Leeds MPs

PORTER, George (1884–1973) Labour.

During World War II he was employed as Labour Supply Inspector at the Ministry of Labour from 1939–1945. From 1941–1945 he also sat on Huyton Urban District Council and at the same time fulfilled the role of president of Liverpool Trades Council and Labour Party from 1940–1944. In 1945 he was invited to stand for Leeds Central in the July general election and registered a majority of 5,359. His result simply reflected the landslide Labour victory that year and Porter proudly asserted he had stood by ‘Labour’s policy and programme’. He went as far as to say that his ‘glorious and wonderful victory’ meant Leeds Central would always remain faithful to Labour. He was again successful in 1950 when he campaigned for the nationalisation of the sugar and cement industries and famously claimed that, ‘There was a time when Charlie Wilson was said to be Leeds. Now Labour is Leeds and Leeds is Labour.’ Leeds citizens, however, had other thoughts in 1951 and though no seat changed hands in the election that year, Porter’s majority was reduced as was every other Labour majority in the city. When the boundary changes of 1955 abolished Leeds Central he ceased being an MP but continued as a Liverpool JP sitting on the bench from 1953–1959. For further reading see Yorkshire Post, 17 July 1945, 27 October 1951; Yorkshire Evening Post, 24 February 1950.