Leeds Parliamentary Election Results

2019 - 12th December

H. Benn (Labour) 30,413
P. Fortune (Conservative) 11,143
P.Thomas (Brexit) 2,999
J. Holland (Liberal Democrat) 2,343
E. Carlisle (Green) 2,105
W. Clouston (Social Democrat) 281

R. Burgon (Labour) 19,464
C. Mortimer (Conservative) 13,933
S. Wass (Brexit) 2,981
D. Dresser (Liberal Democrat) 1,796
S. Adris (Green) 878

North East
F. Hamilton (Labour) 29,024
A. Bashir (Conservative) 11,935
J. Hannah (Liberal Democrat) 5,665
R. Hartshorne (Green) 1,931
I. Iman (Brexit) 1,769
C. Foote (Green Socialist) 176

North West
A. Sobel (Labour & Co-op) 23,971
S. Harper (Conservative) 13,222
K. Hussain (Liberal Democrat) 9,397
M. Hemingway (Green) 1,389
G. Webber (Brexit) 1,304

R. Reeves (Labour) 22,186
M. Dormer (Conservative) 11,622
P. Mars (Brexit) 2,685
D. Walker (Liberal Democrat) 1,787
V. Smith (Green) 1,274
I. Cowling (Yorkshire) 650
D. Whetstone (Social Democrat) 46
M. Davies (Green Socialist) 31

Elmet & Rothwell
A. Shelbrooke (Conservative) 33,726
D. P. Nagle (Labour) 16,373
S. Golton (Liberal Democrat) 5,155
P. Stables (Green) 1,775
M. Clover (Yorkshire) 1,196

Morley & Outwood
A. Jenkyns (Conservative) 29,424
D. Ferguson (Labour) 18,157
C. Dobson (Liberal Democrat) 2,285
C. Bell (Green) 1,107
D. Woodlock (Yorkshire) 957

S. Andrew (Conservative) 26,453
J. Aitchison (Labour) 22,936
I. Dowling (Liberal Democrat) 3,088
Q. Daley (Green) 894
B. Buxton (Yorkshire) 844

When Theresa May’s minority government was unable to get the bill to leave the European Union through Parliament, Boris Johnson formed another minority government. When he too failed, a general election was called. Although Brexit played a major part in the poll, other national issues regarding the NHS and Social Welfare, also came to play a major part. The Conservatives were swept to a landslide victory securing 365 seats to Labour’s 203. Other deciding factors were Johnson’s populist appeal and ebullient personality; Jeremy Corbyn’s personal lack of popularity; the more radical left wing manifesto proposed by Labour; and Corbyn’s failure to adequately address the problem of anti-Semitism in the party. The greatest surprise was the number of traditional Labour constituencies in the North East which voted Conservative for the first time.

Counting took place in Leeds in the First Direct Arena. No Leeds seat changed hands but the Conservatives increased their vote in every constituency with Andrea Jenkyns registering over five times as many as her 2017 result. The anti-Semitism issue was a factor raised in Leeds North East where tensions ran high. Alex Sobel, the successful Labour candidate and the only new Jewish MP in the last Parliament, insisted it was essential the party resolve the issue.