Parties which have contested Leeds Parliamentary elections


Against Cuts in Education Party
Alliance for Green Socialism Party
Anti-Corruption Party

Brexit Party
British National Party
British Union of Fascists

Cannabis Party
Chartist Party
Christian People’s Alliance Party
Coalition Liberal Party
Coalition Unionist Party
Communist Party
Conservative Party
Co-op Party

Discharged Soldiers & Sailors Party

Ecology Party
English Democrats Party

Gladstonian Liberal Party
Glasnost Party
Green Party
Green Socialist Party

Independent Conservative Party
Independent Labour Party
Independent Liberal Party

Labour Party
Labour & Co-op Party
Labour Representation Committee
Left Alliance Party
Liberal Party
Liberal Democratic Party

National Party
National Front Party
National Labour Party
Natural Law Party

Parents Party
People Party
ProLife Party

Radical Party
Referendum Party

Social Credit Party of Great Britain
Social Democratic Party /Liberal Party Alliance
Socialist Alliance Party
Socialist Party
Socialist Labour Party

The Above and Beyond Party
Tory Party
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

United Kingdom Independence Party

Whig Party
Workers’ Revolutionary Party

Yorkshire Party
Yorkshire First Party