Lantern Slides

The Society has a large collection of early lantern slides of Leeds, preserved in boxes in its archives. A selection of these, many not available before,  have now been digitised and are on view here.

The slides are organised by their containing box number so you can start at any point and cycle through them. The last slide in the last box links back to the first.

Or you can choose the browse option and see thumbnails of each slide organised by location. Click on either the thumbnail or the description for a larger view.

On the browse page you can search the whole collection by using your browsers search option. On a PC you start by holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the F key. On a Mac this would be Command and F. This should open up search box either at the top or bottom of the page depending on the browser. Enter the word/s you want to search for and the page will move to that location. The Up and Down arrows associated with the search box will let you view all matching entries on the page.

This is still a work in progress, although all the slides are now up and included in the browse page, so please let us know if you spot any problems or corrections that need to be made.

If you wish to view our full image catalogue you may do so here.

If you would like to look at the originals please contact the library at