Leeds Parliamentary Election Results

1987 - 11 June

D. Fatchett (Labour) 21,270
D. Schofield (Conservative) 9,765
K. Lee (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 6,853
W. Innis (Communist) 355

D. W. Healey (Labour) 20,932
J. S. W. Sheard (Conservative) 11,406
M. G. Clay (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 10,630

North East
T. J. Kirkhope (Conservative) 22,196
P. M. Crystal (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 13,777
O. B. Glover(Labour) 12,292
C. D. Nash (Green) 416

North West
K. Hampson (Conservative) 22,480
B. Peters (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 17,279
J. Thomas (Labour) 11,210
A. Stephens (Green) 663

J. G. D. Shaw (Conservative) 25,457
J. Cummins (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 19,021
N. Taggart (Labour) 11,461

South & Morley
M. Rees (Labour) 21,551
T. C. Holdroyd (Conservative) 14,840
E. J. V. Dawson (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 7,099

J. D. Battle (Labour) 21,032
M. Meadowcroft ( (Liberal) 16,340
P. D. Allott (Conservative) 11,276

S. Batiste (Conservative) 25,658
C. Burgon (Labour) 20,302
J. D. Macarthur (Social Democratic/Liberal Alliance) 8,755

With inflation down to 4% and unemployment under 3 million for the first time since 1981, the Conservatives pursued a policy of low taxation, maintaining a strong economy, more independent state schools outside the control of local councillors and tenants being given more rights. The Social Democratic Party and the Liberals once again allied themselves in the fight whilst Labour appeared to have healed its wounds. The BBC predicted a hung Parliament but in fact the election resulted in a third resounding victory for the party under Margaret Thatcher winning 376 seats. Labour, pursuing more centrist policies, won 229 seats and the Social Democratic / Liberal Alliance registered 22.

Labour made a determined effort in Leeds West with John Prescott visiting the constituency to support its candidate John Battle. In the event Labour was victorious defeating the Liberals’ Michael Meadowcroft by a majority of 4,692 in what the Yorkshire Evening Post described as a ‘sensational victory’. Derek Fatchett in Leeds Central was the only winning candidate in the city to secure more than 50% of the vote. For the first time Green Party candidates competed in the city when C. D. Nash stood in Leeds North East and A. Stephens in Leeds North West. The overall turnout in Leeds was 73.5%.