Leeds Parliamentary Election Results


1895 - 30th April - by-election

T. R. Leuty (Gladstonian Liberal) 3,999
J. D. Power (Conservative) 2,868


The by-election came about by the death of Lawrence Gane who had been in poor health and died on a cruise returning from New Zealand. The election proved a disappointing result for the Conservatives who hoped to make an impact. Leuty, fighting on the whole Liberal programme, secured a larger majority than Gane ever did. Another factor may have been that Power was a barrister and brewer from Marlow, Bucks, whereas Leuty, from Headingley, was a local linen manufacturer. The Liberals breached the time-honoured tradition of not campaigning on a Sunday. Leuty put Home Rule to the forefront of his campaign whilst it was alleged that Power and the Tory Party were defenders of ‘beer and the Bible’.The contest was said to be devoid of ‘personalities or ill-feeling and was conducted by both sides with great courtesy’.