Leeds Parliamentary Election Results


1835 - 7th, 8th January

Sir J. Beckett (Tory) 1,941 *
E. Baines (Whig) 1,803
W. Brougham (Whig) 1,665

[ * The first Tory MP elected for one of the newly enfranchised boroughs. ]

This was another victory for the Whigs, now led by Lord Melbourne. However, their majority went down, to 112 having won 385 votes to 273. The Radicals in the town, led by Joshua Bower, opted to support Baines but the Tories were divided in that Beckett’s followers resented Tempest standing. The national swing to the Tories was reflected in Leeds. After Baines surged forward on the morning of the first polling day, Beckett had recovered by lunchtime and then forged ahead so that by the close on the first day his lead was 98. Baines remained in second place all next day but as two seats were being fought for, remained a Leeds MP. Beckett became the first Tory MP for a newly enfranchised industrial town. Colonel Lumbe Tempest, the second Tory candidate, intending to stand, decided to withdraw the evening before polling began because of his unpopularity. Some sources incorrectly claim he did stand and registered just 2 votes.