Leeds MPs

SOBEL, Alexander David (born 1975) Labour Co-op. Community Development Worker.

He was educated at the John Hampden School, High Wycombe and the University of Leeds where he studied Information Systems. He joined the Labour Party in 1997 attracted by its ideals of equality and social justice and he committed himself to being active in every level of the party. He was elected councillor for Meanwood and Moortown in May 2012. He has worked as a Community Development Worker in Hyde Park, Headingley and Weetwood, and other areas of the City and was a member of the team which put together the successful bid for Leeds’ largest Surestart Scheme which included Little London, Woodhouse and Meanwood. He has been involved in numerous projects aimed at improving the city and is proud of the role he played in helping secure the first new public park in North Leeds for over 50 years. Standing in the general election of 2015 for Leeds North West, he was defeated but on 8 June 2017, he caused a sensation by unseating the sitting Liberal Democrat MP, Greg Mulholland, turning a Liberal-Democratic majority of 2,907 round to one of 4,224 for Labour. For further reading see http://www.alexsobel.org.