Leeds MPs

WHITESIDE, Borras Noel Hamilton (1903–1948) Conservative. Company director.

He was made West End Local Director of the London and Scottish Assurance Company Co. Ltd., a director of Hunting Aerosurveys Ltd., and a director of Percival Aircraft. Whiteside held a pilot’s certificate. In 1931 he stood for the safe Labour seat of Leeds South as the Conservative National Government candidate and defeated Henry Charleton, thus becoming the first Conservative to hold the division. According to the Leeds Mercury on 29 September 1931, he indicated he wanted to achieve what may have been a political first in electioneering, when he said he would like to carry out aerobatic displays over rallies in his constituency but he feared the weather would prevent it at that time of year. In view of his aeronautic experience he was appointed assistant honorary secretary of the Parliamentary Air Committee during 1934–1935. In the general election of 1935 Charleton regained the seat for Labour but the fact no Liberal stood and A. E. Townend of the Social Credit Party of Great Britain registered 3,642 votes may have contributed to Whiteside’s defeat. He was active during World War II being the assistant London Divisional Food Officer from September 1939, then became a principal at the Board of Trade in 1941 and finally deputy to the principal director of Salvage and Recovery at the Ministry of Supply in 1942. In 1945 he stood for Wembley South  but was defeated. He  was again chosen as the prospective Conservative candidate when he died in 1948. For further reading see Yorkshire Post, 15 June 1948; Who’s Who 2015 online edition (Oxford, 2014).