Leeds MPs

SHAW, John Giles Dunkerley (1931–2000) Conservative. Marketing director.

An executive of the confectionery firm Rowntree Mackintosh, he stood unsuccessfully for Kingston upon Hull West in 1966. In 1974 he was elected for Pudsey, retained the seat in 1983  and held it until he retired in 1997. In Mrs Thatcher’s administrations he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Northern Ireland Office from1979–1981, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Environment from1981–1983, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Energy from 1983–1984, Minister of State at the Home Office from1984–1986, and Minister of State at the Department of Trade and Industry from 1986–1987. He was sacked in 1987 with many thinking it was his lack of right-wing passion and Europhobia that was the reason. He was, however, knighted as a compensation. He remained loyal to the Government although he did back joining the ERM, and opposed capital punishment and curbs on abortion. He was also elected in 1988 as treasurer of the 1922 Committee and became chairman of the Science and Technology Committee. His warm, witty, affable personality led to him being probably the most popular person in the House at the time but he was controversially overlooked in 1992 when many, on all sides, wanted him to be elected Speaker. For further reading see The Guardian, 17 April 2000.