Leeds Parliamentary Election Results


1935 - 14th November

Hon. R. D. Denman (National Labour)17,747 *
F. W. Lindley (Labour) 13,701

O. Peake (Conservative) 30,636 *
L. J. Edwards (Labour) 13,792

North East
Sir J. D. Birchall (Conservative) 25,915 *
A. J. Dobbs (Labour) 14,080


H. C. Charleton (Labour) 15,223
B. N. H. Whiteside (Conservative) 14,207 *
A.E. Townend (Social Credit Party of Great Britain) 3,642 **
[ ** Usually referred to in the press as Independent. ]

South East
Maj. J. Milner (Labour) 19,552
P. R. Le Mesurier (Conservative) 10,192 *

S. V. T. Adams (Conservative) 20,545 *
T. W. Stamford (Labour) 17,311

[ * National Government candidates]

This was another victory for the National Government, now led by Stanley Baldwin. The Conservatives dropped to 387 seats. They were allied with National Labour 8 and the National Liberals 33 but the Government majority was reduced. Labour in opposition made a marked comeback winning 154 seats. The main issues of the day was the continuing problem of unemployment and the role of the League of Nations. Many felt that the National Government was better able to deal with the threats of Hitler and Mussolini.

In Leeds Central once again only Labour candidates were engaged. When Denman was announced the winner at the Town Hall cries of ‘traitor’ were raised. Only one seat in the city changed hands when Charleton won Leeds South for Labour with a majority of 1,016 . Here A. E. Townend stood for the Social Credit Party of Great Britain. Originally known as the Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit, named after the colour of the shirts its members wore, the party only ever contested this election in the country. Townend’s 3,642 votes was a creditable 11.01% of the votes cast but he nevertheless lost his deposit. For the first time no Liberal candidate stood for a general election in Leeds. A sign of the times saw some spoilt ballot papers in the city had swastikas marked on them. There was a 66.74% turnout in the city with 107,867 failing to vote in Leeds