Leeds MPs

MEADOWCROFT, Michael James (born 1942) Liberal. Political affairs consultant.

He joined the Liberal Party in 1958. In 1962 he became a full-time employee at Liberal Party headquarters and in August 1967 he became the party’s full-time regional officer in Yorkshire. The following year, he became one of the first Liberals on the Leeds City Council for over twenty years and held his seat until 1983. Concurrently he served on West Yorkshire County Council 1973–1976 and 1981–1983. From 1962–1970 he was the Yorkshire Liberal Federation secretary. He stood for Leeds West in both elections of 1974 coming second in each one. In 1981 he was deeply suspicious of the proposed alliance with the newly formed Social Democratic Party and when he was invited stand for Leeds West in 1983 he did so as a traditional Liberal. He then brought about one of the great upsets in Leeds political history when he defeated the sitting Labour MP, Joe Dean, and became the first Liberal to win a Parliamentary seat in the city since 1922. He was defeated in 1987 and two years later he founded the continuing Liberal Party, after opposing the Liberal/SDP merger of the previous year. Since then he has been a consultant to many new and emerging democracies. For further reading see http://liberalhistory.or.uk.