Leeds MPs

MURRAY, John (1879 –1964) Liberal. Academic.

His life was mainly spent in academe. From 1910–1915 he was Censor of Christchurch, the assistant to the Dean. With the coming of World War I from 1915 he joined the Labour Department of the newly created Ministry of Munitions and eventually became an assistant commissioner. In the general election of 1918 he was invited to stand for Leeds West as a Coalition Liberal, given the Coalition coupon. His was a convincing victory by a majority of 4,865 against the 7,777 combined votes of the three other candidates. His worth at Westminister was soon recognised and he was appointed to the Board of Education as the officer in charge of university awards to former servicemen. From 1920–1921 he acted as chairman of the central committee on trusts, set up under the Profiteering Acts, (1919–1920). He retained his seat in the 1922 election this time standing as a National Liberal but in 1923 he was beaten into third place by Tom Stamford of Labour. He tried to re-enter Parliament for Kirkcaldy in 1924 and Ripon in 1925 but failed on both occasions. In 1926 he became Principal of University College Exeter. For further reading see The Times, 30 December 1964; Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online edition (Oxford, 2014).