawrence Cricket Ground
Benjamin Wainman Trustees J. Charles & Son (1) 61 x 50
(2) 60 x 50
(3) 81 x 58
(4) 45 x 41
(5) 73 x 54
(6) 45 x 41
(7) 48 x 41
(8) 78 x 68

S1887b Estates near Town Hall, Park Row, Albion St (1) Park Street, Oxford Row, Leeds Rifles Depot
(2) Albion St, Park Row
(3) Lyddon House Estate, Cromer Terrace
Fowler & Son (1) 51 x 41

(2) 50 x 42
(3) 51 x 42
S1888a Cardigan Estates, Headingley-cum-Burley (annotated copy) (1) Lots 1-16 (Burley)
(2) Lots 17 and 17a (Headingley - Cricket/Rugby Ground)
(3) Lots 18-24 (Headingley village)
(4) Lots 25-30 (Wood Lane, Batty Wood etc)
(5) Lots 31-39 (Moor Grange etc)
Countess of Cardigan Chinnock, Galsworthy & Chinnock (1) 81 x 95
(2) 56 x 48
(3) 36 x 53
(4) 67 x 43
(5) 88 x 77
S1888b Cardigan Estates, Kirkstall, Horsforth and Hawksworth Woods. Lots 40-69 Countess of Cardigan Chinnock, Galsworthy & Chinnock 93 x 64
S1888c Cardigan Estates, Kirkstall Abbey and Abbey House Countess of Cardigan Chinnock, Galsworthy & Chinnock 64 x 85
S1888d Cardigan Estates, Farnley, Drighlington and Gildersome (copy annotated + newscuttings) (1) Farnley, Lots 74-109
(2) Farnley, Lots 110-112
(3) Gildersome, Lots 113-115
Countess of Cardigan Chinnock, Galsworthy & Chinnock (1) 78 x 130
(2) 64 x 49
(3) 45 x 55
S1888e Cardigan Estates, Bramley and Newlay (+ 2 newscuttings) (1) Bramley, Lots 116-141
(2) Bramley, Lots 142-156
(3) Newlay, Horsforth, Lots 159-160
Countess of Cardigan Chinnock, Galsworthy & Chinnock (1) 69 x 89
(2) 56 x 76
(3) 58 x 100
S1888f Cardigan Estates, Headingley, Burley, Kirkstall and Bramley, (chief rents and ground rents) Kirkstall, Lot 161 Countess of Cardigan Chinnock, Galsworthy & Chinnock 57 x 88
S1888g Headingley House Estate John Marshall, James Garth Marshall Hepper & Sons 70 x 100
S1888h Headingley, North Lane Woodhouse, Woodhouse Cliff, Clarendon Road Armley, Hall Lane, Ramsay Terrace Wortley, Silver Royd Hill No Plan
S1888i Lincroft House Estate, Bramley William Barker Smith & Tweedale 80 x 58
S1888j Leeds Ironworks, Hunslet Samuel T. Cooper Smith Gotthardt & Co 90 x 58
S1889a Leeds, York Bridge Corn Mill Estate, Duke Street and York Street Joseph Dickinson Thorp Edward J. Dodgshun 76 x 62
S1889b Leeds, Grand Restaurant and Warehouse, and premises adjoining Boar Lane (1) Grand Restaurant floor plans
(2) Block Plan (+Key Plan in text)
C S Nelson (1) 66 x 50
(2) 27 x 46
S1890a Moortown, Lidgett Lane and Street Lane – Bentcliffe Park Estate Richard Crossley W H Scriven 88 x 58
S1890b Headingley, Weetwood Lane (1) 3 Lots
(2) 13 Lots
Thomas Simpson Newsam & Gott (1) 92 x 75
(2) 92 x 75
S1890c Lowerhead Row, Leeds – Old Malt Mill Yard, North Passage, Camden Court William Lauries Jackson Thomas Winn 51 x 76
S1890d Property in/near Marsh Lane, Dunn’s Yard, Off St, Pontefract Lane, Shakespeare St. (1) (3 plans on one sheet) Lots 1-4, Lots 5-6, Lot 9
(2) Lots 7-8
Catherine Crosland Swale & Mitchell (1) 55 x 66

(2) 55 x 66
S1890e Spencer Place, Cowper Place, Gathorne Terrace, New Leeds Mary Clarke Hepper & Sons 53 x 53
S1890f Ivy House Estate (part), near East End Park Leeds Corporation Sale of Surplus Lands (37th Sale) J Hewson 81 x 57
S1890g Guardian Home Estate, St James St, Cankerwell Lane Leeds Guardian Society Trustees Hepper & Sons 76 x 51
S1890h Shops, workshops, houses in Wade Lane Leeds and 4 cottages in St John’s Court No Plan
S1890i House, Crawford St and Camp Road, Leeds Mrs Mary Rhodes No Plan
S1890j Houses in Cobourg St, Queen’s Place, George St, back George St William Dawson No Plan
S1890k Mount View, Headingley lane, Grosvenor Road Simon Spenceley John Wood (Trustee) No Plan
S1890l Eppendorf House Estate, Headingley Lane, Victoria Rd, Cardigan Rd Henry Ludolf (Trustees) No Plan
S1890m Chapel Allerton, Moor Road, Ivy Lodge and Holly Lodge William Henry Read No Plan
S1891a Carr Crofts Steam Mills Armley James Hartley (Trustees) Newsam & Gott 95 x 66
S1891b Weetwood Hill Estate Far Headingley John Bowling John Richardson Newsam & Gott 74 x 51
S1891c Sandfield House, Monkridge Rd, Headingley Benjamin Berry Smith & Tweedale 26 x 42
S1891d Carr Mills Estate (pt), Meanwood Rd and Buslingthorpe Lane B. Wainman (Executors) C H Thornton 67 x 54
S1892a The Coliseum, Oriel Hall, shops and offices, Cookridge St, Leeds John Pickering Swale & Mitchell 44 x 44 (Interior) 89 x 45 (Location)
S1892b Austhorpe Lodge Estate, Whitkirk Joshua Wilkinson (dec’d) (Smeaton family) Newsam & Gott 60 x 40
S1893 Farm adjoining Roundhay Park, property in Chapel Allerton, Shadwell, and Holly Bank Estate (part), and 2 houses in Oakfield Terrace, Headingley R Robinson Ambler & Bowman 43 x 41
S1894a Roundhay, Oakwood Estate- mansion and villas/land in Oakwood Ave and Oakwood Lane Hudson Kirk & Sons 76 x 56
S1894b Rosehurst Estate, Grosvenor Rd, Headingley T B Cumpston (dec’d) Trustee Hepper & Sons 53 x 44
S1895a Wade Lane, Merrion St, and St John’s Place Richard Kemplay (start of title) Hepper & Sons 24 x 28
S1895b ‘Summer Hill’, Monkbridge Rd, Headingley William Hodgson Hepper & Sons 23 x 28
S1895c Meanwood Road, Speedwell St, Chancellor St, Leeds: shops and houses and the Speedwell Chemical Works Richard Bailes Richard Wood 62 x 51
S1895d Warehouses in King Street, Leeds; and building land in Headingley, Brudenell Rd, Ave., St., Mount Nicholson v Hattersley Benjamin Hewling Hepper & Sons 57 x 45
S1895e Central Market Hotel and shop sites in Duncan St, New Market St and Central Road Leeds Corporation, 41st Sale of Surplus lands Hepper & Sons 74 x 54
S1895f Newton Lodge, Potternewton Charles Naylor (dec’d) John Hartley Blackburn and Joshua Bramham (Trustees) Hepper & Sons 51 x 32
S1895g Glebe Land at Collingham, nr Wetherby (17 lots including ‘Beck House’) Vicar of Chapel Allerton Martin & Fenwick 83 x 64
S1895h 38 Spencer Place, New Leeds 5 and 6 Ladywood Villas Roundhay 46-54 Chapel Lane Headingley ‘St Agnes’ and ‘St Hilda’s, Shaw lane Headingley John Routh (dec’d) No Plan
S1895i Ladywell House, Roundhay John Routh (dec’d) Occ. Prince Adolphus of Teck No Plan
S1896a Houses in Town Street, Beeston Samuel Wood (dec’d) William Watson 56 x 40
S1896b Gledhow House Estate, Chapel Allerton John Goodman, Benjamin Goodman 37 x 44
S1896c Willow Terrace Rd, Driffield Place, Fenton St, New Camp Rd, Grant Ave.Roundhay, Mabgate, Hunslet Moor, Victoria Ave., York Rd. Leeds Corporation 42nd Sale of Surplus Property Hepper & Sons 60 x 42 (1) 51 x 42 (2,3,4) 55 x 42
(5) 66 x 63
S1896d Kirkstall Road: Alexandra Foundry; and shops, houses, cottages, Wortley Street, Wellington Terrace, Darlington Street. Oliver & Appleton 30 x 49
S1896e Estate in Briggate: Wood Street, Boot and Shoe Yard, , Fleet Street, Boy and Barrel Yard, Blakewell Ox Yard, including Boot and Shoe Inn and Boy and Barrel Inn Willett (from OS Map) 81 x 57
S1896f East Parade, Portland Crescent and Woodhouse Cliff John Hastings Atkinson Elizabeth Read 22 x 28 (3 plans)
S1897a The Three Legs of Man Inn and the Malt Shovel Inn, Lowerhead Row; the Nag’s Head Inn and White Horse Beerhouse, Vicar Lane; and shops and offices John Harrison’s Charity Hepper & Sons 75 x 60
S1897b The Ivy House Estate, Victoria Avenue, off York Road, Leeds Leeds Corporation 43rd Sale of Surplus Property Hepper & Sons 68 x 65
S1897c Park Row, City Square, North Street, Park Lane, Burley Street, Burmantofts Street, Quarry Hill, Meadow Lane, Hunslet Lane, and Beeston Road Leeds Corporation 44th Sale of Surplus Property 12 Plans – various sizes – inc. district plan
S1897d Building Estate, Kirkstall Road Wm. Fawcett Hollis & Webb 100 x 64
S1897e Roundhay Mount Estate, West Avenue, Park Avenue, Roundhay T R Jessop Hepper & Sons 58 x 54
S1898a North St, Vicar Lane, Park Lane, Camp Road, Meadow Lane, Marsh Lane, Beeston Road; including sites for 3 proposed inns: the Crown Inn, New Inn, Black Swan Inn Leeds Corporation 45th Sale of Surplus Property 11 Plans (various sizes, including district plan) + 3 Plans for new inns
S1898b Gipton: the Gipton Wood Inn, Roundhay Road, with 15 adjoining cottages and land. Shears v Mann Hollis & Webb 26 x 41
S1898c Woodhouse Lane and Wade Street, shops and houses Hodgson Alfred Smith Walter Cass Smith Hepper & Sons 44 x 29
S1898d Kirkgate: Golden Cock Hotel and shops etc, Fish Street, Bewley’s Yard Robert Bewley (Trustees) W S Braithwaite 28 x 41
S1898e Briggate and Trinity Street, Hardwick’s Yard, Nelson’s Yrad, Bull and Bell Yard: shops, warehouses etc Henry Nelson, James Henry Nelson, Herbert Nelson Hepper & Sons 65 x 48
S1898f Hunslet and Rothwell Haigh: (1) Property in Glasshouse Streeet, Hunslet
(2) Carlton House, Rothwell Haigh
(3) Armitage House, and cottages, Carrmoorside, Hunslet
(4) cottages in High Street, Upper Cornhill and Shear Street, Hunslet
George Carter (1 and 2) 67 x 55

(3 and 4) 60 x 55

S1899a ‘Terrace House’, Chapeltown Road, Louis Street. Joshua Garsed Heaps (dec’d) Hepper & Sons 41 x 36
S1899b Corner site, Portland Crescent with Great George Street John C Kirk Hollis & Webb 33 x 29 (district plan)
S1899c Butts Court and Green Dragon Yard, off Guildford Street Brown, Carson & Co. Ltd Hollis & Webb 26 x 34 (district plan)
S1899d Woodhouse Lodge Estate, Woodhouse Lane Thomas Heaps (dec’d) John Hepper 40 x 48
S1899e Kirkstall Road, Burley Road, Adelphi Street, shops and cottages W H Beevers 41 x 51
S1899f Shaw Lane, Headingley: Wesley Terrace and Balmoral Terrace H H and F Riley-Smith Hollis & Webb 59 x 49
S1899g Bramley, Green Hill House and Farmstead, cottages and land, Henconner Lane and Green Hill Road (2 copies, one annotated and with plan) Abraham Farrar Newsam & Gott 69 x 50
S1899h Ivy House Estate, nr East End Park, off York Road (annotated, with newscutting) Leeds Corporation 46th Sale of Surplus Property 66 x 61
S1899i Jack Lane, Beeston Road, Dewsbury Road, Meadow Lane, Hunslet Lane, Bishopgate Street, Park Lane, Camp Road, Vicar Lane, Mabgate (with newscutting) Leeds Corporation 47th Sale Hepper & Sons 12 Plans (varying sizes) inc District Plan
S1899j Cookridge Tower Estate (in MS Box XVI, 2) Alfred W Sykes Hollis & Webb (1) 33 x 43 (cut into two)
(2) 20 x 43
S1899k Moor House, Moor Road, Headingley (in MS Box XVI, 2) Miss Ellen Tetley Oliver & Appleton 36 x 51
S1899l Iveson House and Ireland Wood Estates, Headingley and Cookridge, including Cookridge Grange. (in MS Box XVI, 2) Joseph Gill Hollis & Webb 21 x 28
S1900a Manor House Estate, Headingley, Richmond Road/Avenue, Headingley Lane, Victoria Road (in MS Box XVI, 2) Anthony Titley Charles Stott Newsam & Gott 75 x 50
S1900b Business property in Aire Street Thomas Brooke (dec’d) Trustees Hepper & Sons 45 x 62
S1900c St James’s Square, St James’s Place, Portland Crescent, Crossfield Street, St Mark’s Street: shops and houses James Watson (dec’d) James Armitage (Trustee) Hollis & Webb (1) 63 x 51
(2) 33 x 50
S1900d 41 Park Square Thos. Scattergood Hepper & Sons 49 x 28
S1900e Land in North Street, Meadow Lane, Meadow Road, Marsh Lane Leeds Corporation 48th Sale of Surplus Land Hepper & Sons 5 Plans, inc District Plan
S1900f Elmete Hall Estate Kitson family Newsam & Gott 49 x 73
S1901a 32 Springfield Mount, Mount Preston Street Edward Walker (dec’d) Oliver & Appleton 32 x 26
S1901b New Lane and New Lane Place (Meadow Lane/Victoria Road; houses (Husthorpe Hall), cottages and land Crompton and Evans Union Bank Ltd Hollis & Webb 38 x 28
S1901c Headingley: ‘Dunearn’ and ‘The Old Farm’, Wood Lane/Shire Oak Road (with photos and internal plans) In MS Box XVI,2 George Corson Hepper & Sons 78 x 62 (in separate envelope)
S1901d ‘The Mount’, Harrogate Road, Chapeltown John Blakey (Trustees) Hollis & Webb 38 x 31
S1901e St Mary’s Mount, Clarendon Road Charles Edward Bousfield Hollis & Webb 36 x 28
S1901a Shadwell Grange Estate Elizabeth Shaw (Trustees) Hollis & Webb 35 x 49
S1901b Cliff Lodge Estate, Cliff Road Frances Mary Smee Hollis & Webb 28 x 40
S1902 (1-6)North St, Lady Lane & Harewood St (7) Bishopgate St (8-18) Meadow Rd & Dewsbury Rd (19-35) Hunslet: Jack Lane, Waterloo Rd & Askern St (36) Anchor Rd, Ashbourne Terr., Joseph St (37-43) Cross Myrtle St, Ebony St, Ivory St, Thorn St (44-46) East St, King St, Bow St, Zion St, at the “Bank” Leeds Corporation 49th Sale of surplus Lands Hepper & Sons Overall district plan 12” : 1 mile 73x50 (1-6) 41.5x34 (7) 37.5x31.5 (8-12) 41x31 (13-18) 41x31 (19-35) 38.5x36 (36) 36x32 (37-43) 50x37 (44-46) 54x41
S1903a 32 Park Square (consulting rooms and private hospital) T R Jessop (dec’d) H Edmondson 71 x 62
S1903b Sites in Albion Place, North Street, Meadow Lane, St Mark’s Road, Chapeltown Road, Dewsbury Road, St John’s Avenue, Beeston Hill, and Town Street, Beeston (annotated copy + newscutting) Leeds Corporation 51st Sale of Surplus Lands Hepper & Sons 9 Plans + District Plan
S1904a Potternewton: Newton Green Hall Estate; ‘Laurel Bank’ and business premises, Leighton Place Wm Pepper (dec’d) Perkin & Bulmer (1) 31 x 56
(2) 24 x 32 + 2 floor plans of Newton Green Hall 24 x 32
S1904b Properties in City Square and Wellington Street; Briggate and Duncan Street; New Briggate and North Street; Woodhouse Lane; Kelsall Street and Wade Lane; Camp Road and Meanwood Street; Hyde Park Corner; and Beeston Road (+ newscutting) Leeds Corporation 52nd Sale of Surplus Lands Hepper & Sons 8 Plans inc. District Plan
S1905a St Paul’s Vicarage, Park Square Trustees of the Leeds Churches Act 1901 Hollis & Webb 35 x 53 Floor Plan 40 x 34
S1905b Properties in Little Queen Street; Camp Field; Sweet Street; Waterloo Road; Wheeler Street; York Street; Marsh Lane Leeds Corporation 54th Sale of Surplus Lands and Properties 7 Plans inc District Plan
S1905c Knowsthorpe, Knowsthorpe New Hall G H Leather & Son 34 x 39
S1905d Properties in: (1) York Road, Pontefract Lane and Keeton Street
(2) Pontefract Street, Long Close Lane
(3) Bank Top Mill Estate, Richmond Road, Mill Street and Flax Place
(4)Providence Leather Works, Cross Stamford Street
(5)Lady Lane, Harewood Street
(6) New Briggate, North Street and Merrion Place (part of Leeds Old Dispensary)
(7)Harrison Street
(8)Blackman Lane and Blenheim Place
(9) New Camp Road
(10) Balm Walk, Low Balm Yard
(11) Gain Walk, Pinder Street
(12) Stocks Hill, Holbeck
(13) Elland Road, West Place
(14) Beeston Road, Kiln Street, and Naylor’s Place
(15) Folly Lane, Coupland Terr.
(16) Canal Road, Armley
(17) Cross Lane, Farnley
(18)Waterloo Road
(19) Jack Lane, Askern Street
(20) Low Road, Organ Yard, Hunslet
(21) Carlton Row, Bowling Green Terrace
(22) Dewsbury Road
(23) Meadow lane
(+ newscutting)
Leeds Corporation 55th Sale of Surplus Lands Hepper & Sons 24 Plans inc District Plan
S1905e Farnley, Lawns House Estate, inc Lawns Farm Albert Henry Pawson Hepper & Sons 36 x 51
S1905f Oldfield Lane and Upper Wortley Road, Wortley Ingham F W Rhodes (1) 41 x 54
(2) 56 x 70
(3) 36 x 66
S1905g (1&2) Infirmary St, Bond St, Bond Place, (3-7) Duncan St (8) Woodhouse Lane, Kelsall St (9) Hyde Park Corner (10) Carr Lane off Reuben St (11)Meanwood Rd (12&13) Woodhouse St (14&15) Blackman Lane, Blenheim Place, Ella St (16) Meadow Lane & Lee’s Yard (17&18) Armley: Stocks Hill , Mistress Lane (19) Town St Chapel Allerton Leeds Corporation 53rd Sale of surplus Lands Hepper & Sons Overall district plan 113x86 (1&2) 71x53 (3-7) 86.5x51 (8) 35x30 (9) 35x30 (10) 35x30 (11) 36x29.5 (12) 36x30 (13) 36x29.5 (14-15) 46x29 (16) 40.5x29 (17&18) 45x29 (19) 40x35.5
S1907a Woodhouse Lane; Lady Lane; Swinegate; Blenheim Place; St John’s Avenue; York Street; Richmond Street; Low Road, Hunslet; Stock’s Hill, Holbeck; Dewsbury Road; Meadow Lane; Wade Lane; Harewood Street; Blackman Lane; St Mark’s Road; St Philip’s Street; Marsh Lane; East Street; Waterloo Road, Hunslet; Gain Walk, Holbeck; Cross Myrtle Street, Holbeck; Stoney Rock Lane. (2 copies + newscutting)) Leeds Corporation 56th Sale of Surplus Properties Hepper & Sons 20 Plans inc District Plan
S1907 Hazlewood Estate, including Hazlewood Castle Vavasour Thurgood & Martin 68 x 85
S1908 Woodlands Estate, Headingley William Boyne, Hewitson Family Watson & Scott (1) 47 x 20
(2) 61 x 39
(3) 66 x 49 (scheme for development)
S1909 Hunslet and Holbeck; Bramley; Kirkgate; Marsh Lane and York Street; Cross Stamford Street and Skinner Lane; Gledhow Road and Arundel St; Woodhouse Lane and Wade Lane; Swinegate, Sovereign Street and Bridge End; Lady Lane; East Street; Dewsbury Road; Meadow Lane; Burmantofts Leeds Corporation 57th Sale of Surplus Properties Hepper & Sons 20 Plans inc District Plan
S1910a Hunslet Road (White Lion Inn); Water lane; Chapeltown Road; Bridge St and Trafalgar St;North St, York Road; Albion Place; Park Lane; Burmantofts; Lady Lane and Harewood Street; Swinegate and Bridge End;Woodhouse Lane and Wade Lane; St Mark’s Road, Woodhouse; Kirkgate; Marsh Lane; York Street; Cross Stamford Street; Gledhow Road; East Street; Lower Town Street and Hough Lane, Bramley; Beeston Road; Dewsbury Road; Jack Lane, Low Road and Joseph Street, Hunslet Leeds Corporation 58th Sale of Surplus Property Hepper & Sons 29 Plans inc. District Plan
S1910b Birstall, Grove Mills Estate, Smithies W H Beevers 74 x 56
S1910c Midland Junction Foundry Estate, Water Lane John Gordon (Receiver) Hepper & Sons 46 x 38
S1910d St Peter’s Wesleyan Chapel Estate, St Peter’s Street, Leeds Trustees of St Peter’s Chapel Hepper & Sons 45 x 28
S1911a ‘Parcmont’, Park Avenue, Roundhay W T Crampton Thos. Ambler & Son 54 x 40 +floor plan 55 x 40
S1911b Roundhay Grange, inc the villa ‘Eastfield’, land and cottages James Cecil Sykes John Rawlinson Ford Hepper & Sons 38 x 39
S1911c Denison Hall Estate, Hanover Square Edmund Wilson Leeds Permanent Benefit Building Society (mortgagees) Hepper & Sons 45 x 66
S1912a Bramley, Hough End: The Grange, Bridge House, Bridge Terrace, Quarry View Terrace, Springfield Terrace, and Springfield House, with part of the Tannery Estate William Haste (start of title) Fleming & Co. (Bermondsey) Ltd V Stanley Walker 60 x 62
S1912b Bramley, Ashfield House Estate, Broad Lane Mary-Ann Young J P Kay 42 x 53
S1912c 15 Blenheim Terrace Mrs Crawford (dec’d) Edward William Dawson and John Cecil Atkinson, Trustees No Plan
S1912d Buslingthorpe, the Springwell Leather Works Estate, Buslingthorpe Lane John Richard Flitch J J Flitch & Son Hepper & Sons 47 x 33
S1912e Far Headingley, Weetwood Mount, Otley Road, West Park Robert Hudson (dec’d) Trustees Oliver Appleton & Kitchen 37 x 49
S1913a Property in Dial Street, Chelmsford Street, Aylesford Place and Aylesford Street; Easy Grove and Easy Road; Monkbridge Road, Headingley; Derby Street and Leicester Street; Landseer Terrace, Victoria Park Avenue and Rainville Road, Bramley (Absolute Reversion) No Plan
S1913b Manor House Estate, Stonegate Road, Moortown Edward Crowther Hepper & Sons 50 x 48
S1913c Carr Manor Estate, Meanwood Thomas Clifford Allbutt Hollis & Webb 37 x 49 + photos
S1914a Belle Vue Estate, Long Causeway, Adel Richard Humble Hepper & Sons 40 x 39
S1914b Southlands, Harrogate Road and King Lane, Moor Allerton J. R. Flitch Hepper & Sons 60 x 42
S1914c Briggate and Lowerhead Row, 20 shops, workshops and cottages and wine vaults ‘The Vine’ Rev. Henry Ramsden Bramley Hepper & Sons 60 x 48
S1914d Dog and Gun Estate, York Road Rev Dr Bickersteth, Vicar of Leeds; Charitable Uses Committee; Mrs Jessie Ashton George W Atkinson (1) Lot 1 Enlargement 56 x 53
(2) 62 x 45
S1915 Shops, 22 and 24 New Briggate Louis, Morris and Emmanuel Wolfe Hindle Son & Lewis 20 x 33
S1916a Cookridge Street, Park Lane, Alexander Street Goodall & Suddick Ltd Hepper & Sons (1) Index Plan 20 x 33
(2) 46 x 58
S1916b Cookridge Street, Great George Street, Rossington Street Fred. R. Spark Hepper & Sons 25 x 39
S1917a Stanningley and Farsley, Bradford Road - Stanningley Hall, Wood Nook Farm, cottages etc. Varley family Hepper & Sons (1) 25 x 52
(2) 28 x 36
S1917b Potterton Hall Estate, Barwick-in-Elmet and Thorner, inc. Kiddal Hall, Fox and Grapes Inn, farms etc Rev Bathurst George Wilkinson John Farrer & Co 54 x 51
S1918 Hunslet, Larchfield Mills Estate V. Stanley Walker 54 x 57
S1919a Chapel Allerton, Allerton House, Rose Mount, Jessamine Villa, and Stainbeck Cottage (+ newscutting) Thomas George Mylchreest Hepper & Sons 51 x 71
S1919b The Cookridge Estate, Adel, Arthington and Bramhope, including Cookridge Hall, 14 farms and 9 smallholdings, land etc. (+ 2nd partial copy, with plans, unbound and 2 newscuttings) Wormald family H E Foster & Cranfield 17 Plans, inc Index Plan
S1919c Chapel Allerton, Allerton Hall Estate, inc Dyneley House, the Beeches, Clough House and Moor Farm. Lord Allerton Newsam & Gott 45 x 58
S1920a Gledhow Hall Estate (+ newscutting) Kitson - Lord Airedale Newsam & Gott 76 x 100 With photos
S1920b Oakwood, Roundhay: Oakwood House, Oakwood Lane; Tregullow, Oakwood Grove; land and Roundhay Post Office Henry Hudson Carby Hall & Dawson 75 x 59
S1920c Barwick-in-Elmet Glebe Estate (annotated + newscutting) Rector of Barwick-in-Elmet Newsam & Gott (1) Village 28 x 31
(2) 46 x 55
S1920d Meanwood Towers, Stonegate Road, Meanwood In MS Box XVI,2 William Dewhirst Cliff Hepper & Sons 31 x 46 + photos
S1920e Royal Exchange Buildings, Boar Lane, Park Row and City Square Royal Exchange Company, Leeds, Ltd Oliver, Appleton & Kitchen 63 x 71 + Index Plan
S1921 Maryland House, Grosvenor Road, Headingley In MSBox XVI,2 Francis Lane No Plan
S1922a Briggate and Trinity Street, Turk’s Head Yard: inc Whitelock’s Luncheon Bar (+ newscutting) William Green (dec’d) Hepper & Sons 63 x 41
S1922b Allerton House, Chapel Allerton Hepper & Sons 51 x 64
S1923a West Street, Grace Street, and Somers Street – shops, warehouses and cottages Oliver Appleton & Kitchen 25 x 34
S1923b Park Lane, Grace Street and Somers Street Oliver Appleton & Kitchen 26 x 33
S1923c The Sterling Engineering Works, Shafton Lane and Ingram Road, Holbeck (2 Copies) Firth & Russell Oliver Appleton & Kitchen 26 x 41
S1923d The South Market, Meadow Lane (+ newscutting) Alexander Murray McQuat Hepper & Sons 101 x 75
S1924a Shops, 157 and 158 Briggate Hepper & Sons 27 x 38
S1924b The Lodge, Adel (with newscutting) Dr John Edwin Eddison Newsam & Gott 29 x 35
S1924c Woodlands Estate, Roundhay Road, Gledhow Lane James Cooper Newsam & Gott 26 x 33
S1925a Shops, workrooms etc in Guildford Street and Butts Court John Holt (dec’d) (1) 56 x 38
(2) 42 x 36 (key plan)
S1926a The Grange, Adel Not specified but known to be the Ford family Hepper & Sons 18 x 24
S1926b 42, 43 and 44 Briggate, including the Imperial Hotel, 12-15 George & Dragon Yard, and 29 and 32 Trinity Street (with newscutting) Samuel Hyam Oliver Appleton & Kitchen (1) 46 x 48 (key plan)
(2) 41 x 34
S1926c Thornton’s Buildings, Upperhead Row and Lands Lane (+ newscutting) John Wales Hirst and Robert Addyman Hirst Hepper & Sons 39 x 52
S1927 Sheepscar Dyeworks Estate Stephen Todd Holroyd G.W.Atkinson (1) 26 x 41 (key)
(2) 78 x 49 (site)
S1929 The Farnley Estate (annotated copy) Farnley Iron Company Ltd V Stanley Walker Five Plans – (1) 32 x 43
(2) 83 x 97
(3) 58 x 49
(4) 50 x 57
(5) 57 x 33
S1931a ‘Eller Close’, North Lane, Roundhay Matthew Kitchin Hollis & Webb 25 x 33
S1931b Seacroft Hall Estate (sections) including Seacroft Hall, Seacroft Lodge, the Lion and Lamb Inn, the Cricketers’ Arms, Old Manston House, houses, cottages and land Darcy Bruce Wilson Newsam & Gott (1) 84 x 55
(2) 55 x 85
S1933a ‘Arncliffe’, Shire Oak Road, Headingley – Particulars and catalogue of contents James E. Bedford (dec’d) No Plan
S1933b Property at Bramhope, including Greenfield Cottage, Park Farm and East Chevin Farm (annotated copy with newscutting and pencil plan) Emily Fawcett (dec’d) V Stanley Walker Four Plans: (1) 26 x 23
(2) 28 x 22
(3) 25 x 25
(4) 70 x 54
S1948 The Copgrove Estate, between Knaresborough, Ripon, Harrogate and York, including Witheron House Wilfred Appleyard Thornton & Linley (1) Key Plan 34 x 29
(2) 27 x 25
(3) 33 x 31
(4) 30 x 42
(5) 27 x 22
S1949 The Grand Arcade (New Briggate and Vicar Lane) (+ newscutting) V Stanley Walker & Son (1) 50 x 45 (Key Plan)
(2) 27 x 42 (Site Plan)
S1950a The Grange, Whitkirk Hollis & Webb 25 x 36
S1950b Clough House, Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton No Plan
S1950c Harewood Estate (sections), at East Keswick, Kearby, Spofforth, Sicklinghall, Follifoot, Kirkby Overblow, Little Ribston, Nun Monkton, Harrogate, Pannal, Rigton, Weeton, Dunkeswick, Adel, Pontefract. Earl of Harewood (Lascelles) Hollis & Webb 7 Plans: (1) 31 x 48 (Key)
(2) 52 x 81
(3) 46 x 37
(4) 84 x 60
(5) 31 x 47
(6) 86 x 46
(7) 45 x 35
S1954a Headingley, ‘Holly Dene’, Otley Road No Plan
S1954b ‘Ivy House’, Selby Road, Whitkirk No Plan
S1954c ‘Stonegates’, Stonegate Road, Leeds 7. Philip Allison No Plan
S1954d Scarcroft Manor Jackson-Stops & Staff 21 x 16
S1954e The Manor House, Whitkirk ( + letter) Gertrude Bray Hollis & Webb 25 x 38
S1955 The Hawksworth Hall, Guiseley Edgar Lawson Gaunt Hollis & Webb 61 x 38
2 copies
Properties and land at Middleton, Belle Isle and Hunslet Carr: including Sharp House Farm; Manor Farm; Stank Hall Farm; Lockwood Farm; Ebor House and Farm; Middleton Hall; houses in Town Street, Middleton, etc Middleton Fireclay Co (Liquidators) Hollis & Webb (1) 54 x 57
(2) 101 x 76
2 copies
Properties and land at Middleton, Belle Isle, Hunslet Carr and Hunslet Middleton Fireclay Co (Liquidators) Hollis & Webb 66 x 96
S1989 Adel Mill, Eccup Lane (Redevelopment brochure) Location and Site Plans
(2) 21 x 30
S2018 Spinning Acres brochure for a private housing development for rental. Old buildings renovated plus appartment blocks Far Headingley (LS6) between Otley Road, Shaw Lane and Moor Road Pickard Properties 31x23 25x23
SNd Victoria House, 145 Headrow Internal Plan


1853 Flax & Tow Machinery, linen power looms (Castleton Mills, Armley) Wheatley Kirk, Manchester

1853 Furniture, oil paintings, library, stained windows etc. at Boyne House, Headingley (William Boyne) Messrs. Hardwick

1883 Leeds Pottery, Porcelain, etc. Hollis & Webb (2 copies)

1884 Old Porcelain and Pottery Edward Bond JP, Burley House Hepper & Sons

1887 Contents of residence : 2 Woodhouse Square, FW Hird deceased, (Prof. of Music) Hepper & Sons

1888 Music & Musical Works (late James Broughton) Hollis & Webb, Leeds

1893 Library (late Joseph Turner of Leeds) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, London (2 copies, both priced) 1894 Silver, Old China, Curios, Coins… ‘a Clergyman’ Hollis & Webb

1895 Old Silver, Pictures, Wines… ( Bertie Markland, Harrogate, deceased) (Thomas Markland, 23 Brunswick Place, Leeds, deceased) Hepper & Sons, Renton & Renton of Harrogate

1895 Choice Old Silver, China, Coins,… (JW Read of 3 Woodhouse Cliff Deceased, & Mrs. Read) Hepper & Sons 1895 Manuscripts & Autograph Letters (late Thomas Phillipps) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge

1896 Library (late Duke of Leeds, of Gog-Magog Hills,Cambs) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, London

1896 Pictures, engravings, wine silver, books (late Benjamin Goodman) Hepper & Sons, Leeds

1896 Coins and Medals (first portion) (late Wm Boyne) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge 1896 ditto (second portion) ditto ditto

1896 Library (late Sir John Arthur Brooke, Fenay Hall, Huddersfield) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, London 1897 Pottery & Porcelain (Dr.Coleman JP moving from Armley Lodge to Wyther Lodge) Hepper & Sons

1897 Grand Pianoforte and Library of Music (Dr. Spark, Town Hall organist, deceased) Oliver & Appleton 1898 Library (late John Stansfeld) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, London 1906 Books…prints…stamps (George Bell deceased) Hutton, Son & Horrox

1906 Antiquarian, Artistic and Literary Property (JH Wurtzburg JP, Ben Rhydding, deceased) Hepper & Sons

1908 Library (late John Gott) Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, London

1909 Valuable Contents of Denison Hall (Colonel Wilson) Hepper & Sons

1909 2000 volumes of Books (Library of Colonel Wilson, from Denison Hall) Hepper & Sons (2 copies) 1909 Library (removed from 15 Cavendish Road by order of Mrs Alfred Broughton) Hollis and Webb, Leeds

1910 Furnishings, paintings, silver, library, cellar, firearms, linen, etc. (late Arthur Greenwood, of Greenholme, Burley in Wharfedale) Hepper & Sons (+ encl) Leeds

1910 Library (Robert Hovenden) Patrick & Simpson, London

1911 Contents of Grove House, Harrogate (late Samson Fox) Knight, Frank & Rutley

1911 Library of Books (re Saml Margerison, Grey Gables, Calverley, deceased) Hepper & Sons

1914 Collection of Antique Property (Edward Beecroft, 6 Willow Grove Road, Leeds,, deceased) Hollis & Webb

1914 Collection of Antique Property (china, glass, silver, plate, books, prints, oak) (late Edward Beecroft, 6 Willow Grove Road) Hollis & Webb

1915 [Newton Hill, 210 Chapeltown Road, Miss EM Roche – MISSING?]

1922 Contents of Temple Newsam – furniture, pictures etc. Robinson,Fisher & Harding

1924 Books (late CG Milnes Gaskell, Thornes House, Wakefield) Hodgson & Co London

1925 Contents of Residence – furniture, china, glass, piano, brougham (Miss Rosa March, Beech Grove House, Leeds) Hepper & Sons 1932 Contents of a Residence – furniture, books, china… (Lakeland Whinkup Deceased) Hollis & Webb (2 copies)

1950 Leeds Pottery, Porcelain etc…..Old Glass, Hollis & Webb (2 copies)

1956 Trade fixtures, fittings, stock, utensils (Brunswick Hotel, Oak Road, New Wortley, Leeds 12) Hepper & Sons

1963 Bean Ing Mills, Worsted, ReCombing, Spinning & Manufacturing Plant & Effects, + 9 photographs

2010 Yorkshire Books & Maps, Dominic Winter Book Auctions, South Cerney, Glos.

n.d. Catalogue of 3,800 named and dated American Silhouette Portraits by August Edouard (1789 – 1861) [encl: coin catalogue, 1924]

n.d. Books ‘In a great measure referring to the County of York’, Thos.Brayshaw Solicitors, Settle, Yorkshire

n.d. Books & manuscripts (Earl of Mexborough, deceased) no auction house named