Leeds MPs

HALL, Robert (1801–1857) Tory/Conservative. Barrister.

He was a distinguished member of the Northern Circuit whose opinion was widely respected. In 1842 he was appointed Deputy Recorder of Leeds and in 1845 Recorder of Doncaster. From 1848–1852 he held the position of lecturer of Common Law at the Inner Temple. An invaluable and active member of the Tory/ Conservative Party in Leeds, following the Tory defeat in the 1834 by-election, he established the Tory Scrutiny Committee which, using legal means, disenfranchised many Liberal Party supporters by using a loophole in the law regarding the owners or occupiers of property which was worth £10 a year. The committee also alleged there had been abuses on both sides in the by-election and that if they were removed, Beckett, the Tory, should have won. Hall advocated the Ten Hour Bill and was a supporter of Parliamentary Reform as long it was introduced within the constitution. His social conscience moved him to take a deep and active interest in the outcasts of society. After being well defeated in the Parliamentary election of 1852 for Leeds, he stood again in March 1857 this time successfully. He died on 26 May that year after a short illness. For further reading see, Leeds Intelligencer, 30 May 1857; Leeds Times, 30 May 1857.