Leeds MPs

TRUSWELL, Paul (born 1955) Labour. Journalist.

Brought up in Sheffield in a council house, his political views were shaped as he grew up during the years of the Thatcher administrations. In his own words he is ‘savagely anti-Conservative’. After graduating from university he commenced a career as a journalist on the Yorkshire Evening Post after winning the job in the face of stiff competition. He then became a local government official in the Social Services Department at Wakefield Council whilst at the same time he was a councillor on Leeds City Council. In 1997 he was selected to stand as the Labour candidate for the safe Conservative seat of Pudsey and he won in the Labour landslide that year. He held it until 2010 when he decided to stand down. Although he approved of the Blair / Brown spending strategy on schools, hospitals and policing, he was no enthusiast for New Labour becoming the fifteenth most rebellious of Labour MPs. One of his great achievements in the Commons was getting a Private Member’s Bill passed in 1997 which closed a major loophole in the licensing laws. Following a serious car accident he decided he did not have the physical and mental stamina to fulfil the demanding role of an MP and announced his retirement. Nevertheless, he continued acting as a Leeds City councillor. For further reading see Yorkshire Evening Post, 5 March 2010.