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Lady Anne Clifford:her autobiographical writings.

Professor Malay has accepted the invitation to give a talk to the Leeds Library and the Thoresby Society on Tuesday September 24th at 6.30

Appleby Castle

These are derived from her diaries kept when she was a girl 1603 and as a young woman 1616-19 and from her Day by Day books detailing the minutiae of her life in later years.

Lady Anne Clifford experienced life at the courts of Elizabeth1 (she was present at her death as a teenager). James I, Charles I as well as the dangers of The Civil war. Her books record the dramatic story of her battle to gain her inheritance of her father's vast northern Lands, left to her Uncle, and her later attempts to protect her rights  from antagonistic tenants as well as Cromwell who threatened to pull down any fortifications she repaired.

She became known as Queen of the North finally takng possession of her inheritance at 60, rebuilding her castles at Skipton, Barden Tower, Pendragon, Brough, Appleby and Brougham.

She was a determined and fiesty Lady with an incredible story.

The excursion to Appleby Castle will be on Saturday June 29th.