2011 - 5 May


United Kingdom

electorate         45,680,097

turnout             42%

Yes                     6,152,607         32.1%

No                   13,013,123         67.9%



electorate        568,587

turnout             39.06%

Yes                   71,506       34.36%

No                   136,632       65.64%

There are several forms of proportional representation. The alternative vote system is probably the simplest. Proportional representation had long been under discussion in Britain and in 1918 was accepted in principle by the House of Lords. Specific proposals were laid out; Leeds would have six MPs, three for north of the river and three south of the river. However, at the Leeds enquiry there were mixed views expressed about it. Ultimately nothing was done. After the 2010 general election the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives came to an agreement to hold a referendum on whether to introduce the alternative vote system. The Liberal Democrats would have preferred another option. The election was held at the same time as the local elections. The Bishop of Ripon and Leeds supported the Yes campaign but the people of Leeds emphatically supported the No campaign.