Local Election Parties


AGS Alliance for Green Socialism
All Alliance*
AVR A Voice for the Region
BD British Democrat
BNP British National Party
BPP BPP - Putting Britain First
Comm Communist Party
Con Conservative Party
CPA Christian Peoples' Alliance
DCon DisCon
ECOL Ecology Party (later the Green Party)
EDem English Democrat Party
GLib Green and Liberal
Grn Green Party
Ind Independent
ILab Independent Labour
ILib Independent Liberal
ICom International Communist
Lab Labour Party
Left Left Alliance
LD Liberal Democrat Party*
Lib Liberal Party
LU Left Unity
Mili Militant
MBI Morley Borough Independent
NF National Front
OMRL Official Raving Monster Loony Party
RCP Revolutionary Communist Party
Resi Resistance
Resp Respect
SDP Social Democrat Party*
SLD Social and Liberal Democrats*
Soc Socialist
SAll Socialist Alliance
SAlt Socialist Alternative
TUSA Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts
TUSC Trade Union and Socialist Coaltion
UKIP United Kingdom Independence Party
YF Yorkshire First


* The Liberal Party and the Social Democrat Party formed an alliance for the period 1981-1988. Candidates stood under various labels, such as "Liberal Alliance" and "SDP/Liberal" during this period. "All" is used in all these cases. The parties merged in 1988 as the Social and Liberal Democrats in 1988, which was renamed as the Liberal Democrat Party in 1989. Some candidates who opposed the merger stood as SDP candidates in 1988.