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Box Folder   Item Description Related Dates Size / Dimensions Form Names
1Civic  1Leeds City Council Annual Meeting11/05/198121.0 x 29.5AgendaCllr P. Crotty, Cllr E. Atkinson (mayor)
1Civic  2Leeds City Council Annual Meeting11/05/198121.0 x 29.6Programme 
1Civic 3Lord Mayor's luncheon menu11/05/198111.3 x 22.7Menu 
1Civic4Invitation to Opening of the new wards for female patients at Killingbeck Sanatorium09/07/193620.6 x 13.7Programme 
1Civic5Invitation to Opening of the new wards for female patients at Killingbeck Sanatorium09/07/193615.5 x 11.0Ticket 
1Civic6Official opening of Thoracic Surgical Unit at Killingbeck Hospital19/10/196114.0 x 21.4Ticket 
1Civic6Official opening of Thoracic Surgical Unit at Killingbeck Hospital19/10/1961 Newscutting 
1Civic7To Mr. Henry Holroyd – Full Dress SoireeMusicale on the occasion of the first assizes in Leeds27/07/186415.8 x 10.4Invitation CardThe Mayor & Mrs Hussey,  Mr. Henry Holroyd
1Civic8Victory Celebrations Roundhay Park Tickets 35 & 3608/06/1946 Tickets 
1Civic9Summer Heritage Festival15 – 29/6/199121.0 x 15.0    
1Civic9Summer Heritage Festival letter from Simon Lindley16 – 29/6/1991 LetterSimon Lindley
1Civic10Leeds Centenary Local History Fair LTH31/07/199321.0 x 14.9Advertising Material 
1Civic11Education Service War Memorial Unveiling Leeds Town Hall23/10/192213.7 x 21.1Programme 
1Civic12Leeds Luncheon Club Golden Jubilee Meeting Civic Hall11/03/196312.5 x 20.3Menu 
1Civic12Leeds Luncheon Club Golden Jubilee Meeting Civic Hall11/03/1963 Newscutting 
1Civic13Leeds Waterworks Leighton Reservoir Cutting of first sod14/07/190823.0 x 15.4 Programme 
1Civic13Leeds Waterworks Leighton Reservoir Cutting of first sod Dinner at King's Head Hotel, Masham15/07/190811.5 x'18 Menu 
1Civic14Receipt – Leeds General Cemetary, £13 4s 6d for vault no. 1018714/7/185022.7 x 9.7ReceiptJohn Hardisty registrar, to Mr J Smith
1Civic15Conferment of Honorary Freedom of the City of Leeds on the Right Hon. Stanley Baldwin & Earl of Oxford & Asquith13/03/192512.9 x 17.8 Conferment of the Hon. Freedom of the City of Leeds 
1Civic16Conferment of the Hon. Freedom of the City of Leeds(& Hon. Degree of Doctor of Law*) on Earl Beatty 18/10/192213.0 x 18.0Conferment of the Hon. Freedom of the City of Leeds Tickets x4 marked ‘Sample’ & x2 not marked Also envelope addressed to G.D.Lumb, Esq. 
1Civic17Conferment of the Hon. Freedom of the City of Leeds(& Hon. Degree of Doctor of Law*) on David Lloyd George 21/10/192213.0 x 20.6Conferment of the Hon. Freedom of the City of Leeds & tickets  x6 
1Civic18City of Leeds Tercenentary Official Daily Programme00/07/1926 Programme 
1Civic19City of Leeds Tercenentary Provisional Programme00/07/1926 Programme 
1Civic20City of Leeds Tercenentary Programme of Historical Pageant00/07/1926 Programme 
1Civic21City of Leeds Tercenentary Complete programme of Music00/07/1926 Programme 
1Civic22Admission Ticket Opening of Town Hall (Lady's Ticket No 209)7/9/185812.4 x 9.0TicketQueen Victoria
1Civic23Programme Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales 01/06/1923all in wallet 14.0 x 22.0ProgrammeHRH The Prince of Wales
1Civic23Tickets: Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales: Town Hall Steps, Town Hall (Council Members only), Town Hall (orchestra), Town Hall gallery (x2), Town Hall (ground floor), General Infirmary at Leeds01/06/1923all in wallet 14.0 x 22.0TicketsHRH The Prince of Wales
1Civic23Letter: Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales00/05/1923all in wallet 14.0 x 22.0LetterHRH The Prince of Wales
1Civic23Leaflet: Visit of HRH The Prince of Wales re. closing of the streets01/06/1923all in wallet 14.0 x 22.0LeafletHRH The Prince of Wales
1Civic24Leaflet: City Tour01/05/195536 x 19Leaflet 
1Civic25Presentation and Unveiling of Cabinet to the memory of Joseph Aspdin at Town Hall06/09/192421 x 26LeafletJoseph Aspdin
1Civic26Mass Meeting of Protest in Town Hall. Houses to be swept away without compensation20/03/193414 x 8.5Ticket 
1Civic27Post Office Notice: Inclusion of District Numbers in Address of Letters00/11/193212 x 19Leaflet 
1Civic28Leaflet: Exhibition of Drawings from the Albertina, Vienna at Leeds Art Gallery5/6/1948 to 26/6/194814 x 21.5Leaflet 
1Civic29Leeds Hospital Management Committee: Dinner in honour of Alexander Hogarth Wilson on his retirement00/10/196212.5 x 20CardAlexander Hogarth Wilson
1Civic30Leeds Community Safety Strategy Booklet (with associated leaflets)00/4/199621 x 30Booklet 
1Civic31Christmas Greetings from Lord Mayor with photo of Black Prince Statue, City Square00/12/200730 x 21 CardCllr Brian Cleasby and Mrs. Jocelyn Cleasby
1Civic32Card giving biographical details of Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress 2007-20082007-200830 x 21 CardCllr Brian Cleasby and Mrs. Jocelyn Cleasby
1Civic33Armley and Wortley Ward, 1891, Poem: 'Tit for Tat or The Carpenter and His Saw'05/03/190510 x 26LeafletThe gift of Geo. Verity 1971
1Civic34Poem: 'T'Battle ov T'Leed's Loiners fer a seeat et Taan Cancil'no date15 x 40Leaflet 
1Civic35An Impression of the Yorkshire City of Leeds : Guide to Exhibition of Photographs by Peter Mitchell at the City Art Gallery26/03/1975 to 03/5/1975 15 x 21LeafletPeter Mitchell
1Civic36Armorial Bearings of Leeds Corporation: Leafletno date10 x 16Leaflet 
1Civic37Programme of Reception at Leeds Town Hall14/04/189610 x 14ProgrammeWilliam Lawies Jackson and Mrs. Jackson (Mayor and Mayoress
1Civic38Thoresby Society Cards22/09/19158 x 10Cards 
1Civic39Public Notice : Intended Removal of Human Remains from Friends' Burial Ground17/02/19679 x 21Newscutting from Yorkshire Post 
1Civic40Leeds Civic Society: Notice of Meeting17/07/191819.5 x 25.5Leaflet 
1Charities1Leeds Annuitant Society - Notice of AGM 182400/11/182420 x 13Leaflet 
1Charities2Horbury Common Lands Trust: Balance Sheet 1920 and Balance Sheet 192431/12/1920 and 31/12/192432 x 20.5Leaflet 
1Education1Leeds Girls' High School: Election of Council Ballot Paper 187917/03/187941 x 26Ballot Paper 
1Education2Leeds Girls' High School: Speech Day Invitation 198012/11/190815 x 10CardMiss. R. Monahan
1Education3Lawnswood School Calendar 198709/06/190530 x 42CalendarPupils in 3rd and 4th Forms of Hudson House
1Education4Rawden School: Committee Report 184331/12/184225.5 x 41.5Report and AccountsWilliam Simpson
1Education5Leeds Central High School: Prospectus 18894/11/188921 x 26Prospectus 
1Education6Leeds Grammar School: Opening of New Buildings 190513/7.190526 x 19Leaflet: Order of ProceedingsSir A.W. Rucker
1Education7Temple Moor High School: Student Link Card, National History Club Card, Parent-Teacher Association Card 1973-4; 1976-78.5 x 14CardsW. Brown, David Stevens
1Education8Crossgates Middle School: Christmas Draw Ticket29/11/197512 x 8Ticket 
1Education9St. James School, Manston: Programme for Joseph and his Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat9-11/5/198915 x 21ProgrammeI. Anderson
1Education10St.James School, Manston: Two Histories  of the School 10/06/190515 x 21BookletErnest Smelt and Ann Wilson
1Education11Trafalgar Street Academy: Register of Merit7/5/186424 x 15.5Spread SheetMr. Darby. The gift of A.M. Ellison
1Education12Leeds Church Middle Class School: Speech Day and Prize Distribution 190617/12/190619.5 x 27Programme 
1Education13Leeds School Board Election Poster 1888 (Bramley Polling District02/03/190522 x 28.5PosterRev. S.W. Cope
1Education14Leeds Mechanics' Institute  Annual Report 1856  6/10/185622 x 28.5LeafletJohn Taylor and James Hole
1Education15Park Lane College: Visit by Secretary of Education and Science 197103/11/197115 x 21ProgrammeMargaret Thatcher
1Education16Yorkshire College Students' Association Card1883-188415 x 12.5Card 
1Education17N.U.T. Card: Teachers' Salaries01/04/19787.5 x 12Card 
1Education18Notice of Removal of F. H. Balls School to the Back of East Parade17/1/no year11 x 8CardF. H. Balls
1Education19Mrs. Duncan's School, Chapel Allerton: ProspectusJuly/185311.5 x 19ProspectusMrs. Duncan
1Education20Catholic Voluntary Schools: Facts and Questions for Parliamentary Candidates01/10/194914 x 22 Leaflet 
1Education21Lees Board Schools' Concert, Town Hall 189028-29/3/189012.5 x 18ProgrammeGift of J. Digby Firth
1Education22Coronation Concert by Combined Grammar Schools of Leeds22/05/195311.5 x 8.5Ticket 
1Education23Guide to Proposals to Re-organise Secondary Education in Leeds 01/07/196610.5 x 24.5BookletGift of D. Keighley
1C of E1Articles of Visitation : the Ven. Edmund Pyle09/07/176216 x 20LeafletVen. Edmund Pyle
1C of E2Articles of Visitation: Ven. Thomas Hayter (to Abberford)14/10/174816 x 20LeafletVen. Thomas Hayter
1C of E3Articles of Visitation: William, Archbishop of York (to Huddersfield)04/07/171916 x 20LeafletWilliam, Archbishop of York
1C of E4Articles of Visitation: Ven. Robert Markham (to Methley)04/06/180116 x 20LeafletVen. Robert Markham
1C of E5Articles of Visitation: Ven. Robert Markham (to Holy Trinity, Leeds)15/06/183616 x 20LeafletVen. Robert Markham
1C of E6Windows of York Minster: Preservation Fund 192003/04/190521 x 27LeafletDean of York
1C of E7York Minster: 1,300 th Anniversary10/04/190510.5 x 16.5Leaflet 
1C of E8York Minster: Accounht of Fire  1829  02/02/182929.5 x 23.5Open LetterT. Inchbold
1C of E9Memorial Service 1910: Whitehaven Colliery Disaster 191020/05/191017.5 x 8Notice 
1C of E10Protest Meeting against Disestablishmentof Church in Wales26/06/191314 x 22 Hymn Sheet 
1C of E11Pool Church Monumental Inscriptions and Adel Church register entries1616 to 180920 x 26TypescriptNicholson
1C of E12Farewell Meeting with Presentation to Canon A. Stretton Reeve17/09/195314.5 x 23ProgrammeCanon A. Stretton Reeve
1C of E13Articles of Inquiry at Visitation of Archdeacon of Craven18/01/190520 x 25SurveyVen. Charles Musgrave
1C of E14None    
1C of E15Special Prayers on Ending of War with Russia 185604/05/185634.5 x 21.5Leaflet 
1C of E16Special Prayers on Ending of Cholera 184916/09/184925 x 19.5Leaflet 
1C of E17Special Prayers on Safe Delivery of Queen and birth of Princess29/11/184032 x 19.5Leaflet 
1C of E18Census of Ecclesiastical Parishes in Rural Deanery of Leeds 192104/04/19059.5 x 17Leaflet 
1C of E19All Soul's Church and Church of the Holy Name 33 x 21Leaflets 
1C of E20Holy Trinity Offertory StatementEaster 1875-626 x 20.5Leaflet 
1C of E21St. Batholemew's, Armley: Organ Appeal 194902/05/190524 x 18.5Leaflet 
1C of E22St. Chad's: Pew Leaflet 13 x 20.5Leaflet 
1C of E23 St. George's Church Good Friday Leaflet 1856 19 x 23Leaflet 
1C of E24St. James Church: Details of Refurbishment20/04/190141.5 x 26Leaflet 
1C of E25St. John's, Briggate: 300 'th Anniversary of death of Fouder28/10/195614 x 21.5Leaflet 
1C of E26St. John's, Roundhay: 125th Anniversary Celebrations28/01/1951 to 05/02/195118.5 x 24Leaflet 
1C of E27St. John's Briggate: Calendar for August 190601/08/190618.5 x 24Leaflet 
1C of E28St. Luke's: Laying of the Foundation Stone14/01/190518 x 30Leaflet 
1C of E29St. Thomas's Church, Stanningley: 150th Anniversary13/06/190521 x 29.5Leaflet 
1C of E30St. Paul's, Whinmoor: 25th Anniversary Brochure14/06/190515 x 21Brochure 
1C of E31Headingley Church: Opening 183831/01/183813.5 x 22Leaflet 
1C of E32Ripon Minster Library: 'Two Ballets'21/07/187415.5 x 25Leaflet 
1C of E33The Kirkstall Story: The Rebuilding of St. Peter's Church 197901/06/190520 x 25Brochure 
1C of E34Rebuilding of Leeds Parish Church24/10/1840's41 x 25.5Account of Public Meeting 
1C of E35Letter from W.F. Hook: Leeds Vicarage Act19/01/184421 x 35Open LetterRevd. W.F. Hook
1C of E36St. John's, Briggate: Letter of Appeal for Funds 19 x 23.5Leaflet 
1C of E37Report of Erection of Monument in Leeds Parish Church28/07/180942 x 26Leaflet 
1C of E38List of Vicars of Leeds 10 x 17Leaflet 
1C of E39Ripon Cathedral News Sheet01/03/201121 x 30Leaflet 
1C of E40St. Batholemew's, Armley: Jubliee Leaflet23/08/1927 to 04/09/192721 x 27Leaflet 
1C of E41Weeton Church Bazar and Garden Party 7.5 x 11.5Ticket 
1C of E42Mary the Milkmaid' A Cautionary Tale 6.5 x 10.5Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church1Ticket: Induction of Revd. Bernard Heywood07/07/19179.5 x 6TicketRevd.Bernard Heywood
2Leeds Parish Church2Pamphlet: The Blockade of the Vicarno date22 x 28.5Pamphlet 
2Leeds Parish Church3Church Notice : Announcement of General Fast and Humiliation26/04/1854 Notice 
2Leeds Parish Church4Thanksgiving Service 1945 (missing)    
2Leeds Parish Church5Instructions of Evacuation in event of an Air Raidno date20 x 25Pamphlet 
2Leeds Parish Church6Eighteenth Anniversary Programme29/06/185920 x 25Notice 
2Leeds Parish Church7Hymn Sheet for Sermons in Lent 1859Lent 185914 x 21.5Hymn Sheet 
2Leeds Parish Church8Letter from W.F. Hook: Leeds Vicarage Act (See Box 1, C of E No.35)    
2Leeds Parish Church9Commemoration Service : Ticket of Admission02/07/18579 x 6Ticket 
2Leeds Parish Church10Music Programmt 1976-197728/04/197614.5 x 21Programme 
2Leeds Parish Church11Bach's Passion Music10/04/192211 x 16.5Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church12Re-Building of Leeds Parish Church (See Box 1 C of E No.34    
2Leeds Parish Church13The Vicars of Leeds (See Box 1, C of E ,No 38)    
2Leeds Parish Church14Report of Erection of Monument in Leeds Parish Church (See Box 1, C of E. No.37)     
2Leeds Parish Church15Card admitting to Induction of Rev. Bernard Heywood (see item no. 1)    
2Leeds Parish Church16Card Admitting to Special Service for Coronation of Elizabeth II31/050195311.5 x 7.5Ticket 
2Leeds Parish Church17Wedding O' Trust' : Poemno date19 x 31.5Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church18Grimy but not grim' : article in Y.P. by Derek Linstrum31/12/196941 x 21Newspaper articleDerek Linstrum
2Leeds Parish Church19Bach's Passion Music(See item No.11)    
2Leeds Parish Church20-27Passion Music1939-1936 Programmes 
2Leeds Parish Church28Centenary of Rebuilding of Leeds Parish Church: Special Services28/06/1941 to 06/07/194118.5 x 24Notice of Services 
2Leeds Parish Church29One Hundred Years 1841 to 184128/06/1941 to 06/07/194118.5 x 25Booklet 
2Leeds Parish Church30Commemoration Service : Ticket of Admission(See item no 9)    
2Leeds Parish Church31All Things Bright and Beautiful' : Display of Vestments23/05/1979 to 29/05/197916 x 25Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church32Christian Giving Campaign 196013/05/190521.5 x 26.5Booklet 
2Leeds Parish Church33Brief Guide to The Church of St. Peter at Leedsno date18.5 x 25Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church34The Blockade of the Vicar (See No.2)    
2Leeds Parish Church35Lent Services 1859 (See item No.7)    
2Leeds Parish Church36Announcement of General Fast and Humiliation (See item No. 2)    
2Leeds Parish Church37Notice of Eighteenth Anniversary of Consecration of L.P.C. (See item No.6)    
2Leeds Parish Church38Leeds Parish Magazing: Bell Ringing01/01/193318 x 24Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church39Leeds Parish Church Renovation Scheme, Lent 1927Lent 192721 x 27Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church40Organ Reconditioning Fundno date19 x 24Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church41Reconditioning of the Organ 1928no date21 x 27Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church42The Patrons of the Church: Roll of Trustees 17 x 21Leaflet 
2Leeds Parish Church43Organ Recital: 150th Anniversary of S.S. Wesley24/02/196014 x 22 ProgrammeS.S. Wesley
2Leeds Parish Church44Organ Recital by Louis Vierne (missing)    
2Leeds Parish Church45Leeds Parish Church Music 1976-1977 (See item No.10)    
2Leeds Parish Church46Instructions of Evacuation in event of an Air Raid(See item No.5)    
2Leeds Parish Church47The Queen's Silver Jubilee: Thanksgiving Service05/06/197716.5 x 24Order of Service 
2Leeds Parish Church48Various claims for re-imbursement by the church wardens07/08/1904 photocopies from Borthwick 
2Leeds Parish Church49Celebration of inauguration of Leeds Minster: Auction Leaflet08/09/201215 x 21 Leaflet 
2Leeds University1Opening of New Building by King Edward VII07/07/190823 x 16InvitationsKing Edward VII
2Leeds University2Song 191902/04/190536 x 27Song Sheet 
2Leeds University3Degree Day Programme 192003/07/192012.5 x 20.5Programme 
2Leeds University4Jubilee Celebrations of Yorkshire College15/12/1924 to 20/12/192424 x 34Programmes and Invitations 
2Leeds University5Commemoration of war dead11/11/193812.5 x 20Programme 
2Leeds University6Montague Burton Lecture09/10/192413 x 20.5Leaflet 
2Leeds University7Scientific Film Society06/10/194925 x 38Poster 
2Leeds University8Festival of Britain Conversazione26/06/195115 x 24Programme 
2Leeds University9Memorial Service to the late King George VI10/02/195214 x 22 Order of Service 
2Leeds University10Jubilee Celebrations 195401/04/195419 x 24.5Programmes and Invitations 
2Leeds University11Jubilee Celebrations 195430/04/195410 x 15Staff Luncheaon Menu and Invitation   
2Leeds University12Conferment of Honorary Degrees16/05/195815.5 x 24Presentation Address 
2Leeds University13Conferment of Honorary Degrees18/05/196115.5 x 24Order of Proceedings 
2Leeds University14Conferment of Honorary Degrees07/11/196115.5 x 24Programme 
2Leeds University15Conferment of Honorary Degrees20/05/196515.5 x 24Order of Proceedings 
2Leeds University16Richard Bentley: Tercentenary Exhibition01/04/196214 x 21.5Programme 
2Leeds University17Installation of Duchess of Kent as Chancelor05/05/196620 x 25Programme 
2Leeds University18Addresses of Staff1968 and 19719 x 13.5Booklet 
2Leeds University19Open Day Programme14/05/197715 x 21Booklet 
2Leeds University20Stationary10/06/190522 x 32Folder 
2Leeds University21Map of Universityno date19 x 15Map 
2Leeds Museums1Black History Month 2007 (Programme)23/10/20715 x 21 Programme 
2Leeds Museums2Old Leeds Exhibition01/03/190913 x 20 Leaflet 
2Leeds Museums3Leeds Ciry Museums - Programme of LecturesJan. to March 194812 x 18Programmes 
2Leeds Museums4Yorkshire V.C.'s Exhibition9/10/ to 3/10 no year date18.5 x 24Leaflet 
2Leeds Museums5Invitation to Opening of Street at Abbey House Museum20/07/195518.5 x 13Invitation 
2Leeds Museums6Thackray Museum Brochureno date10 x 21Brochure 
2Leeds Museums7Information Folder - Various Leeds Museumsno date21.5 x 31.5Brochure 
2Leeds Museums8Discovery Centre Brochureno date10 x 21Brochure 
2Leeds Museums9Leeds City Museum: Progress Update in 'New Museum News'Winter 200721 x 30Leaflet 
2Leeds Museums10Leeds City Museum: Grand Opening Pack and Brochure01/09/200821 x 26Brochure 
2Leeds Museums11Leeds City Art Gallery: Invitation to Exhibition03/10/19749 x 20Invitation 
2Hospitals/Health1Hospital for Women at Leeds: Revised Rules23/09/193913.5 x 22Leaflet 
2Hospitals/Health2Leeds Maternity Hospital: Amended Rules22/04/190518.5 x 24Leaflet 
3Memorials/Funerals1Dunderdale Family Memorial Plateno date24 x 31.5Photocopy 
3Memorials/Funerals2Mourning Cards (no text)no date11 x 7.5Cards 
3Memorials/Funerals3Gott Family : Obituary and sundry cuttings1911/1940/194210 x 16Newspaper Cuttings 
3Memorials/Funerals4Mourning Card 29/05/186511.5 x 7.5CardJohn Atkinson
3Memorials/Funerals5Hymn to be sung at Funeral of Revd. R. W. Hamilton24/07/18488.5 x 17Hymn SheetRev. R.W. Hamilton
3Events and Celebrations1Proclamation of King George V by Lord Mayor of Leeds10/05/191012.5 x 9.5TicketW. Penrose Green
3Events and Celebrations2Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary22/06/191129.5 x 21CardPresented to Jack Wilby
3Events and Celebrations3Dinner Invitation on Lord Mayor's Day 1830 in presence of King William IV09/11/183023.5 x 20Invitation CardW. Thomas Henry Hall
3Events and Celebrations4National Survey of Churchesno date15.5 x 25Leaflet 
3Events and Celebrations5Two Christmas Cardsno date: circa 19128 x 12Cards 
3Events and Celebrations6Admission Cards for National Children's Home 'Festival of Queens'18/02/1970,  23/02/1974, 22/03/197510 x 8Cards 
3Events and Celebrations7Souvenir Pictorial Cards for Cross Gates Carnivalno date16.5 x 12Cards 
3Events and Celebrations8Folded Poster of Royal Mail first day covers for Queen Mother's 100th Birthday22/06/190515 x 21Poster 
3Events and Celebrations9Church Congress, Leeds 1872: Member's Ticket 08-11/10/187224 x 16TicketRev. J. H. McChane, Holy Trinity, Leeds
3Events and Celebrations10Leeds City Police, Second Annual Horticultural Show: Rules and Schedules25-26/08/194425.5 x 20.5Leaflet 
3Events and Celebrations11Rothwell UDC First Annual Horticultural Show: Entry Form and Schedule05/08/194427 x 21Leaflet 
3Events and Celebrations12Council for the Preservation of Rural England: Public Meeting05/10/194820 x 33Leaflet 
3Events and Celebrations13The Leeds Festival 1990: Flyer and Handout12/06/190523 x 31Leaflet 
3Events and Celebrations14Poster for Summer Centenary at Kirkstall Abbey09 to 10/9/199530 x 42Poster 
3Events and Celebrations15Leeds Exhibition of Local Industry: Conversazione in Town Hall02/11/185825 x 21Leaflet 
3Events and Celebrations16Admission Card forYorkshire Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures17/02/19057.5 x 9CardF. Wittocks
3Events and Celebrations17Tercentenary Exhibition: The Unitarian Contribution to Yorkshire Life19-25/05/196220.5 x 12.5Leaflet 
3Finance1Leeds and Holbeck Mortgage Book1944 to 195210.5 x 14BookletJohn R. Wilby
3Finance2Receipt - The Leeds New Gas Company, from Regent Street Chapel15/12/185217 x 10.5Receipt 
3Finance3Leeds New Subscription Rooms: Shareholder Certificate10/05/183623 x 16CertificateEdward Mirfin
3Finance4Loan Book of Central Loan Society15/03/186411.5 x 15.5BookletHarwood Hutchinson
3Finance5Property Tax Forms for repayment of duty  for William Milner12/10/1849 and 15/09/184720.5 x 25FormsWilliam Milner
3Clubs and Societies1Programme for Second Annual BC Ball, Albert Hall20/01/188116 x 10Programme 
3Clubs and Societies2Programme for Private Quadrille Party: Holbeck Mechanics Institute28/12/188313 x 9Programme 
3Clubs and Societies3Leeds Mechanics' Institute, Literary Society and Schools of Science and Art: The Leeds Royal BazarMay 186822 x 28 Programme 
3Clubs and Societies4Yorkshire Anglers' 4th Annual Dinner: Menu and Toasts06/12/188714.5 x 21.5Menu 
3Clubs and Societies5Yorkshire Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures: Ticket17/02/19057.5 x 8.5TicketL.J. Bell
3Clubs and Societies6Leeds Industrial Co-operative Society: Lecture20/12/188414.5 x 28Leaflet and Newspaper CuttingJ.C. Malcolm
3Clubs and Societies7Leeds Volunteer Rifle Corps: Accounts31/12/185920 x 25Accounts 
3Clubs and Societies8Officers' Meeting of Leeds Volunteer Engineers02/03/186312.5 x 20Notes 
3Clubs and Societies8aLeeds Permanent Building Society Meeting28/09/185713 x 21.5Notes 
3Clubs and Societies9Friends of Peace: Resolution17/10/184218.5 x 23Leaflet 
3Clubs and Societies10Share Certificate: Potternewton Recreation ClubAugust 187919 x 22Certificate 
3Clubs and Societies11Yorkshire Archaeological Society: Notice of catalogue of 'Record Series'no date13 x 20  
3Clubs and Societies12Gledhow Skating Club: Members' Ticket24/02/19056 x 6TicketM. Hargrove
3Clubs and Societies13Throresby Society Diamond Jubliee: Dinner, Menu and Tickets02/11/194913 x 21Invitation and Menu 
3Clubs and Societies14Thoresby Society: At Home29/09/193913 x 21.5Notice 
3Clubs and Societies15Badsworth Book Club: Rules01/01/190510.5 x 16 Leaflet 
3Clubs and Societies16Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society: Admissions Ticket 64th Session1883-188411 x 15TicketR. Reynolds
3Clubs and Societies17invitation from Ronald Schofield to Members of Thoresby Society to Preview of 'Leeds Long Ago'03/05/195111.5 x 9Ticket 
3Clubs and Societies18Yorkshire Tykes Club: Rules13/03/190513 x 21Leaflet 
3Clubs and Societies19Leeds Philatelic Society and Yorkshire Philatelic Association1958-916 x 22Programmes 
3Clubs and Societies20Rotary Club of Leeds: Annual Dinner15/11/195612.5 x 9 Ticket 
3Clubs and Societies21Ramblers Association, West Riding Area: Syllabus and Excursion Railway Ricket26/05/19057.5 x 12.5Membership Card 
3Clubs and Societies22Leeds Phil and Lit Application Formno date22.5 x 29Application Form 
3Clubs and Societies23Folder containing AGM Cards, List of Memebers 1951, Notices sof Meetings04/05/190518 x 25Cards 
3Clubs and Societies24RIBI Conference at Harrogate 19558-10/06/195522 x 28Notice 
3Clubs and Societies25British Association for Advancement of Science: 129th AGM30/08/196720 x 25Order of Proceedings 
3Clubs and Societies26Leeds Institute of Science,Art and Literature: Centenary Conversazione20/02/192422.5 x 15TicketMr. and Mrs. F. Toothill
3Clubs and Societies27Stourton Harriers: First Annual Conversazione 188426/02/190510 x 12.5Dance Programme 
3Clubs and Societies28Proposal to Start a Gun Club21/12/187413 x 20.5Leaflet 
3Clubs and Societies29Jewish Historical Society of England: Membership Booklet and List of Publicationsno date15 x 23Booklet 
3Clubs and Societies30Philanthropic Society, Leeds: Form of Admission04/12/181526.5 x 32Admission CertificateJeremiah Bailey
3Clubs and Societies31Boys Brigade: Leeds Battalion: Membership Ticket1965-67.5 x 10.5Ticket 
3Orders of Service1Leeds and District Boy Scouts Association: Order for Drumming Services18/07/1915 16/07/191614 x 21.5, 11 x 17Order of Service 
3Orders of Service2Dedication of Bells at St. Matthew's, Chapel Allerton21/09/195514.5 x 22.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service3Choral Evensong, St. John's, Leeds29/10/200614.5 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service4Thoresby Society: Bicentenary of death of Ralph Thoresby18/10/192510 x 16Order of Service 
3Orders of Service5Commemoration Service of day of funeral of Queen Victoria at Church of St. John the Evangelist02/02/190119.5 x 13Order of Servicegift of Miss F.L. McLeannan
3Orders of Service6Celebration of the Holy Year and Centenary of Restoration of the Catholic Hierarchy:at Kirkstall Abbey09/07/195023 x 18Order of Service 
3Orders of Service7Dedication of a Memorial to Sir William Tweddle14/05/198716 x 22Order of Service 
3Orders of Service8Re-Opening and Blessing of the Organ at Leeds Parish Church: Recital29/09/195912.5 x 19Programmegift of J. Sprittles
3Orders of Service9Old Choirboys 50th Annual Dinner25/10/197520 x 26Menu and other details 
3Orders of Service10Licensing of Rev. Christopher B. Sampson at St. Matthew's, Chapel Allerton04/05/193711.5 x 17.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service11Stone Laying Ceremony at Trinity Congregational Church20/07/190114.5 x 22.5Programme 
3Orders of Service12Service for the Ministry of Healing: St. George's Church29/10/195012.5 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service13Dedication of St. David's Church02/12/196114 x 21.5Order of Servicegift of Canon R.J. Wood
3Orders of Service14Laying of Foundation Stone at Holy Trinity, Cookridge14/10/196113 x 21.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service15Leeds Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science at Leeds Parish Church03/09/196716.5 x 24Order of Service 
3Orders of Service16Consecration of the Church of the Ascension09/12/196119 x 25Order of Service 
3Orders of Service17Consecration of the Church of Holy Trinity, Cookridge29/09/196218 x 24.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service18Celebration of the Jubilee of St. Michael and All Angels, Headingley05/07/1936 to 13/07/193613 x 18Programme 
3Orders of Service19Laying of Foundation Stone at National School, Morely Town End27/03/183722 x 27.5Order of Proceedings 
3Orders of Service20Dedication of War Memorial, St. Matthew's, Chapel Allerton23/12/195014.5 x 23Order of Service 
3Orders of Service21Society for the Propagation of the Gospelno date14 x 22 Hymn Sheet 
3Orders of Service22Thanksgiving at Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary22/06/191112 x 18Order of Service 
3Orders of Service23Form of Prayer at Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth09/05/193712 x 19Order of Service 
3Orders of Service24Form of Prayer at Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II31/05/195313.5 x 20Order of Service 
3Orders of Service25Centenary of death of W.F. Hook, Choral Evensong at L.P.C.19/10/197510 x 21Order of Servicegift of Miss. M.I. Cox
3Orders of Service26Retirement of Bishop John Moorman: Choral Eucharist at L.P.C09/11/197516.5 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service27Civic Service on 350th Anniversary of City of Leeds28/11/197617.5 x 25Order of Service 
3Orders of Service28Remembrance Sunday 193206/11/193212.5 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service29Carol Service at L.P.C.20/12/193114 x 22 Order of Service 
3Orders of Service30Funeral of Edwin Litson Clark20/04/194311.5 x 17.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service31Funeral of William Tweddle28/10/198216 x 22Order of Service 
3Orders of Service32Centenary of Leeds Church Extension Society11/10/196414.5 x 22.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service33New Churches for Leeds Appeal: Inauguration Service23/04/196113 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service34Memorial Service for Lord Milner of Leeds22/07/196714 x 21.5Order of Servicegift of J. Sprittles
3Orders of Service35See No. 32    
3Orders of Service36Tercentenary of granting to Leeds of First Charter of Incorporation11/07/192618.5 x 24Order of Service 
3Orders of Service37-40Institution and Induction of Wilfrid Askwith, William Elliott, Bernard Heywood and James Richardson17/2/1939, 12/06/1926, 07/07/1917, 27/10/198212 x 18Order of Service 
3Orders of Service41Visit of Overseas Bishops04/06/194814 x 22 Order of Service 
3Orders of Service42Memorial Service of Thanksgiving for Princess Royal02/04/196514 x 21.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service43Civic Sunday15/11/193618 x 24.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service44Civic Sunday06/06/197118 x24.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service45Centenary Service of University of Leeds27/04/197516.5 x 23.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service46Dedication of Altar and Reredos at L.P.C.28/03/192215 x 19Order of Service 
3Orders of Service47Dedication of Memorial to Leeds Pals01/07/193117 x 25Order of Service 
3Orders of Service48Thanksgiving for Victory28/04/190514 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service49Leeds Parish Church Centenary29/06/194113.3 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service50St. John's: Choral Evensong in commemoration of John Harrison (1579-1656)29/10/2006 Missing 
3Orders of Service51Kirkstall Abbey 1152-2002. Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving19/05/200215 x 21Order of ServiceFr. Joseph Delargy, Abbot of Mount St. Bernard Abbey
3Orders of Service52Service in Commoration of His Late Majesty King Edward VIIno date12 x 18Order of Service 
3Orders of Service53Upper Armley Methodist Church; Opening and Dedication of New Extension13/02/197114.5 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service54350 th Anniversary of Consecration of St. John, Briggate23/09/198415 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service55Civic Sunday 1954 at St. Matthew, Chapel Allerton30/05/195414 x 21.5Order of Servicegift of K.J. Bonser
3Orders of Service56West Leeds Boys' High School24/11/196014 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service57Opening and Dedication of St. Columba's Presbyterian Church, Headingley29/10/196613 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service58Civic Service at Armley Church30/08/192714 x 22 Order of Service 
3Orders of Service59Leeds Grammar School: Founders' Day Service 1952 at L.P.C.06/07/195214 x 22 Order of Service 
3Orders of Service60Funeral of Sir Edward Baines06/03/189011.5 x 18Order of Service 
3Orders of Service61Leeds Women's Guild of Christian Service: Memorial Service for Miss. J.E.M. Brown03/02/191311.5 x 18.5Order of Servicegift of H.P. Boyes
3Orders of Service62St. Mathew Passion at St. Edmund's, Roundhay28/03/198615 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service63St. Paul's, Ireland Wood: Consecration04/09/196512.5 x 19Order of Service 
3Orders of Service64Royal British Legion: Annual Service at St. Peter's, Morley07/06/200915 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service65St. George's, Leeds: Service for those engaged in the Ministry of Healing19/10/195812.5 x 20Order of Service 
3Orders of Service66Institution and Induction of Rev. John Schofield into vicarage of St. Jude's, Bradford30/04/192312 x 18Order of Service 
3Orders of Service67Choral Evensong and Re-dedication of Holy Trinity, Boar Lane24/05/201315 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service68Holy Trinity, Leeds: Bicentenary Celebrations08/10/192714.5 x 23Order of Service 
3Orders of Service69Institution and Induction of Rev. Michael Cross  as Vicar of St Michael and All Angels, Headinglay07/02/199215 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service70Thanksgiving for Restoration of S. Saviour's, Richmond Hill16/09/200721 x 30Order of Service 
3Orders of Service71Induction Services for P.P.Hobson at Stanningley, W.T. Elliot at Burmantofts, H.O. Parnell at St. Aidan's, W.V. Mason at St. Aidan's, and C.C. Ellis at Upper Armley26/07/1911, 07/04/1921, 30/09/1911, 04/03/191112.5 x 18Orders of Service 
3Orders of Service73Enthronement of G.A. Chase as Bishop of Ripon20/11/194614 x 21.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service74Mothers' Union Centenary Service at Ripon Cathedral09/11/193613 x 20.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service75C.E.M.S. Leeds and District Federation: Visit of Bishop of London06/11/191313 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service76United Mens' Meeting, Coliseum, Leeds10/01/191514.5 x 22.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service77Beeston Methodist Church 1866-2006: thanksgiving Celebration31/12/200615 x 21Order of Service and History 
3Orders of Service78Leeds Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Combined Service on Silver Jubilee of King and Queen05/05/193532.5 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service79Consecration of F.P. Sargeant at Bishopof Stockport25/01/198415 x 21Order of Service 
3Orders of Service80Holy Trinity, Leeds: Mid-Day Recital07/06/196313 x 20.5Programme 
3Orders of Service81Victory Sunday at York Minster17/11/191814 x 22.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service82Church of England Men's Society Annual Meeting17/10/191214 x 22Programme 
3Orders of Service83Leeds Parish Church, Order of Service18/07/191513 x 19.5Order of Service 
3Orders of Service84Organ Recital at L.P.C. by Louis Vierne07/01/192413 x 21Programme 
3Orders of Service85Friends of the Music of Leeds Parish Church, Report and Acounts1974/1975, 1982/198314 x 21.5Report and Accounts 
4Places of Interest1Historical Notes on Temple Newsam by charles H. WilsonLeeds Churchman's Handbook Supplement 411 x 18.5 Newspaper Cutting  
4Places of Interest2Temple Newsam Mansion: Opening HoursMay to August 192814 x 22Flyer 
4Places of Interest3East Riddlesden Hall: Appeal for Fundsno date14.5 x 11Letter of Appeal 
4Places of Interest4Oakwell Hall: Appeal for Funds01/01/195521 x 27Letter of Appeal 
4Places of Interest5Stump Cross Caverns: Guide to the Caverns 19th C14 x 20Leaflet 
4Places of Interest6Kirkstall Abbey: An Elegy on the Ruins by Rev. David M'Nicoll1818 and  1891 (two editions)19 x 21, 14 x 22.5Booklet 
4Sheet Music1My Sweetheart's Schottischeno date24.5 x 34.5SheetRichard Smith
4Sheet Music2Hymns to be sung by Sunday School Scholars of Leeds on occasion of Queen's visit to Leeds07/09/185841.5 x 26Sheet 
4Sheet Music3Sally in our Alley/ The British Tars Valentineno date18 x 23Sheet 
4Sheet Music4On Free Trade (tune Auld Lang Syneno date14 x 22.5Sheet 
4Sheet Music5Leeds Workpeople's Convalescent Home, Hill Top, Ilkley. To be sung daily at breakfast29/04/191011 x 14SheetPatient: Miss J. Pickles
4Sheet Music6King George, The Children's Friend30/06/191125.5 x 21.5Souvenir Sheetby Rev. J. Mountain. Gift of Florence Sulpher
4Sheet Music7Good Old Leamington CCno date28 x 22Sheet 
4Sheet Music8Northern Command Tattoo, Leeds 1937,Community Sing Song Sheet20/04/190518 x 24Sheet 
4Sheet Music9Leeds University Song, 191902/04/190517 x 28Sheet 
4Sheet Music10She makes me walk in Ragtimeno date21.5 x 26 SheetHarry Castling and C.W. Murphy
4Sport and Programmes1West Riding Track League Cycle Racing 197520/07/197512.5 x 20Programme 
4Sport and Programmes2Harehills Cycling Club 3rd Annual Sports, 188325/08/188312.5 x 18Programme 
4Sport and Programmes3Middleton Road Club (Cycling) Awards, Guildford Hotel07/02/197613 x 20.5Dinner Menu and Awards 
4Sport and Programmes4Opening of New Cricket Stand, Headingley Ground, 192609/07/19635 x 24Souvenir Programme 
4Sport and Programmes5History of Golf in Leeds (Typescript)no date12 x 15Typescript and Newspaper CuttingsA. Glover
4Sport and Programmes6Wallet: Baseball Match  1935; Test Match of Veterans 1898; Dirt Track Racing 1929; Rugby Match at Headingley 1943; Test Match of Veterand 1934July 1935; 1898; June 1929; January 1943; June 193420 x 26Programmesgift of W.J. Walling
4Sport and Programmes7National Association for the promotion of Social Sciences 187104-11/10/187116 x 24Programme 
4Sport and Programmes8West Yorkshire Championship Cycle Race07/05/197214 x 23Programme 
4Sport and Programmes9Athletic Sports at Bramham College30/05/18669 x 14Programme 
4Programmes1A Midsummer Night's Dream, as read in the Music Hall, Leeds07/02/185313 x 22PlayFanny Kemble
4Programmes21st Leeds Folk Festival, Temple Newsam Park10/09/198210 x 21Programme 
4Programmes3Medieval Fair at Temple Newsam Park24/06/198915 x 21Programme 
4Programmes4Southfield Methodist Church, Women's Bright Hour, 21st Anniversary19-21/03/194913 x 19.5Programme 
4Programmes5Leeds Art Collections Fund: Halle Concert at Temple Newsam House31/05/195413  x 20Programme 
4Programmes6General Tertiary Congress, St. Annes Cathedral10-12/09/193214 x 22Programme 
4Programmes7Stone Laying Ceremony at Harehills Baptist Church07/07/192828 x 22Programme 
4Programmes9Ripon Diocese Fund, St. Michaels Follies Presentno date20 x 16.5Programme 
4Programmes10York Festival Programme03-17/07/195118 x 22Programme 
4Programmes11Festival of Britain: British Music in Leeds23/06/1951 to 14/07/195113 x 20Programme 
4Programmes12Swarthmore Syllabus : The Making of English History1953-195420 x 33Programme 
4Programmes13Dinner: 50th Anniversary of Opening of seacroft and Killingbeck Hospitals28/09/195413 x 20Menu and Programme 
4Programmes15St. Edmund's, Roundhay: Flower Festival10-12/10/198614.5 x 21Programme 
4Programmes17Leeds Modern School Centenary22-23/06/194514 x 21Programme 
4Programmes18Lawnswood High School: Centenary Concert24/07/195414 x 22Programme 
4Programmes19Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra: Farewell Concert30/07/195514 x 21.5Programme 
4Programmes20Leeds Church Sunday School Association:15th Session01/02/190521 x 26Programme 
4Programmes21St. John the Baptist, Adel: Buffet Dance11/12/197015 x 10Ticket 
4Programmes22Library Association Conference Dinner09/09/192623 x 18Menu 
4Programmes23Inter-Link 1976 at Roundhay Park22/05/197630 x 21 Programme 
4Programmes24Programme of Music Season: Harrogate Corporationno date19 x 25Programme 
4Programmes25Mechanics Institute: Charles Dickens 'One Farewell Reading'16/04/186914 x 21.5Flyer 
4Programmes26Leeds Cricket, Football and Athletic Association: Brass Band Concert20/05/193326.5 x 20.5Programme 
4Programmes27Tong Road Methodist Church: tea and Concert20/03/193723 x 19Programme 
4Programmes28Leeds Tecentenary Souvenir Programme and Guide01/07/192632 x 26Programme 
4Programmes30Recital in aid of Lord Mayor's Cancer Appeal 197516/11/197514 x 20Programme 
4Programmes31Grand Fantasie Fayre, Leeds Town Hallno date40 x 27  
4Programmes33Dance Programme at Rothwell30/12/198111.5 x 9Programme 
4Programmes34Mayor's Soiree Musical in Victoria Hall08/08/186414 x 10Programme 
4Programmes35Dance Cardsno date16 x 11.5Programme 
4Programmes391st West Riding Artillery Volunteers: Ball19/12/189112 x 11.5Programme 
4Programmes40Evening News Song Sheet: Rugby League Cup Final 192726/02/192743 x 29Song Sheet 
4Programmes41Festival of Britain: Programme of Entertainment23/06/1951 o 14/07/195120 x 33Programme 
4Programmes42Theatre Royal, Leeds: Jack and the Beanstalkno date14 x 22Flyer 
4Programmes43City Varieties, Leeds; 'Cinderelal'no date15 x 21Programme 
4Programmes44Festivities of Bygone Days11/06/190526 x 20 Newspaper Cutting 
5Wartime1The Germans are trying to starve us: Adopt valuntary rationsno date14 x 22Leaflet 
5Wartime2Unveiling of the Leeds War Memorial by Viscount Lascelles14/10/192225 x 19.5Programme 
5Wartime3Document: Henry Lascelles, Lord Lieutenant, to John Upton appointing him as Ensign in the Corps of Voluntary Infantry17/07/182027.5 x 41.5Document 
5Wartime4Document: William Wentworth Fitzwilliam apointing John Upton to be a Lieutenant in the Company of the 9th or 1st Leeds Regiment of Local Militia10/03/181427 x 41Document 
5Wartime5Food Supply Card: Leeds Industrial Co-operative SocietyJan. 194215.5 x 11.5CardBenton
5Wartime6Leaflet: 'A Word in Season' regarding Cholerano date19 x 25.5Leaflet 
5Wartime7Souvenir of Lord Roberts' Meeting at Leeds18/04/191323 x 29CardBequest of W.J.Walling
5Wartime8Marston Moor Memorial July 2nd 1644: Programme of Unveiling01/07/193927 x 21Programme 
5Wartime9Copy of Commission of Captain Adam Baynes  164330/06/190429 x 24PhotocopyGift of Major Oliver C. Robert
5Wartime10Book: The Battle of Britain, August-October 1950 and Bookmark 'Leeds Wings for Vicatory Campaign'01/07/194413.5 x 21Booklet 
5Wartime11Leeds Committee for National Service31/03/194713 x 20.5Leaflet, Bookmark and Letter 
5Wartime12Our Boys, Roll on, Our Day' Sheet MusicNo date31.5 x 25Sheet Music 
5Wartime13Card inscribed 'Xmas 1918'01/04/19059 x 12Card 
5Wartime14Civil Defence Day: Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance: Leeds Town Hall15/11/194213 x 20.5Order of Service 
5Wartime15City of Leeds: Government Evacuation Scheme01/08/193912.5 x 20Leaflet 
5Wartime16Air Raid Precautions Notice 13-14/07/193912.5 x 20Leaflet 
5Wartime17Leeds Invasion Committee: Invasion NoticeSept. 194214 x 22Leaflet 
5Wartime18National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer: Service in Leeds Town Hall03/09/194314 x 22Order of Service 
5Wartime19City of Leeds: 'What to do if you are Contaminated by Gas'29/10/194015.5 x 24.5Leaflet 
5Wartime20Leeds City Police: Air Raid Precautions: Emergency Food and ShelterNov. 194015.5 x 24Leaflet 
5Wartime21Form of Application to Register Children for Evacuation07/03/194020.5 x 28Official Form 
5Wartime22Leeds Home Guard: Special Orders of the Day, and Certificate of Service 04/04/1941 to 31/12/194422 x 29Clarence Thornton 
5Transport1Leeds Mercury: Collision on Great Eastern Line24/09/189632 x 8Newspaper Cutting 
5Transport2Train Ticket: Leeds/Keighley26/06/20098.5 x 5.5Ticket 
5Transport3Bus Route - Clarendon Way - Final Consultation23/01/197812 x 29Cutting from University Reporter 
5Transport4A Working Railway Museumin Leeds: Middleton Railway22/05/190513 x 20Appeal Leafet 
5Transport5Middleton Railway Trust - Timetable and Informationno date16.5 x 20.5Leaflet 
5Transport6Leeds City Transport - List of Revised Fares from 1955 1nd 195730/01/1955 and 29/09/1957variousLeaflets 
5Transport7Leeds City Transport - Exhibition at Art Gallery 19599-14/11/195920 x 25.5ProgrammeGift of J.R. Blakeborough
5Transport8Letter to Shareholders in The York and North Railway Company02/08/184318.5 x 22.5Printed Letter 
5Transport9Leeds City Transport Employees Recreation Club: Various1937/38/3914 x 21Brochures and Tickets 
5Transport10Northern Midland Railway Timetable 184201/07/184221 x 27Leaflet 
5Transport11The North Yok Moors Historical Railway Trust26/05/190520 x 28Leaflet 
5Transport12Information regarding Milton Bomb Vessel13/06/182622.5 x 27.5Leaflet 
5Transport13Two Folders: Information relating to Midland RailwayVariousVariousVarious 
5Transport14Statutory Instruments regarding stopping of highways in Leeds25/07/195515 x 24.5Leaflet 
5Transport15Catalogue of Exhibition '100 Years of Leeds Transport' 197116/09/197112.5 x 21Brochure 
5Transport16Collection of Bus and Tram Tickets 1970'sVariousTickets 
5Transport17The Wharfedale Railway Company: £15 Share Certificate15/08/184625 x 16.5Share Certificate 
5Tradesmen1Archibald Ramsden, Ltd., London and Leeds: View of Park Rowno date13 x 8Postcard 
5Tradesmen2E. Brook, New Market Street. Poster advertising stockno date22 x 28Poster 
5Tradesmen3Easiwork News', itemising kitchen and household equipment no date25.5 x 31.5Newspaper 
5Tradesmen4Thorley's Horse and Cattle Spice' in Thorley's Illustrated Farmers Almanack, 1866For the year 186619 x 25.5Poster 
5Tradesmen5Advert for Dr. Hillmer, Physician to the King of Prussia04/08/177317.5 x 10.5Advertising Slip 
5Tradesmen6Winkup and Smith: Pianoforte Manufacturers22/09/191614 x 5Bookmark 
5Tradesmen7Leeds Book Fair at Pudsey Civic Hall1993 - various dates15x 5Bookmark 
5Tradesmen8Testimonial of Practical Midwifery of Mrs. MacNayAugust - 187313 x 20.5Flyer 
5Tradesmen9John Dyson's Watch, Clock, Jewelery and Electro Plate Club. Receipt and 2 Payment Cards03/24/1885, and 189324 x 10 and  8.5 x 12Receipt and Cards 
5Tradesmen10Letter from James Miles 'Ye Olde Shoppe' 1890, and envelope addressed to Miss Shaw20/10/189021 x 17.5Letter 
5Tradesmen11Strips of paper showing 'Sold by Alan Simkins, Leeds'no date22 x 5Sale Slips 
5Tradesmen12Receipt for Twenty Pounds from Leeds and London Bank of Economy  for tobacco and Hong Kong Tea12/08/184419 x 12.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen13Fifty Years On 1908-1958: Harold Spink and his business1908-195820.5 x 25.5Leaflet 
5Tradesmen14Auction Sale of Household Furniture of Mr. George Smith at the Dog and Gun, Kirkgate05/07/181322.5 x 28Poster 
5Tradesmen15Policy: The Leeds and Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co.02/07/182415.5 x 22.5Policy 
5Tradesmen16Caution to Coach Ironmongers' to John Stansfield15/07/189123 x 29Legal Caution 
5Tradesmen17Receipt  from John Kendall & Co, Upholsterers and Cabinet Manufacturers17/05/192619.5 x 25.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen18Typescript 'The Pack Horse Hotel, Leeds' (a history)22/09/191620.5 x 34Typescript 
5Tradesmen19Springfield Hotel, Leeds: Brochureno date22.5 x 15Brochure 
5Tradesmen20W. & H. Miers, Leather Manfacturers: Receipt17/03/189320.5 x 19.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen21Walter Ellis: Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer and Undertaker: Receipt14/03/189420.5 x 33Receipt 
5Tradesmen22John Preston: Slate Merchant: Receipt23/04/183621 x 17.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen23James Hargeave & Son: Cloth Manufacturer: Receipt16/04/183220 x 16.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen24Charles Pontney: Nurseryman, Seedsman and Florist: Receipt15/10/183316.5 x 13.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen25John Mills & Sons Ltd., The Big Boot date9 x 14Advert 
5Tradesmen26Memo from D.B. Wright & Sons Ltd., Engineers and Millwrights03/03/190920.5 x 26Memo 
5Tradesmen27Catalogue of A.R. Turner : Ironmonger, BriggateFeb. 190412.5 x 18.5Catalogue 
5Tradesmen28Ye Cork-us Inne: Ye Olden Tymeno date20.5 x 13.5Card 
5Tradesmen29JohnWhitehead, Printersno date14 x 11Card 
5Tradesmen30Yorkshire Penny Bank Centenary: 1859-195901/05/195928 x 21.5Leaflet 
5Tradesmen31George Craig's Hat Warehouse: Welcome to HRH The Duke of Edinburghno date7.5 x 11.5Card 
5Tradesmen32Free Pass to Turk's Head, BriggateNo date12.5 x 9.5Card 
5Tradesmen33Newspaper Advert for Mr. Southern's School of Dancing12/08/17837 x 8.5Newspaper Cutting 
5Tradesmen34Durhams of Briggate: Advert for Xmas and New Year CardsXmas 190328.5 x 19.5Leaflet 
5Tradesmen35Tobacco Manufacturers Licence05/08/183012 x 30Certificate 
5Tradesmen36Collector of Excise Licence06/07/183015 x 28Certificate 
5Tradesmen37Share Certificate: Oriental and General Bath Company of Leeds. List of Shareholders24/06/186321 x 26Leaflet 
5Tradesmen38Bust Tickets (3)No date6 x 3Tickets 
5Tradesmen39Map and Shopping Guide for Leeds Victoria Quarterno date10 x 15 (folded)Guide 
5Tradesmen40Miles Antiquarian Bookshopno date15 x 10Address Label 
5Tradesmen41Business Card for Philemon Land, Distiller, Leedsno date6 x 9Card 
5Tradesmen42Receipt from Robert Arthington, Ale and Porter Brewer, to William Hargrave24/01/183420.5 x 11Receipt 
5Tradesmen43Merrion Centre Guide and Invitation to Opening26/05/196413 x 20Walletted Booklets 
5Tradesmen44Receipted Bill from Bowes and Haley, Hat Manufacturers1853-1854Missing  
5Tradesmen45Payment booklet for three piece suite, 192824/08/19287 x 11Booklet 
5Tradesmen46Invoice from C. Towler, Builders' Merchants25/08/193919 x 22Invoice 
5Tradesmen47Wrapper for"Blighty" Smoking Mixture, L.Hirst & Son, Leedsno date13 x 16.5Wrapper 
5Tradesmen48Programme of events at M & S Company ArchiveSpring 201315 x 21Programme 
5Tradesmen49Recepit from Wm. Greenwood & Sons, Watchmakers and Jewelers07/12/192820.5 x 26Receipt 
5Tradesmen50Contribution Card for Heaps' Motor Coach Toursno date6 x 10Card 
5Tradesmen52Receipt from J. and J. Charlesworth, Robin Hood Colliery for 45 Cwts. Of Coal11/05/183710 x 12Receipt 
5Tradesmen53Advert from Leeds Mercury for Howgate's Book and Paper Warehouse, Kirkgatecirca 175910.5 x 7Newspaper Cutting (photocopy) 
5Tradesmen54Advert for William Thompson & Sons, T.H. Johnson, and W.W. Sleeno date12 x 18Leaflet 
5Tradesmen55Slip of paper bill from M.A. Turner for hat and bonnet makingApril and May 180816 x 8Paper Bill 
5Tradesmen56Cheques from The Fifty Shilling Tailors with letter explaining the Personal Cheque Discount SchemeNov.195117.5 x 20.5Cheques and Letter 
5Tradesmen57Banknote from Leeds Bank (not signed)no date18 x 9Banknote 
5Tradesmen58Receipt from 'Mannor of Leeds' to Joseph Elam for 31 and 1/2 years rent05/05/178320 x 4.5Receipt 
5Tradesmen59Bill-head of Wm. Greensmith & Son, makers of shirts and hosiers13/10/192520.5 x 9.5Bill-head 
5Tradesmen60Letter announcing change of ownership from J.F.R. Strickland, surgical instrument maker, to Messers Meltzer & Co.Sept. 188113 x 20.5Letter 
5Tradesmen61Letter notifying continuation f business of Messrs. Rooke & Midgley05/05/190813 x 21Letter 
5Tradesmen623 Bill-heads:The Leeds Mercury,The Leeds Express and The Leeds Times18/10/1891, 15/10/1891, 10/10/189121 x 19Bill-heads 
5Tradesmen63Eagle Star Insurance Company: Advert27/04/194819 x 25Advert 
5Tradesmen64Collection of bills, invoices and receipts relating to C.H. Dobson & Son, cigar manufacturers1898-1899large folderbills, receipts, etc 
5Tradesmen65Collection of invoices and licences issued to William Hargrave, tobacconist1826-1841three large foldersInvoices, etc 
5Tradesmen66Notice from West Yorkshire Colliery to Leeds Colliers relating to free coal23/06/186622 x 28.5Notice 
5Tradesmen67Analysis of Coal from Bulk from the Laboratory, Meadow Lane Works25/11/194921 x 33Notice 
5Tradesmen68The Scholar Press: Newsletter and Information1970'slarge folderNewsletters 
5Tradesmen69Designs for Dunnerdale Memorial Plate no date30 x 24Designs 
5Tradesmen70Dunnerdale Memorial Tabletno date30 x 24Designs 
5Tradesmen71Poster: Sale by Auction20/10/184829 x 23Poster 
5Tradesmen72Receipt from Robert Arthington, Ale and Porter Brewer, to William Hargrave14/-/184314 x 17Receipt 
5Tradesmen73Card: W.Varley, Grease & Boiler Composition Manufacturerno date9 x 6Card 
5Tradesmen74Receipt from John Pearson, Importer of Foreign Wines and Spirits23/11/192520 x 10.5Recepit 
5Diaries1Letts Diary for 1905, belonging to C.H. Buskin of Wortleythe year 19059.5 x 15.5Diary 
1Civic41Leeds Calendar for 2007, with 12 views of Leedsthe year 200742 x 14Calendar 
2Hospitals/Health3Wheatfields Calendar for 2003 with 12 postcard views of Leedsthe year 200318 x 32Calendar 
2Leeds University22Inauguration of the University of Leeds 1904: Special Edition of 'The Gryphon'06/10/190422 x 28booklet 
3Events and Celebrations18Two cards in celebration of the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary22/06/191130 x 20Cards 
3Events and Celebrations19Three Commemorative Handkerchiefs: George V Silver Jubilee; Proposed Coronation of Edward VIII; and Coronation of Elizabeth II.1935, 1937, 1953 Handkerchiefs 
3Memorials/Funerals12A Plain Description of the State of Mortalityno date27 x 40Card 
3Clubs and Societies32Leeds Youth Opera: 2Posters18-21/5/no year. 30/11/198230 x 42Posters 
3Clubs and Societies33Leeds Youth Opera:Poster30/11/no year30 x 42Poster 
4Places of Interest7A History of Farnley Hall, with image from Thoresby's Ducatusno date23 x 30Printed account 
4Places of Interest8New Briggate Vision01/06/201620 x 30Report  
4Places of Interest9Kirkstall Forge Development08/07/190515 x 21Report 
4Sheet Music11Songs From Dickensno date25 x 30Song Book 
6Methodism1Report of Committee of Leeds Methodist Sunday Schools01/01/1817 to 01/01/181811 x 16Report 
6Methodism2Report of Committee of Leeds Methodist Sunday Schools01/01/1818 to 01/01/191911 x 17Report 
6Methodism3Report of Committee of Leeds Methodist Sunday Schools01/01/1820 to 01/01/182110 x 16.5Report 
6Methodism4Plan of Public Prayer Meetings after week night preachings at Leeds Methodist ChapelsApril to September 1817 22 x 27.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism5Particulars concerning Leeds Circuits of Wesleyan Methodistm, with Membership numbers1765 to 186721 x 33Manuscript 
6Methodism6List of Deputations from Leeds District and Halifax and Bradford District20/12/183821 x 33Notice 
6Methodism7Supplement to 'The Watchman' concerning  Wesleyan Centenary21/11/183835 x 51Newspaper 
6Methodism8The Watchman' 24/10/186045 x 64Newspaper 
6Methodism9Sermon preached at Albion Street Chapel at the formation of The Methodist Missionary Society for the Leeds District06/10/181314 x 22 Sermon 
6Methodism10Methodist Missions: Address to the public by General Committee of the Methodist Missionary Society for the Leeds District06/10/181327 x 22Public Address 
6Methodism11Programme for the First Missionary Meeting held in Roscoe Place Chapel26/12/186644 x 56Manuscript 
6Methodism12Sixth Report of the Leeds Juvenile Methodist Missionary Society for the Leeds Circuit, with list of subscribersApril 1821 to April 182211 x 17Report 
6Methodism13Seventh Report of the Leeds Juvenile Methodist Missionary Society for the Leeds CircuitApril 1822 to March 182313 x 21Report 
6Methodism14Eleventh Report of the Leeds Methodist Juvenile Missionary Society for the Leeds Circuit    1826 to 182711 x 18Report 
6Methodism15Plan of Prayer Meetings, Leeds1816 to 181733 x 25.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism16The Lord's Day Evening Plan for the Leeds East CircuitApril to September 1834 38 x 30.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism17Plan for Preachers During Conference at Leeds25/07/1824 to 08/08/183442 x 35Preaching Plan 
6Methodism18Conference Plan for the Leeds Circuits25/07/1830 to 08/08/183027.5 x 38Preaching Plan 
6Methodism19Wesleyan Conference Plan23/07/1837 to 06/08/183740 x 51Preaching Plan 
6Methodism19aWesleyan Conference Plan15/07/1855 to 05/08/185542 x 57.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism20The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitMarch to September 1813 39.5 x 28 Preaching Plan 
6Methodism21Lord's Day Plan, Leeds Circuit and Bramley Circuit May to October 181730 x 23.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism22Lord's Day Plan, Leeds Circuit and Bramley Circuit May to October 181830 x 23.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism23The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitNovember 1819 to April 182027 x 27Preaching Plan 
6Methodism24The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitNovember 1820 to April 182131.5 x 26Preaching Plan 
6Methodism25The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds Circuit1822 to 1823 Preaching Plan 
6Methodism26The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitMay to November 182331 x 29Preaching Plan 
6Methodism27The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitMay to November 182431 x 30Preaching Plan 
6Methodism28The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitDecember  1825 to May 182638 x 32Preaching Plan 
6Methodism29The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds CircuitJune to November  182637 x 33Preaching Plan 
6Methodism30The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds East Circuit, and Leeds west CircuitJune to November  182836 x 28Preaching Plan 
6Methodism31The Lord's Day Plan, Leeds East Circuit, and Leeds west CircuitDecember 1828 to May 182938 x 30.5Preaching Plan 
6Methodism32The Lord's Day Plan and Week Night Plan, Leeds East CircuitJune to October 183630 x 40Preaching Plan 
6Methodism33Leeds First Circuit, Plan of the Wesleyan Methodist PreahcersFebruary to May  184134 x40Preaching Plan 
6Methodism34Leeds East Circuit, Wesleyan Methodist Preachers' PlanJuly to September 184036 x 45Preaching Plan 
6Methodism35Leeds Third Curcuit, Wesleyan Methodist Preachers' PlanOctober 1840 to 184133 x 42Preaching Plan 
6Methodism36Leeds Brunswick Circuit, Plan of the Preaching Appointments to the Wesleyan ChapelsOctober 1871 to January 187238 x 28Preaching Plan 
6Methodism37Leeds Fourth Circuit, Plan of the Wesleyan Ministers and Local PreachersMay to July 185835 x 36Preaching Plan 
6Methodism38List of Documents handed to the Leeds Reference Library, December 18441784 to 186020 x 33List 
6Methodism39Photocopy of two  Methodist Pamphlets1792 and 181629.5 x 21.5Pamphlet 
6Methodism40Sermon preached by William Dawson on the death of William Bramwell06/09/181810.5 x 17.5Sermon 
6Methodism41Primitive Methodist Connexion: Quarterly Guide of the Leeds Eight Circuits07/04/1907 to 30/06/190716.5 x 21Circuit Directory 
6Methodism42150th Anniversary of the Formation of the Methodist Missionary Society for the Leeds District07/10/196314 x 20Pamphlet 
6Methodism43Typescript: Vickers Family of Leeds: Methodist Papersno date21 x 30Typescript 
6Methodism44Training as a local Preacher: Plan1822 to 182328 x 25Plan 
6Methodism45Primitive Methodist Preaching Plan of the Leeds First District, 1864January to April 186438 x 31.5Plan 
6Methodism46The Centenary Year 1839: Appointments of the Wesleyan Methodist Preachers in the Leeds Bramley Circuit12/01/190527.5 x 44List of Preachers 
6Methodism47Methodist Recorder: The United Methodist (various cuttings  on the Uniting Conference, 1932)22/09/193238 x 46Newepaper Cuttings 
6Methodism48Quarterly Membership TicketDecember 18737.5 x 5.5Class Ticket 
6Methodism49Booklet: Obedience to Parentsno date4.5 x 5Booklet 
6Methodism50The Tree of Methodism: Poem by A.K.23/11/184326.5 x 40.5Poem 
6Methodism5115 Items relating to Zion Sunday School, New Wortley 1917 to 193714 x 21Leaflet 
6Methodism52Primitive Methodism: Music and Leaflets 04/04/190514 x 21Leaflets 
6Methodism53Burley Wesleyan Church: various service sheets from 193213.5 x 21Leaflets 
6Methodism54Diary: Providence and Mount Pisgah Methodist Churches, Armleyfrom 19588 x 12Diary 
6Methodism55Roscoe Methodist Church: 150th Anniversaryfrom 201229.5 x 21Leaflet 
6Methodism56Halton Methodist Church: Br chure of Activities and Services1982 to 198310.5 x 21.5Brochure 
6Methodism57Burley Methodist Church: Jubilee Sunday School Anniversary 1905-195502/07/195513.5 x 21Programme 
6Methodism58Leeds Civic Trust and Victorian Society: Leaflet on future of Brunswick ChapelJuly (no year)20 x 30Leaflet 
6Methodism59Opening of Adel Methodist Church07/11/196412.5 x 19Order of Service 
6Methodism60A Kindled Fire: Methodist Revival in the Leeds Area by S. Forsaithfrom 198815 x 21Booklet 
6Methodism61Methodism and World Mission: Thomas Coke 1747-1814no date15 x 21booklet 
6Methodism62The Leeds Methodist  District: A Short History of the Leeds District 1932-201701/07/201715 x 21Booklet 
71807 Election1Lord Milton, Candidate for the County of York29/04/180721 x 27Broadsheet 
71807 Election2To the Manufacturers of the Wesr Riding of Yorkshire: Lord Milton's Cadidature04/05/180727 x 43Broadsheet 
71807 Election3Speech delivered by Lord Milton in the Yard of the Cloth Hall, Leeds05/05/180737 x 49Broadsheet 
71807 Election4No Milton, No Popery: Queries08/05/180723 x 34Broadsheet 
71807 Election5Appeal to the Freeholders of Yorkshire by Lord Milton13/05/180732 x 49Broadsheet 
71807 Election6State of the Poll card, from May 20th to June 5th20/05/18077.5 x 11.5Card 
71807 Election7Lost or Stolen, 'Harewood Poor Box'20/05/180725 x 37Broadsheet 
71807 Election8Yorkshire Election: Daily Return May 20th to June 5th20/05/180725 x 19Election Paper 
71807 Election9The Mask thrown off': Lord Milton's address to the Freeholders exposed as hypocrisy  21/05/180719 x 30Broadsheet 
71807 Election10Vote for Wilberforce: to the Freeholders of the County of York23/05/180720 x 24.5Leaflet 
71807 Election11York County Meeting: Milton For Ever05/06/180717 x 20.5Leaflet 
71807 Election12Address to the Freeholders of the County of York by Lord Milton05/05/180730 x 49Broadsheet 
71807 Election13To the Gentlemen, Clergy and Freeholders of the County of York: Appeal for support by Henry Lascelles18/10/180719 x 23Leaflet 
71807 Election14To the Freeholders of Yorkshire. Address by W. Wilberforce18/10/180719 x 23Leaflet 
71807 Election15To Quiet a Baby': A New Songno date12.5 x 30Song Sheet 
71807 Election16Address to the Freeholders of Yorkshireno date17 x 20.5Leaflet 
71807 Election17Epitaph on all the Talents of Lord Milton's Partyno date21 x 32Leaflet 
71807 Election18Milton's Minority: An Epigramno date19 x 10.5Leaflet 
71807 Election19Answer to Mr. Lascelles's Catholic Committee Man no date18 x 24Leaflet 
71807 Election20Oranges to be sold by Auctionno date19 x 31.5Leaflet 
71807 Election21The Freeholder's Appeal to his Countrymenno date16.5 x 21.5Poem 
7Polling Registers1Whitkirk Polling District1885-188625 x 31Register 
7Polling Registers2Seacroft Polling District.1887 and 188925 x 31Register 
7Polling Registers3Seacroft Polling District.1890 and 189125 x 31Register 
7Elections 1812 to 18351Address to the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of York by Lord Milton26/09/181220 x 33Broadsheet 
7Elections 1812 to 18352Stolen or Strayed: The short, still, horse, Bethell!12/06/182622 x 27Broadsheet 
7Elections 1812 to 18353Address to the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of York by John Marshall29/05/182622 x 34Broadsheet 
7Elections 1812 to 18354Address to the Electors of the Borough of Leeds16/10/183220 x 33Photocopy 
7Elections 1812 to 18355Address to the Electors of the Borough of Leeds15/10/183220 x 33Photocopy 
7Elections 1812 to 18356Contests since 1832 up to 18741834 -187420 x 33Script 
7Elections 1812 to 18357The Leeds Elections of 1834 and 1835: A  Psephological Analysis: By Jim MorganP.Th. S. 2003, pp.73-9015 x 21Off-print 
7Elections 1906 to 19181General Election, December 1918, Central Leeds   Division. Robert Armitage, Coalition Candidate14/12/191813 x 21Leaflet 
7Elections 1906 to 19182General Election, December 1918, Central Leeds   Division. Robert Armitage, Coalition Candidate14/12/19187.5 x 11.5Card 
7Elections 1906 to 19183North Leeds Electors: Vote for Birchall15/01/190822 x 29Leaflet 
7Elections 1906 to 19184Pudsey Parliamentary Division Bye-Election: Vote for Oddythe year 190815 x 22.5Leaflet 
7Elections 1906 to 19185North Leeds: Vote for Birchall01/01/191022 x 29Leaflet 
7Elections 1955 to 19801Newspaper Cuttings relating to Leeds Local Elections 1955 to 19801955 to 1980various sizesNewspaper Cuttings 
7Undated Election Material1Christmas Greetings Card from George Lane Foxno date15 x 22.5Card 
7Undated Election Material2Vote for Jacksonno date19 x 25Leaflet 
7Undated Election Material3Gladstone for West Leedsno date11.5 x 15Card 
7Undated Election Material4Vote for G.W. Balfourno date25 x 32Poster 
7Undated Election Material5Card from Rowland Barranno date15.5 x 24Card 
7Undated Election Material6An Account of James Hirst of Rawcliff, Yorkshire, a Most Eccentric Gentlemanno date27 x 38Poster with humourous verse 
7Political Cartoons 1868-18921Leeds Election Cartoons 1868: Bound VolumeThe year 186845 x 30Cartoons 
7Political Cartoons 1868-18922The Rival Show, or Leeds Fair, Nov. 1868Nov. 186847 x 31Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons 1868-18923Leeds Winter Fair 1868The year 186842 x 27Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons 1868-18924Leeds Election Cartoons 1874: Bound VolumeThe year 187450 x 31Cartoons 
7Political Cartoons 1868-189254 O' Clock on Thursday, February 5th, 187405/02/187450 x 31Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons 1868-18926Yellow Soapthe year 187450 x 37Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons 1868-1892712 Leeds Election Cartoons, 1874The year 1874 50 x 31Cartoons 
7Political Cartoons 1868-189285 Leeds Election Cartoons, 1876The year 187645 x 28Cartons 
7Political Cartoons 1868-189293 Leeds Political Cartoons 1880The year 188045 x 28Cartoons 
7Political Cartoons 1868-1892109 Leeds Political Cartons, 1886The year 188642 x 28Cartoons 
7Political Cartoons 1868-189211Parliamentary Tournament, 189207/07/189231 x 25Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date1Goodalls Election Cartoons: St. James having asserted that he would Poll the last man: some Whigs fancy they see him doing it.No date26 x 38Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date2Goodalls Election Cartoons: Bob Carter an' his pie.No date26 x 38Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date3Goodalls Election Cartoons: Sir Andrew. Who! Ho! Mercury, come you down there Bob.No date26 x 38Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date4Missing    
7Political Cartoons: No Date5Goodalls Election Cartoons: Warmly supported by the good old Fleece.No date26 x 38Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date6Goodalls Election Cartoons: CanvassingNo date26 x 38Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date7 3 Alf Cooke's Election CartoonsNo date45 x 29Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date8Portrait of Alderman Carter, with various political cartoons No date29 x 44Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date9Decision of the Cloth Hall Yard Meeting: Party with the PoleNo date27  x 42Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date10The Awful Accident at Church-Em CrossingNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date11Awful Accident on the London Cheatem-Hand-Over.2 Men Killed  No date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date12The Pleasure of a Policeman's AaquaintanceNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date13Grand Fight for the Borough CupNo date42 x 26Cartoons 
7Political Cartoons: No Date14Beware of the Horse (a Carter) O Townsmen of LeedsNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date15Crossing the 'Poll'No date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date16There is a Public Opinion at every Cottage DoorNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date17Cut by his own FriendsNo date42 x 24Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date18The Liberal Boat Setting out for the Grand Parliamentary RegattaNo date42 x 24Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date19Athletic Sports  No date42 x 24Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date20Reciprocity, or the Effects of a Free-And-Easy  Trade Policy  No date50 x 32Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date21Fearful Disaster at Sea: Fate of Duncombe and FairbairnNo date45 x 28Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date22The Horrid Little Boy who would Run BehindNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date23Stephens ClubNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date24Scene from the new Pantomime to be played on Tuesday next : 'Mr. Fairbairn's Benefit'No date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date25Columbus Balancing the EggNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date26Great  Fight for the Championship of Leeds: Glorious Liberal VictoryNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date27The Demon Disappointment - An AllegoryNo date42 x 26Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date28The Aspiring Independent Member of ParliamentNo date45 x 29Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date29Pat in a DifficultyNo date45 x 29Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date30Leeds Borough RacesNo date57 x 38Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date31How happy could I be with either were the other fair charmer awayNo date53 x 35Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date32Meek Robert's FutureNo date50 x 36Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date33The poor child has had enough of your mixtureNo date53 x 35Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date34The Working Mens HA(U)LLNo date50 x 32Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date35The Church in Danger! Who'll pull StrongestNo date50 x 36Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date36Sancho Panza  vv  Don QuixoteNo date45 x 28Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date37The Political Sway  PoleNo date44 x 29Cartoon 
7Political  Cartoons: No Date38R K-LL  HE IS MY ALLNo date45 x 28Cartoon 
7Political Cartoons: No Date39DUPLICATES