Leeds MPs

BALLS, Edward Michael [Ed] (born 1967) Labour. Lecturer and economic journalist.

After lecturing at Harvard and King’s College, London, he joined the Financial Times as an economic journalist. In 1994 he became an economic adviser to Gordon Brown, the Shadow Chancellor. Following Labour’s landslide victory in 1997 he became the Chief Economic Advisor to the Treasury in which role he was the chair of the IMFC Deputies and UK G20 Deputy. In 2005 he stood successfully for Normanton as the Labour & Co-operative candidate winning 51.2% of the vote and a majority of 10,002. In 2006 he was appointed UK Minister for Financial Services followed in 2007, when Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families. In that capacity he decided to drop SATS tests for 14 year-olds, a move welcomed by most teachers and parents. His constituency disappeared under the Boundary Commission’s proposals so he stood for Morley & Outwood in 2010 again as a Labour & Co-operative candidate, winning in a five horse race. When Brown resigned in 2010, he stood for the leadership but came third. His defeat in 2015 to Andrea Jenkyns of the Conservatives by 422 votes, was blamed by many on his close association with Gordon Brown’s economic policies. For further reading see http://www.edballs.co.uk.