Leeds MPs

DENMAN, Hon. Richard Douglas (1876-1957) Liberal / Labour. Stock broker.

After graduating from Balliol College, Oxford, he worked on the London Stock Exchange as a broker for Lloyd’s. In 1910 he successfully contested Carlisle as a Liberal and became Parliamentary Private Secretary to the President of the Board of Trade. During World War I he was given a temporary commission in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. He did not stand in the 1918 election but when the Liberals brought down the Labour government in 1924, he joined the Labour Party. He then stood for Leeds Central in 1929 famously unseating Sir Charles Wilson. He successfully defended the seat in 1931 and 1935 standing as a National Labour candidate supporting Ramsay MacDonald. He was appointed Secretary of State for Air in 1931. From 1931–1943 he was Second Church Estates Commissioner and from 1939–1944 he was treasurer of the Queen’s Anne’s Bounty. He decided not stand in the election of 1945 and was made a baronet that year. Yorkshire Film Archive has an intriguing film of him being carried triumphantly on the shoulders of his supporters after his 1929 win. For further reading see The Times, 23 December 1957; http://www.thepeerage.com.