Leeds MPs

FARQUHARSON, Major Alexander Charles (1864 –1951) Liberal. Doctor and barrister.

He had an extensive practice at Carlton Hill, Spennymoor in County Durham and sat as a Liberal councillor on Durham County Council. Although he became a member of the Middle Temple it is not known if he actually practised law. His training, however, was invaluable in his work on various committees and for the British Medical Association. During World War I he served in the RAMC and was Deputy Director of Medical Services for Northern Command, working closely with the Leeds military hospitals. In 1918 he opted to stand as the Coalition Liberal for Leeds North in the general election that December. With both the Conservatives and Liberals supporting him, against the combined opposition votes of the Labour and National Party candidates he still achieved a 9,158 vote majority. In 1920 he was asked to sit on both an inter departmental committee to look into the sale of bread and on another to inquire into MPs salaries and expenses. He decided not to stand for re-election in 1922 as he found the hours and work too onerous. For further reading see Yorkshire Evening Post, 14 December 1918; Yorkshire Post, 31 May 1951.