Leeds MPs

BECKETT, Sir Gervase (1866 –1937) Conservative. Banker.

Going into politics he followed the family tradition in that two of his great-uncles, Sir John Beckett and William Beckett, both sat for Leeds. He first went to Parliament representing Whitby from 1906–1918. During World War I he then served as Assistant Military Secretary of Northern Command from 1914–1916 and from 1918–1919 he was Assistant Director of the War Trade Department. Boundary changes saw the Whitby constituency remodelled as Scarborough & Whitby for which he then sat from 1918–1922 as a Coalition Unionist. Ill health then forced him to stand down but by 1923 he was recovered sufficiently to represent Leeds North, a safe Conservative seat he comfortably won by 7,442 votes. In 1924 he increased that to 10,582. He stood down in 1929. He remained active in banking and became a director of the new bank when Becketts amalgamated with the Westminster Bank. He was also appointed a director of the Yorkshire Post Conservative Newspaper Co. Ltd. the owners of the Yorkshire Post and the Yorkshire Evening Post and edited the Saturday Review. He was knighted in 1921. For further reading see Yorkshire Evening Post, 25 August 1937.